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LYSURA “II” – Midwest Black Metal Band’s EP Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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LYSURA – Formed by ex-Acheron guitarist Max Othworth, LYSURA originally premiered in 2012 with the release of their EP Malignancy. A Black Metal band from Indianapolis, LYSURA takes no shortcuts in delivering their blackened lyrical rage and ultra-impressive song crafting with their newest EP II. The two songs on II each carry the identical running time of 8:41 and are epics to be savored.

Seasons In Exile and Tome Of Surreption both accentuate LYSURA’s conscientious approach to experimenting with time signatures and doing so very effectively; making both songs radiate on a technical and melodic level, while not vacating the Black Metal experience for one nanosecond. Guitarist Max Otworth’s vocals are convincingly demonic and true to the genre. I applaud each musician in LYSURA for their stellar musicianship; which I can listen to all day.

I can pinpoint moments of Death Metal riffage in Tome Of Surreption, along with some Iron Maiden(ish) guitar licks, however, LYSURA has entered into the Black Metal realm with outstanding originality and I wouldn’t want to see them stray from the Blackened musical path they’ve taken thus far. I absolutely cannot wait for a full-length album from LYSURA. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Lysura - promo band pic - 2014 - B&W - #66401


Max Otworth – Guitars/Vocals

Sam Jackson -Bass

Jordan Smith – Guitars

Brandon Howe – Drums


* For more info on LYSURA:

Lysura Facebook

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LYSURA - band logo - B&W - 2014

“Straight from the depths of the American Midwest, Indiana’s Lysura combines black metal a la Emperor and Dissection with old-school doom and even bluesy melodies. If you are tired of all that symphonic black metal crap out there and looking for something interesting, then look no further.” –Metalrecusants.

Indiana’s Lysura will officially kick off their 2014 US tour this Friday, May 2nd in Dayton,OH.

Spanning just under 2 weeks, the band had the following to say about the trek:

“We are all insanely excited about the upcoming string of shows. We are looking forward to returning to some old haunts as well as playing a handful of cities for the first time. Those new to the band can expect a mesmerizing live performance that will leave spectators locked in stimulatory equilibrium. Also, be sure to check out our brothers in Unkured, who will be picking up the second leg of the tour with us. Their trashy blend of death metal will melt your faces as well as your minds! See you on the road!”

Lysura - promo band pic - 2014 - B&W - #66401

Dates for the tour are as follows:

May 2nd – Dayton OH-Blind Bobs
May 3rd – Indianapolis IN-Green Hell Arts and Music
May 4th – Lexington KY-Al’s Sidecar
May 5th TBD
May 6th – ST. Louis MO-Blind Tiger
May 7th – Moline IL-Bierstube
May 8th – Columbus OH-Rehab Tavern
May 9th – Cleveland OH-Taxidermy Palace
May 10th – Pittsburgh PA-The Rock Room
May 11th – Philadelphia PA-TBD
May 12th – Brooklyn NYC-The Acheron
May 13th – Cambridge MA-Middle East

In further Lysura news, the band released their new EP II on April 14th. Currently available as both a digital download and CD, the album will also be released in the summer on cassette by Fragile Branch Records.


(Source: Dewar PR)

* For more info on LYSURA:

Lysura Facebook

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