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MIA MORRIS – Releases New Rock Anthem, “Fucket Bucket”

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Alt-Rock Artist Encourages Listeners to Let Go of the Worries in Life

Nashville, TN – Alternative rocker, Mia Morris, has just released her fiery new single, “Fucket Bucket.” With retro guitars, loops, and powerful vocals, this single is an ode to letting go of the worries in life and chucking them in the “Fucket Bucket.” “Fucket Bucket” is available now on all streaming platforms worldwide.

Mia Morris’s “Fucket Bucket” is the edgy punk anthem that can resonate with everyone. Handling everyday stress while trying to live life to the fullest can put a strain on people, so Mia Morris made a carefree anthem to help let go of the stressors. “I want life to be fun, so I wrote a song about where to put everything else,” states Morris. The song begins with her declaring, “life’s too short to have regrets,” as a single guitar advances into an ensemble of classic rock sounds. She uses her ability to mold together aspects of alternative, rock, and punk sounds to create a track that reminds listeners that some things simply need to be thrown into the “Fucket Bucket.” The song was written entirely by Mia Morris, which showcases her writing dynamic perfectly. From emphatic chord progressions to her energetic vocals, “Fucket Bucket” pulls from her varied musical tastes and eclectic influences.

17-year-old Mia Morris is a rock singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She first made a name for herself online at the age of 12 when videos of her drumming reached over five million views on YouTube. Since moving to Nashville to pursue a music career, Morris has backed up over 150 artists on various instruments across the country. Morris has released over 40 songs as she continues to grow her career, with most being written, recorded, produced, and mixed by herself. Taking influences from artists such as No Doubt, Avril Lavigne, and Fountains of Wayne, her ever-growing style is uniquely hers, making her stand out in the rock genre.

Deemed a “drum protege” by other professional musicians, her musical resume puts her amongst some of the music industry’s most seasoned veterans. Learning from some of the best, she was able to study with rock legend Kenny Aronoff, drummer for many notable artists such as Alanis Morissette, among other famous and accomplished drummers. Her many talents and accomplishments have gained her a large following on social media; with over 34K TikTok followers, nearly 24.8K Instagram followers, and 51.8K YouTube subscribers alongside 9+ million views on her videos, Mia Morris is a name to remember.

Mia Morris reminds listeners that life is too short to have regrets, so take some time, put some things away in the bucket, and don’t worry about it. Stream “Fucket Bucket” on all streaming platforms and follow along with more of Mia’s journey on her Instagram @MiaMorrisMusic.

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MIA MORRIS – Releases Hard-Hitting Anthem, “We Were Never Friends”

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17-Year-Old Drum Prodigy/Alternative Rock Artist Calls Out Fake Friendships

Nashville, TN – Singer-songwriter and accomplished drummer, Mia Morris, has just released her compelling new single, “We Were Never Friends.” The hard-hitting, grungy track exudes a nostalgic 90’s rock sound with elements of pop-punk. At just 17-years-old, Morris has had unforgettable life experiences that she uses to fuel the story in tracks like this one. “We Were Never Friends” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

With honest lyrics and earnest vocals, Mia Morris describes this track as, “the straightforward story of ending a relationship and realizing there wasn’t any real genuine friendship at the base of it.”  It’s the perfect retaliation anthem for anyone who has experienced a situation like this. The heavy melodies and captivating drums make this track instantly addictive and will have listeners adding it to their playlists. “We Were Never Friends” showcases all Morris has to offer as a young artist. She recorded, produced, and mixed the song. It was co-written with fellow Nashville songwriters Jessica Cayne and Mike Florentino.

Wearing multiple hats as a rock singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Mia Morris’s musical resume puts her amongst some of the music industry’s most seasoned veterans. She’s co-written over 100 songs with many notable songwriters, such as Marti Dodson, members of 3 Doors Down, and The All American Rejects. She’s accumulated a large following on several social media platforms with 33K TikTok followers24.6K Instagram followers, and 50.8K YouTubesubscribers with over 9 million views on her videos. Her Spotify also has over 2.6 million streams. American Songwriter lauded, “Considering that she’s only 16, Morris’ path is as promising as it is infinite.”

Though she began playing instruments at six years old, she found her true passion, drumming, at age nine when she convinced her neighbor to give her his old drum kit. Eventually, she began posting drum covers on her YouTube channel, which caught the attention of many noteworthy drummers that she got the opportunity to study. By age 12, Morris had a series of viral drum videos on her YouTube channel and amassed over five million views between them. After moving with her family to Nashville, her career began to pick up even more, and she was able to play for over 120 artists in 2019 alone. Since then, she started writing and recording her own music, releasing over 40 songs, almost all mixed and produced by herself. 

“We Were Never Friends” is an honest and captivating anthem that shows Mia Morris’ dynamics as a young alternative pop-punk artist. Stream it or add it to your playlist, “We Were Never Friends” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide. Visit her online at

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