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Happy Birthday Peter Frampton!

Posted in 1970's hard rock, 1970's Rock, Album Review, classic rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Music, rock celebrity birthdays, rock music, rock music vocals with tags , , , , , , , , , , on April 25, 2009 by Metal Odyssey

398580613773543Anyone who follows Metal Odyssey knows that I like to keep up on the birthdays of legendary Rock Stars. Why? Well, it is a great excuse to write about these dudes and give my opinion on their music. So, without further delay – Metal Odyssey gives out a LOUD Happy Birthday to Peter Frampton!! Frampton turned a cool rockin’ 59 on April 22, 2009. My favorite Peter Frampton album is definitely “Frampton Comes Alive.” Released in 1976, this live album for me, captures the Rock & Roll spirit, talent and energy that Peter Frampton has been exhibiting, going on four decades. “Do You Feel Like I Do” and “Baby I Love Your Way” are true Frampton classics, the live recordings only bring them more to life, in my opinion. I always liked his album “Where I Should Be” – the single “I Can’t Stand It No More” I still find very catchy. Is Peter Frampton Hard Rock? To me, no, if you are going by todays Rock music standards. It was probably easier to categorize Peter Frampton as Hard Rock in the 1970s, maybe. As I see it, Peter Frampton is a Rock legend in his own right, I have always been keen on his brand of Rock & Roll. Plus, for me, the music of Peter Frampton always reminds me of the Summer, being at an outdoor party or just hanging out at the beach. I really cannot figure out why this is, I do recall many outdoor parties in the past, where Frampton was being cranked up loud though. (Maybe that is the reason). All in all, Peter Frampton and his music has been cool for me over the years, I wish Peter Frampton all the best as he continues to tour and write music. Thank you for all the great tunes over the years Peter Frampton!3447595

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