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SAMOTHRACE “Reverence To Stone” – 2 Songs Of Epic Doom Metal; Unleashes A Massive Atmosphere Of Doom

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SAMOTHRACEReverence To Stone may only feature two songs, however, it’s the length and overall magnitude of Doom Metal that is of Metal importance here. We’re talking about a massive atmosphere of Doom Metal I feel and hear from Reverence To Stone. Released back on July 31st, via 20 Buck Spin, Reverence To Stone has my nomination for epic Metal album of the year.

When We Emerged clocks in at 14:20 and A Horse Of Our Own plays at a mega memorable 20:29. Nearly 35 minutes of 100% Doom saturation. A massive, massive wall of Doom imbued sound. Both guitar and percussive driven, coupled with the unforgiving exclusion to multiple tracks here, are what encourages Samothrace to delve deep into the cavernous depths of Doom awareness.

Doom Metal fans from coast-to-coast and across continents should take note: Samothrace = A DOOM listening experience. You can’t possibly listen to Reverence To Stone two or three times and draw a conclusion. You must listen to these two epic songs several times before realizing that Samothrace cares that their music (and growls) are telling a story; and most importantly, Samothrace brilliantly piece together the parts of music that are essential to the essence (of the totality) of Doom sound. I’m overjoyed by this Samothrace album. Metal be thy name.


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SAMOTHRACE – Forced To Withdraw From East Coast Tour

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Seattle Doom quartet SAMOTHRACE have just issued a statement on their unfortunate but necessary withdrawal from the pending East Coast tour with Pallbearer and Royal Thunder, set to embark in just one week:

“Samothrace is very sorry to announce that we will have to cancel our part on the upcoming tour with Pallbearer and Royal Thunder due to an immediate illness in the family of a band member. The most important thing right now is family. We are stoked to have had the opportunity to do the tour and will be planning to make our way out east in the near future. We appreciate the understanding.”

SAMOTHRACE just wrapped up a five-city West Coast tour last week in support of their acclaimed sophomore LP Reverence To Stone, released via 20 Buck Spin at the end of July. The album was recorded at Soundhouse Studios in Seattle with producer Brandon Fitzsimmons (ex-Wormwood) and mastered at Earhammer by Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil, Graves At Sea).

Reverence To Stone is still streaming in its entirety via PITCHFORK:

“…Samothrace position themselves on a weird axis between Sabbathian doom worship and psychedelic freak out sludge (á la Cough or Rwake), along with an Isis-esque rhythmic complexity and molten tempo. 8/10” – Decibel 

“…the  second full-length from Seattle quartet Samothrace for 20 Buck Spin comprises only two tracks, but they’re diverse and dynamic enough to prove that the breadth of doom is wider than a stylistic rut.” – Pitchfork


(Source: Earsplit PR)

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