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SAMOTHRACE – Announce UK Spring Tour Dates

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Seattle, Washington Doom band SAMOTHRACE are pleased to announce that they will be heading across the pond for a spring tour of the United Kingdom! The tour will consist of 14 dates between 27th of April to 11th of May, and includes a date at the highly regarded Desertfest London.

Guitarist Brian Spinks had the following to say about the upcoming dates:

“We (Samothrace) are very pleased to announce we will be returning to the UK for a tour this upcoming Spring. In addition to our Saturday appearance at Desertfest London 2016, we will be traversing across England and Scotland with some additional shows afterwards possible on Western European soil. More info on them in the coming weeks. The few shows we played thru England in 2013 went by in a flash, far too quickly for our speed of life. We are really looking forward to spending more time touring the UK and possibly seeing more sights than just the back of our eyelids, the alley behind the venues and the truck stops for gas….”

To get a taste of what the band sounds like live, you can download their album Live at Roadburn 2014 here:

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SAMOTHRACE – Announces More Tour Dates Through The End Of The Month

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As their currently ongoing West Coast tour with winds down, Seattle Doom Metal outfit, SAMOTHRACE, confirms their ongoing forage across the continent through the rest of November.

The current tour, booked across the West Coast with SAMOTHRACE co-headlining each show alongside SubRosa, was altered this week when SubRosa was robbed of their gear, forcing them to bow-out early. As SAMOTHRACE finishes out the tour solo, they’ll continue to tear into the Southern and Midwestern end of the country, with three more weeks of shows set to begin this Saturday in Tucson, Arizona, then snaking through Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Utah and Idaho on the way back home.

SAMOTHRACE Ongoing Tour Dates:

11/08/2013 The Complex – Glendale, CA

11/09/2013 The District Tavern – Tucson, AZ

11/11/2013 The Ten Eleven – San Antonio, TX

11/12/2013 Rubber Gloves – Denton, TX

11/13/2013 The Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK

11/14/2013 Bar Bar – Denver, CO

11/15/2013 Triple Nickel Tavern – Colorado Springs, CO

11/16/2013 Frank’s North Star Tavern – Lawrence, KS

11/17/2013 Fubar – St. Louis, MO

11/18/2013 The Hideaway – Johnson City, TN

11/19/2013 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA

11/20/2013 Roger’s Sports Pub – Chesapeake, VA

11/21/2013 Local 506 – Chapel Hill, NC

11/22/2013 Ground Zero – Spartanburg, SC

11/23/2013 The Handlebar – Pensacola, FL

11/24/2013 The Bakery – New Orleans, LA

11/25/2013 house show – Baton Rouge, LA w/ Thou, Barghest

11/26/2013 Hotel Vegas – Austin, TX

11/27/2013 Soundpony – Tulsa, OK

11/29/2013 The Shred Shed – Salt Lake City, UT

11/30/2013 The Shredder – Boise, ID

Samothrace - Reverence To Stone - cover promo!

The acclaimed Reverence To Stone was released in July of 2012 via 20 Buck Spin, the label responsible for unveiling the band to the masses on the masterful 2008 debut SAMOTHRACE album, Life’s Trade. Through two lumbering, expansive tracks, the band explores more cavernous realms of thunderous tone hand-in-hand with even more beautiful and organic elements than ever on Reverence To Stone, all culminating in an incredibly real-sounding, psychedelic doom metal that continues to prove SAMOTHRACE as one of the top bands of the genre.

Since the LP’s triumphant release, the band has trekked across the US regionally several times and also ventured across all of Europe on their debut tour of the continent, and as they continue to book more dates this Autumn, continue their most intense touring cycle in the band’s entire lineage.

Listen to all of Reverence To Stone RIGHT HERE.

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Bryan Spinks
Dylan Desmond
Renata Castagna
Joe Axler


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SAMOTHRACE “Reverence To Stone” – 2 Songs Of Epic Doom Metal; Unleashes A Massive Atmosphere Of Doom

The above link is for an original post featured on Metal Odyssey, on September 4, 2012.


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SAMOTHRACE – Confirms American Winter Tour Routing

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Samothrace - Reverence To Stone - cover promo!

SAMOTHRACE has posted the confirmed routing for their upcoming Winter US tour, as the crew continue to support their acclaimed second LP, Reverence To Stone. The bedlam will unravel with a hometown show in Seattle on February 15th, then continues on a mangled, counter-clockwise loop through the Midwest, Gulf Coast, Southeast and up the East Coast on their way back westward, with eighteen cities confirmed to endure their slow motion turmoil during the venture. The majority of the dates will see SAMOTHRACE forging alongside Metal Blade doom trio Pilgrim.

The touring will continue this Spring, as SAMOTHRACE will advance onto European soil for the first time ever, the band confirmed to perform at Heavy Days in Doomtown, an international DIY doom/stoner/sludge festival in Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark running from May 2nd through the 5th. At this year’s event they will rage the stage alongside Graves At Sea, Pagan Altar, Cough, Procession, Danava, Moss, Bell Witch, Dark Buddah Rising, Conan, Lecherous Gaze, labelmates Mournful Congregation and loads more. Following the fest the quartet will traverse the European continent on an additional two-week tour, with dates to be announced in the coming weeks.



2/15/2013 The Highline – Seattle, WA

2/16/2013 TBA – Portland, OR

2/17/2013 Rotture – Portland, OR

2/20/2013 Aqualung – Denver, CO

2/21/2013 The Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK

2/22/2013 Rubber Gloves – Denton/Dallas, TX

2/23/2013 Red 7 – Austin, TX

2/24/2013 Siberia – New Orleans, LA w/ Pilgrim

2/25/2013 TBA – Birmingham, AL w/ Pilgrim

2/26/2013 529 – Atlanta, GA w/ Pilgrim

2/27/2013 Slim’s Downtown – Raleigh, NC w/ Pilgrim

2/28/2013 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA w/ Pilgrim

3/01/2013 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/ Pilgrim

3/02/2013 Beaumont Warehouse – Philadelphia, PA w/ Pilgrim

3/03/2013 Ottobar – Baltimore, MD w/ Pilgrim

3/04/2013 Howlers – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Pilgrim

3/05/2013 TBA – Cleveland, OH w/ Pilgrim

3/06/2013 The Ultra Lounge – Chicago, IL

Samothrace - large logo!

Following a literal flood of media attention on their sophomore LP Reverence To Stone, released at the end of July via 20 Buck Spin, the album took the #35 spot in Decibel Magazine’s Top 40 Albums of 2012, in addition to reaping praise from Stereogum, Metalsucks, No Clean Singing and dozens of other outlets. The album is available on CD and LP, alongside their debut album Life’s Trade as well as band gear and more at the SAMOTHRACE merch store or direct from 20 Buck Spin.

Reverence To Stone is streaming in its entirety VIA PITCHFORK.


Wanna read the Metal Odyssey review for Reverence To Stone? Just click on that link below! Whoa!

SAMOTHRACE “Reverence To Stone” – 2 Songs Of Epic Doom Metal; Unleashes A Massive Atmosphere Of Doom


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SAMOTHRACE “Reverence To Stone” – 2 Songs Of Epic Doom Metal; Unleashes A Massive Atmosphere Of Doom

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SAMOTHRACEReverence To Stone may only feature two songs, however, it’s the length and overall magnitude of Doom Metal that is of Metal importance here. We’re talking about a massive atmosphere of Doom Metal I feel and hear from Reverence To Stone. Released back on July 31st, via 20 Buck Spin, Reverence To Stone has my nomination for epic Metal album of the year.

When We Emerged clocks in at 14:20 and A Horse Of Our Own plays at a mega memorable 20:29. Nearly 35 minutes of 100% Doom saturation. A massive, massive wall of Doom imbued sound. Both guitar and percussive driven, coupled with the unforgiving exclusion to multiple tracks here, are what encourages Samothrace to delve deep into the cavernous depths of Doom awareness.

Doom Metal fans from coast-to-coast and across continents should take note: Samothrace = A DOOM listening experience. You can’t possibly listen to Reverence To Stone two or three times and draw a conclusion. You must listen to these two epic songs several times before realizing that Samothrace cares that their music (and growls) are telling a story; and most importantly, Samothrace brilliantly piece together the parts of music that are essential to the essence (of the totality) of Doom sound. I’m overjoyed by this Samothrace album. Metal be thy name.


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SAMOTHRACE – Forced To Withdraw From East Coast Tour

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Seattle Doom quartet SAMOTHRACE have just issued a statement on their unfortunate but necessary withdrawal from the pending East Coast tour with Pallbearer and Royal Thunder, set to embark in just one week:

“Samothrace is very sorry to announce that we will have to cancel our part on the upcoming tour with Pallbearer and Royal Thunder due to an immediate illness in the family of a band member. The most important thing right now is family. We are stoked to have had the opportunity to do the tour and will be planning to make our way out east in the near future. We appreciate the understanding.”

SAMOTHRACE just wrapped up a five-city West Coast tour last week in support of their acclaimed sophomore LP Reverence To Stone, released via 20 Buck Spin at the end of July. The album was recorded at Soundhouse Studios in Seattle with producer Brandon Fitzsimmons (ex-Wormwood) and mastered at Earhammer by Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil, Graves At Sea).

Reverence To Stone is still streaming in its entirety via PITCHFORK:

“…Samothrace position themselves on a weird axis between Sabbathian doom worship and psychedelic freak out sludge (á la Cough or Rwake), along with an Isis-esque rhythmic complexity and molten tempo. 8/10” – Decibel 

“…the  second full-length from Seattle quartet Samothrace for 20 Buck Spin comprises only two tracks, but they’re diverse and dynamic enough to prove that the breadth of doom is wider than a stylistic rut.” – Pitchfork


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SAMOTHRACE: Construction Of Second LP Underway

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After nearly four years without a new release, ambidextrous Sludge purveyors SAMOTHRACE were in Soundhouse Studios in their hometown of Seattle with producer Brandon Fitzsimmons (ex-Wormwood) to being the recording of their second LP.

SAMOTHRACE issued the following collective statement about the recording process: “Working on this album at Soundhouse Studios with Brandon Fitzsimmons is amazing. We were fortunate enough to use the Rolls Royce of analog tape machines. The sound of rolling thunder was an inspiration during the whole process. The songs are as soaring and turbulent as the last album, but a bit more mature. We can’t wait for its release and imminent touring to follow.”

The LP will tentatively bear two side-long tracks, “When We Emerged” and “A Horse Of Our Own.” The hymn “When We Emerged” originally appeared on the band’s 2007 demo in a much shorter and raw form, and has here been completely reworked and extended into a new song.

The album — its title still TBA — will be released by mid-2012 via 20 Buck Spin, who also released SAMOTHRACE‘s praised 2008 debut full-length, Life’s Trade. More info on the new album will be available in the coming weeks.

Check out video footage of the band performing some of the new material live this past Summer and more at this location.

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