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Death Thrashers RIPPER To Release ‘Experiment Of Existence’ On Unspeakable Axe / Dark Descent In March

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Ripper - promo band pic - 2015 - #MO003399

Experiment of Existence from Chilean Death Thrashers RIPPER will be released on March 4, 2016, on CD, from Unspeakable Axe Records; as well on LP from Dark Descent Records. New song “Neuronal Unity” is streaming now at this location or below:

Some of Extreme Metal’s classic acts have had simple, one-word names that told you just what to expect from them: DISMEMBER. DEATH. SLAYER. Add to that list RIPPER whose debut album – released in 2014 and then swiftly reissued by Iron Pegasus in 2015 – was exactly as advertised: a destructive barrage of Thrash riffs and beats in the Teutonic and South American mold, with harsh vocals in the Mille Petrozza vein and ridiculously technical bass-playing a la Steve Di Georgio as bonuses.

Ripper - Experiment Of Existence - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #MO33993

Track Listing:

1. Magnetic Solar Storms
2. Anthropophagic Life
3. Experiment of Existence
4. Anatomy of the Galaxies (Instrumental)
5. Stellar Evolution
6. The Alpha Orionis
7. Rotten Dreams
8. Chromatic Fantasy (Bass Solo)
9. Neuronal Unity
10. Spherical Energy
11. Humanity was Wrong


Now in 2016, this young band will follow it with their new full-length, Experiment of Existence. With more advanced songwriting and somehow even tighter playing, only without losing any of the aggression and speed, this is as good as Death/Thrash Metal gets.

Featuring 11 tracks total with amazing, detailed artwork by Paolo Girardi (Craven Idol, Power Trip, Blasphemophagher and others), Experiment of Existence is a likely best-of-2016 album for anyone who loves Thrash that is old school yet not “Retro” in quotation marks and capital letters, along with anyone who loves Thrash that skirts as close as possible to the edge of Death.


Source: ClawHammer PR

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