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SLIPKNOT “The Negative One” – New Song From Forthcoming Album Is Psycho-Raging Metal Goodness!

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Slipknot - The Negative One - promo cover pic - 2014

With the very sad passing of bassist Paul Gray back in 2010 and the very unexpected departure (or firing) of drummer Joey Jordison, maggots worldwide have wondered aloud if a new SLIPKNOT album would ever come to pass. If anything, it all seemed that things were uncoiling fast, towards the negative direction, in the world of SLIPKNOT. I for one, was 50/50 on whether SLIPKNOT would ever release a new studio album. There were those days when I absolutely felt they wouldn’t.

Well, maggots across the globe now realize that all hope is NOT gone, (get it?), as a new album is on the way… whenever the release date is. In the last few days, a brand new SLIPKNOT song emerged onto the SLIPKNOT website, titled: The Negative One. Maggots everywhere can listen to the song just once, however, once a maggot signs up for the SLIPKNOT email list, another listen of the song will be available. The Metal word is that a music video for this new song, The Negative One, will be released on Tuesday, August 5th; with this single becoming available via iTunes on this same day. Yes, Virgina, there is a Metal Santa Claus! It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since All Hope Is Gone was released and that album will forever be a crème de la crème Metal album for my ears and Metal senses.

As for the new song, well, I’ve only listened to it twice and tried to let each second sink into my Metal scathed brain tissue. It sounds like SLIPKNOT went back to their original album and became reacquainted with every bizarre sonic nuance and psychotic note. Corey Taylor’s vocals are 100% pissed off, with an in-your-face assault of crazed Metal; making for this new SLIPKNOT offering a brain-blast of psycho-raging Metal goodness! In other Metal words, The Negative One comes across just fine as SLIPKNOT; still it would be great to know who is really playing the bass and drums. The guessing game across the internet doesn’t do the trick for me. I’m one maggot that cannot wait for album number 5 from this (now) iconic band. Damn, when it comes right down to it, I miss the hell out of Paul Gray and Joey Jordison, by their not being a part of this band anymore. Metal be thy name. – Stone


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To purchase the digital single of The Negative One, via iTunes, click the link below!


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