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SNAKE EYES SEVEN – New Track ‘Medicine Man’ Streaming!

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Snake Eyes Seven - Medicine Man - promo cover pic - 2018 - #337MO333ILMWMSOC3

‘Medicine Man’, the title track of the new album from Canadian heavy metal group SNAKE EYES SEVEN, can be streamed below. The album is due on March 30th via HighVolMusic and distributed by AMPED Distribution. ‘Medicine Man’ is the long-awaited follow-up to 2010’s ’13 Crows’ and was recorded by Canadian producer Cam MacLeod who is also the band’s lead guitarist. The album was mastered by Maor Applebaum (Halford, Adrenaline Mob, Armored Saint). The cover artwork for ‘Medicine Man’ was created by ‘Scozz’ at Graphics by Scozz Studios.

‘Medicine Man’ – Track Listing:

  1. Speaking Ill of The Dead
  2. Can You Hear Me Calling
  3. Medicine Man
  4. The Kill
  5. The Critic
  6. Angel of Death
  7. SOB
  8. What About Peace
  9. Goodbye Ronnie


Hair Band Heaven says – “I can’t recommend this album enough. Sure to make my 2018 Top Ten list.”

Founder and guitarist Cole Stevens credits producer Cam MacLeod for the amazing outcome of ‘Medicine Man’ as well as his band-mates Danny Deane (vocals), Mike Cillis (bassist), Erik Young (drums). “This version of SNAKE EYES SEVEN is top notch. The songs are strong and the band is solid.”

The video premiere of ‘Medicine Man’ is set for February 16th. For more details checkout the recently launched website at




SNAKE EYES SEVEN “Medicine Man” Near Completion

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SNAKE EYES SEVEN - promo band pic - 2016 - #MO2336699MFILAD

Canadian Heavy Metal band SNAKE EYES SEVEN is in the final phase of completing their third release titled ‘Medicine Man’. Currently being mixed by renowned producer and lead guitarist Cam MacLeod at the Wolf Den in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, ‘Medicine Man’ will prove to be their best effort to date. “Just like ’13 Crows’ was leaps and bounds over our debut, ‘Medicine Man’ will crush anything prior to what we’ve done.” says founding member, guitarist, and chief song writer Cole ‘The Madman’ Stevens.

Once mixdown is completed the project then heads to L.A. to be mastered. When completed the album will contain 9 blistering tracks of heavy metal and some of the finest songwriting/music in the band’s history. Two videos were shot on location in December 2015 at the Twin D Ranch (Site Management-Dan Folkstra) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and edited at Studio B in Victoria, British Columbia for the tracks ‘Medicine Man’ and ‘Can You Hear Me Calling’. Both videos were produced by Danny Deane, executive produced by Cole Stevens and executive assistance by Cat in the Hat Productions.

Snake Eyes Seven - yellow band logo - 2014

SNAKE EYES SEVEN has seen their share of tragedies, heart breaks, and band turnover through the years but that hasn’t deterred Stevens from moving forward. SNAKE EYES SEVEN has continued to evolve just as a great band should, musically and professionally. The new SNAKE EYES SEVEN is a group of seasoned music veterans. Cam MacLeod validates the band’s credibility and solidifies the musicianship as a whole. Bassist Mike Cillis yields the ‘heaviness’ to catapult the songs forward. Yet it’s the driving force of drummer Erik Young that wraps the package neatly into a monstrous metal sound. The Sabbath-esque qualities of SNAKE EYES SEVEN still remain evident but vocalist Danny Deane has the pure talent to deliver strong and powerful vocals with warm melodies yet he retains that raspy growl when necessary.

SNAKE EYES SEVEN is the complete package now. “I finally have ‘the’  band now says Stevens. It is a full team effort with all hands on deck. The guys are hungry and this is honestly the best band I’ve had musically, and professionally”.

‘Medicine Man’ mp3 Teaser

Details on the release date, cover artwork, track listing and the launch of their new video are forthcoming.



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New Music Preview





SNAKE EYES SEVEN “Medicine Man” – New Album Releasing On HighVolMusic

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Snake Eyes Seven - yellow band logo - 2014

HighVolMusic is pleased to announce the signing of the Canadian Heavy Metal band Snake Eyes Seven. Snake Eyes Seven is currently recording their latest effort Medicine Man with producer Cam McLeod (White Wolf) at the Wolfsden (pic below) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Snake Eyes Seven - Recording Studio - promo pic - 2014 - #44M

Medicine Man marks the bands 3rd release with label president Bill Chavis. Both Snake Eyes Seven (2007) and 13 Crows (2010) were released with Bill. “I am very happy to have Cole and company back on-board. Cole and I developed a great friendship from day one. He is a great person and loyal friend to the end, not to mention a prolific riff master and writer. We have worked together for so long it just seems logical for me to be involved with the next Snake Eyes Seven chapter. Cole called and said will you do this, I said when do we start? I discovered Cole and his band years ago but actually turned him down the first few times. It was only after Cole’s non-stop perseverance that I caved in. The first release was OK but 13 Crows was outstanding. I don’t think it caught on but it was a great release. Medicine Man proves to be the best Snake Eyes Seven release yet and judging by the demo material, it will be a game changer.

Snake Eyes Seven now features Cole ‘The Madman’ Stevens – guitar, Cam McLeod – guitar, Danny Deane – vocals, Mike Cillis – bass, and Erik Young – drums.

Snake Eyes Seven recently launched their Facebook page with a new website to follow in the coming days. More details on Medicine Man including soundbytes and other information will be revealed soon.

Crank Up Show Me The Money below! Whoa!



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Facebook: HighVolMusic





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