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Five METAL Songs and Albums From 2011 You Must Check Out!

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Five Metal Songs and Albums You Must Hear – I love Metal. No, I really love Metal. Therefore, I am indulging in a personal Metal duty in alerting you to five Metal songs and albums that are a must to hear during this Summer’s end of 2011. These fired-up Metal songs and kick-ass Metal albums are all released this year! My only two requests to you while listening to these five Metal songs and albums are: play ’em loud and let yourself get psyched-out ’cause METAL LIVES! By the way… I put U.D.O. – Rev Raptor at the top of this post ’cause it is an all-out, scorching blitz of Old School Metal. Hallelujah fellow Metalheads, unite and ring that F’n Metal bell.

SOURVEINFangs from Black Fangs – (Candlelight Records, released June 21, 2011)

Listening to Fangs from Sourvein is like receiving an open-handed Doom Metal slap to my face. Listening to the entire album Black Fangs is a double open-handed Doom Metal slap to my face. I like that. This song set me Metal straight the first time I heard it and it’s heavy as F’n molasses. The thick and massive guitar riffs from King James and the battering vocals of T-Roy are eye-popping and earth splitting. Throw in a rhythm section that seems intent on splitting the universe in half, just for good Metal measure. Fangs is not just a song to hear, it’s a song to experience and Black Fangs is a Metal destination for the Metalhead brain.

PENTAGRAMCall The Man from Last Rites (Metal Blade Records, released April 12, 2011)

Pentagram = Doom Metal. Pentagram is back with their 7th studio album Last Rites and my favorite song on this album is Call The Man. There is a Doom Metal groove happening on this song which has created quite a stir in my Metal saturated brain. Bobby Liebling has that ability to wrap this song around his vocals, making him the man. Listening to Call The Man and this entire album is like getting psyched-out by a late night thunderstorm, there’s just no other way for me to explain it. Metal be thy name.

SINISTER REALMThe Crystal Eye – (Shadow Kingdom Records – 2011)

Allentown Pennsylvania’s Metal warriors have an unbelievable ability to harness their Metal skills to create an album that is more potent with memorable songs than some Metal bands entire discography. The title track hasn’t just kicked my ass, it has kicked my ass with quantum Metal authority. The feel, vibe and Metal totality of this song flexes old school Metal in the vein of DIO and any other Traditional Metal icon you can think of. Yes, this song and album are that grand and Sinister Realm is that great.

FAIR TO MIDLANDMusical Chairs – (eOne Music, released July 12, 2011)

What makes Fair To Midland so damn special to me is their capacity to push the Metal envelope with musical experimentation. Are they Progressive? Alternative? Metal? Extreme? Hard Rock? Try all of the above. At the end of the day, Fair To Midland is an assorted listen into what sensational Heavy Music can sound like when a band decides to throw F’n caution to the F’n wind. After your first listen to Musical Chairs, you might want to breathe a sigh of relief knowing there is a band out there that crushes narrow-mindedness, when it comes to writing and playing the heavy stuff. Arrows & Anchors is a thorough listen into what can be successfully achieved, when a band doesn’t give a crap about what other bands are playing.

U.D.O.REV-RAPTOR – (AFM Records – released May 31, 2011)

Yes, Udo Dirkschneider is a living Metal legend in my Metal world. The Metal shelf life of his band U.D.O. has proven any and all negative critics wrong once again, with album #13 added to a discography that deserves a double horns to the air. The songs on Rev-Raptor are indicators that U.D.O. is still a Metal band to reckon with. My pick on this notable Metal album is Renegade. Fast, furious and delectably heavy is Renegade. This is THE song and THE album you want cranked up and shaking your world and the world outside… while the neighbors are having that stupid, annual, gargantuan picnic that you were not invited to.



The word “delectably” was used in this post.


SOURVEIN: Original Bass Player To Rejoin Lineup

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Cape Fear Doom kings, SOURVEIN, are excited to announce the return of original bassist, Joshua ”JC Fari” Crapo, who played with the band from 1993 – 2001 and again from 2003 – 2006. Fari held down the low-end duties on both SOURVEIN‘s self-titled full-length and the He’s No Good To Me Dead compilation (featuring SOURVEIN alongside Grief, Bongzilla, Negative Reaction and Subsanity) among other compilations as well as the Will To Mangle demos. Fari also played guitar on the band’s split with Buzzov*en in 1995.

Fari relocated to Austin after Hurricane Katrina flooded his New Orleans apartment and studio in 2005 and left the band in 2006, following a successful tour of the UK with Remesses, to focus on his family. Since then, he’s been raising his son and working as a recording engineer. As of this summer, Fari is finally able to commit to touring and recording with SOURVEIN full-time.

Fari will join vocalist T-Roy and co. for the band’s West Coast leg of the Black Fangs world tour in October.

Black Fangs was released via Candlelight Records on June 21st, 2011.

(Source: Earsplit PR)

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