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The Resurrection Sorrow – “Scorpion Savior Sessions”: 3 Song EP Of 100% Heavy Metal

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The Resurrection Sorrow – Back on June 28th, 2011, The Resurrection Sorrow digitally released their 3 song EP: Scorpion Savior Sessions. (These 3 songs have been streaming on the band’s website for a few months prior). These new songs were recorded this past Winter of 2011. The Resurrection Sorrow have released this new EP as a bridge for fans, between their 2009 debut album Hour Of The Wolf and their forthcoming full-length which is scheduled for release later in 2011.

Pale Kiss (Endless Storm) kicks off Scorpion Savior Sessions with thick and heavy grooves, a heaviness that summons the Heavy Metal spirit that our beloved genre was built upon. Each song is saturated with enough Heavy Metal riffs that will no doubt send any old schooler into a swirl of Metal euphoria. As with Valient Thorr and the beyond legendary Motörhead, The Resurrection Sorrow seem to be engulfed with a unique blue collar approach to making Rock n’ Roll. This band’s sound is reflective of a time when Heavy Metal was all about smash-mouth rather than glitz and glam.

Alex Dementia on vocals puts his imprint of raw and dominant strength upon all three songs. Bordering on Death Metal growls with Scorpion Savior, Alex showcases his ability to adjust his vocals from lean to mean and continuously sound like a powerhouse of Metal tones. This is a vocalist that changes the vibes of each song, from bad-ass strong to kick-ass fever, within seconds. Jeff Jardine on guitar is responsible for the heavy riff attack, while lending plenty of potent and vintage inspired licks that remind me: Heavy Metal is still a denim and leather genre.

The rhythm section of Alex Coelho on bass and Louie Gasparro on drums are all about pure thunderous power. Crank these 3 songs up F’n loud and you’ll understand what I’m talkin’ about. It’s cool to actually not hear the cymbals get buried beneath blast beats for a change and Louie just gets the damn Metal job done on drums. The Resurrection Sorrow play Heavy Metal the way it was meant to be heard: loud, powerful, raw and invading… with a double elbow drop to my cranium. Metal be thy name.

The Resurrection Sorrow:

Alex Dementia – Vocals

Alex Coelho – Bass

Louie Gasparro – Drums

Jeff Jardine – Guitar

Scorpion Savior Sessions – Track Listing:

Pale Kiss (Endless Storm)

Scorpion Savior

Burning Halo

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