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ASHES OF REDEMPTION has released their new EP Washed in Blood (W.I.B). Re-energizing the groove metal genre, ASHES OF REDEMPTION is a one-man band spearheaded by Justin Buell and based out of Detroit, MI. 

Recorded with multiple different session artists from all around the world, located in countries such as Italy, India, and Indonesia, W.I.B was written and produced by Justin Buell who also undertook guitar and bass tracking. The theme of the music is forcing yourself to persevere through some of life’s darkest moments. Channelling his own experiences from his time in the Marine Corps Infantry which included two deployments to Iraq during the war, Buell pours this inspiration into his music. In particular, “By Design” was written from a war veterans’ perspective.

“Rotten” is about losing the ability to communicate with people. It deals with grief and wanting to confide in someone but being unable to, resulting in a body and mind that feel foreign. The song highlights the fact that we continue on without help despite the destruction it causes.

“By Design” deals with the physical and mental pain of war. It starts with a physical injury, which leads to questioning if it was worth it. When the physical pain heals the mental pain still remains. The song speaks of the struggles that brings and the ultimate demise in this particular case.

“W.I.B.” is about losing innocence. Once lost it refers to the grind of opening wounds and repairing them ultimately creating an offensive on others. A sort of defence mechanism. Destroy in blood or feel defeat.
“Unscathed” is a song about having to pull the plug on a loved one. It deals with the struggles a person in that position goes through and how everyone involved is touched in some way. No one leaves unscathed.


Source: C Squared Music


CONTRITION- Chicago Metal Act Uniting Members Of Novembers Doom, Yakuza, Chrome Waves And More To Release ‘Broken Mortal Coil’ Debut Via Disorder Recordings; Teaser, Preorders And More Posted

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photos by Dave Rast

Disorder Recordings announces the late October release of Broken Mortal Coil, the debut album from new Chicago-based outfit CONTRITION. The group unites current/former members of Nachtmystium, Wolvhammer, Usurper, Cobalt, Yakuza, Novembers Doom, Chrome Waves, Bones, and more, and the album features guests from The Black Dahlia Murder, Impaled, Graveripper, and Gridfailure.

CONTRITION’s sound picks up where prior collective Doomsday left off, rebuilding the lineup with a new moniker and immense intensity. The band unites Jerome Marshall (Cobalt, Yakuza) on vocals, Garry Naples (Novembers Doom, Without Waves) on drums, Jeff Wilson (Chrome Waves, Deeper Graves, ex-Wolvhammer) on guitars and synth, and Jon Woodring (Bones, ex-Usurper) on bass. The group’s Broken Mortal Coil debut is a gnarled, gritty affair, recorded during the 2020 lockdowns. The album delivers a deluge of stomping, groove-forged, low-end savagery, with the influence of early 1990s death metal, thick modern tones, and a hostile, streetwise vibe.

Broken Mortal Coil was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jeff Wilson at Disorder Recordings, and completed with cover art by Ethan McCarthy (Primitive Man) and design by Wilson. Further expanding the record’s attack, CONTRITION invited several guests to contribute to the record, with additional vocals on “For Misery” by Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder), additional guitars on “Diluted” by Leon del Muerte (Impaled, ex-Exhumed), additional synth and vocals on “Desolation Star” by David Brenner (Gridfailure), and additional guitars on “Nihilistic Right” by Corey Parks (Graveripper). The album closes with a twisted rendition of Nirvana’s “Tourette’s.”

A brief teaser for CONTRITION’s Broken Mortal Coil is now playing at THIS LOCATION.

Broken Mortal Coil will see release through Disorder Recordings October 29th, on 12” vinyl, digipak CD, and all digital platforms. Find preorders RIGHT HERE.

Watch for additional audio previews, videos, and more to post over the weeks ahead.

Broken Mortal Coil Track Listing: 1. Diluted 2. Amped 3. Nihilistic Right 4. For Misery 5. Desolation Star 6. Added Subtraction 7. Without Guilt 8. Tourette’s (Nirvana cover)

CONTRITION: Jerome Marshall (vocals), Garry Naples (drums), Jeff Wilson – (guitars/synth), Jon Woodring (bass)



TOXIC RUIN – Releases New Studio Album Today!

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Sheboygan, Wisconsin’s TOXIC RUIN will unleash their sophomore album (and M-Theory Audio debut) “Nightmare Eclipse” this Friday. The new record – which is streaming now exclusively on the band’s Bandcamp page in advance of its release – displays a furious metallic attack that BraveWords says “gnaws, scrapes and shreds the senses, adopting the very best of a bygone era of thrash melded with death metal sensibilities and a decidedly modern finish.” CD, digital and limited-edition maroon-colored vinyl editions of “Nightmare Eclipse” – which features artwork by Mark Richards (Revocation, The Black Dahlia Murder, Municipal Waste) – are available now at

“It’s been a long time coming but the day is here, and we’re way too stoked to finally get this out to everybody!” states drummer David Miller. 

TOXIC RUIN is also set to unleash its metallic power live at concerts throughout the fall. The group will first celebrate the release of “Nightmare Eclipse” with a free-admission headlining performance this Saturday at Whisky D’s in Two Rivers, WI. The band will then perform at Full Terror Assault Open Air 2021 in Cave In Rock, IL, where they will perform alongside Exodus, Misery Index, M.O.D. and more than 40 other bands throughout the weekend. TOXIC RUIN will also be performing at additional shows throughout the Midwest in September and October; see below for additional information.

The first taste of the metallic mayhem to come on “Nightmare Eclipse” was revealed through the music video for “Ritual Rebirth,” which can be viewed at The group followed that up by unveiling a music video for the title track of “Nightmare Eclipse” at

The aural pummeling continued with the release of the play-through video for “Divine Acclimation” at The final feast of samples from their newest album came with the lyric video for “Defiler,” which can be viewed at

TOXIC RUIN was formed in 2014 with a mission of blending classic thrash metal, old-school death metal and modern technicality and tones into a wicked headbanging brew. Operating out of their collective hometown of Sheboygan, the band released their debut album, “Subterranean Terror,” in 2016. This opening salvo showcased the group’s burgeoning barrage of furious riffs and lyrical content ranging from the sociopolitical commentary of tracks such as “Seat of Corruption” to the beloved craving of a good drink on songs such as “Alcoholocaust.” 

The group followed up their debut with the 2018 EP “Mortal Insolence,” which saw the current lineup of TOXIC RUIN take shape with Behrendt stepping into the vocalist position and the debut of rhythm guitarist Blake Toltzmann alongside lead guitarist Jacob Baneck and drummer David Miller. 

The current lineup of TOXIC RUIN began writing and recording “Nightmare Eclipse” while relentlessly touring the United States in 2019 alongside bands such as Lich King and Stonecutters and playing multiple festivals including Full Terror Assault and Slam Dakota, plus winning 2nd Place in the 2019 edition of Wacken Metal Battle USA. The result is the band’s most mature and complex material to date, while also being their heaviest display of force so far. Guest appearances from guitarists Glen Drover (Eidolon/ex-Megadeth), Derek DeBruin (Micawber) and Nick Weyers (Aronious) provide additional ear candy for aficionados of guitar wizardry. 

“Nightmare Eclipse” is the next evolution in blending the heavier sounds of metal’s past with the modern musicianship of metal’s present. More information on the band’s plans for the remainder of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 will be revealed in the weeks to come by M-Theory Audio and at


Stephen Behrendt (vocals/bass)

Jacob Baneck (lead guitar)

Blake Toltzmann (rhythm guitar)

David Miller (drums)


NEKROMANT – Swedish Heavy Metal Power Trio To Release ‘Temple Of Haal’ Full-Length December 3rd Via Despotz Records – New Track Streaming

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Swedish heavy metal power trio NEKROMANT will release their fourth full-length, Temple Of Haal, via their new label home of Despotz Records this Winter. 

Hailing from the city of Vänersborg and formerly known as Serpent, NEKROMANT is renowned for delivering an authentic and effortlessly brilliant oldschool metal assault.

Standing on the shoulders of metal giants such as Black Sabbath and Pentagram, the band is well versed in the art of crushing riffs and powerful melodies, boasting a sound that echoes the might of the past with an eye cast toward the future. From a punishing percussive battery through to the Iommi-esque guitars, NEKROMANT understands that the riff is king, as demonstrated throughout their superb new long player.  

Temple Of Haal is packed with ambitious metal gems such as the epic “Behind The Veil Of Eyes” and the doom-laden “Olórin’s Song.” In advance of the record’s release, the band is pleased to unveil first single, “The Woods,” revealing of the track, “This is a classic, unapologetic heavy metal tune. We’re not content with living this modern lifestyle, detached from what really matters. ‘The Woods’ is therefore an aggressive expression of Scandinavian grumpiness.” 


NEKROMANT’s Temple Of Haal will be released on CD, LP, and digitally December 3rd. Find physical preorders at THIS LOCATION and digital orders HERE  



THE SLIME – Toronto Hardcore Alley Dwellers Release 2 New Blistering Songs!

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As I was searching for new music this morning (while trying to escape from the evil and sad news that surrounds us all everywhere) I stumbled upon 2 new songs from THE SLIME. Both songs were released digitally on August 13th. Based out of Toronto Canada, this underground hardcore band has also previously released two EPS.

These two new and abhorrent songs from THE SLIME have given me that aggressive double kick to my old ass that I deserved. Death Champs and We Shine have a combined playing time of 2:28. I hit repeat several times for both of these scathing songs until I then realized I needed to let the world know that I really dig THE SLIME.

Stay safe out there and watch out for THE SLIME. – Stone.

You can check out & please support THE SLIME here:


Steampunk Metal Project HEIRS OF ISILDUR Release New Track – “Into The Wilderness”

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Comic-inspired steampunk metal project HEIRS OF ISILDUR have released a new song from their genre-bending second album Heirs of Isildur vs Tales From Nocturnia.

The song, “Into The Wilderness” is now streaming at

Heirs Of Isildur vs Tales From Nocturnia is the latest release from the content creation #DynamicDuo at Insymmetry Creations LLC. Most known for their forays into the comics world, with multiple titles to their credits in the independent market, Heirs Of Isildur vs Tales From Nocturnia again stretches their offerings into their other passion: METAL MUSIC.

The album contains songs that expand out on two of their comic titles (the steampunk time travel “Heirs Of Isildur” and the medieval fantasy “Tales From Nocturnia”).

“Into the Wilderness,” follows Svengard The Currier during events that take place in issue #3 “Tales From Nocturnia” comic book series. It features the violin mastery of Andrew Polo, alongside guest female vocals by Kelli Clark, and a guitar solo by the late Corey Steger (original UNDEROATH guitarist).

Insymmetry Creations LLC will release Heirs Of Isildur vs Tales From NocturniaSeptember 16 on digital and CD formats. The album will be available on vinyl in late 2021.

While both of the “Heirs Of Isildur” and “Tales From Nocturnia” comics are co-written by Insymmetry Creations’ Matt Knowles and Steph Cannon, the musical side of HEIRS OF ISILDUR is the brainchild of Knowles, with Cannon filling a producer role.
Heirs Of Isildur vs Tales From Nocturniafeatures guest appearance by Fabio Grimdrap (Trollfest), Zac Leaser, Bryan Eckermann (Scars of the Flesh), Kyle Westin, and violinist Andrew Polo.

The album also features the final recorded tracks from original UNDEROATH guitarist Corey Steger. His tracks were recorded just 11 days prior to his untimely and tragic death in March of 2021. The album and associated comic issue “Heirs of Isildur – Nightmare Scenario” are dedicated to his memory.

In April, HEIRS OF ISILDUR released the album’s first single, which also features appearances by Andrew Polo and Corey Steger. Stream “The Perilous Prospects of Shadow’s Haven” at

While HEIRS OF ISILDUR (musically) is a studio project, both Knowles and Cannon are active in the comiccon scene, and have appeared at such shows as San Diego Comiccon, Megacon Orlando, Wondercon Anahiem, GalaxyCon Raleigh, Spooky Empire (Tampa), and Awesomecon DC (debuting their all ages comic Misfitz Clubhouse (Scoot / Scout Comics)).

Source: ClawHammer PR


MC Roads – To Release New EP ‘No Nostalgia’

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Hailing from Detroit Michigan, Mike Cross is the original founding guitarist for American rock act SPONGE. Now, Cross is the lead vocalist and guitarist for his new band MC Roads, who recently signed to Golden Robot RecordsMC Roads offers up a powerful blend of melodic, guitar-driven music and classic style songs.

MC Roads will release a new single ‘Stoned In Love’ on the 6th of September ahead of the release of their EP ‘No Nostalgia’, which will be available on the 10th of September.

MC Roads have also recently dropped 2 singles ‘Call It What You Want’ and ‘Smile Like A Knife’ as a build-up leading into No Nostalgia’s release.

Listen to ‘Call It What You Want’ HERE

Listen to ‘Smile Like A Knife’ HERE

Originally recorded on 2-inch master tape, MC Roads‘ debut effort No Nostalgia on Golden Robot Records is a collection of classic style songs with a modern twist. 

With colorful lyrics and intense guitar-driven arrangements, these five songs weave a story that may at times feel a bit nostalgic, but then again, not. 

For the listener, what is laid out here is the heart and soul of its author. To be continued.

Pre-Save/Pre-Order No Nostalgia HERE


Source: Golden Robot Records


Los Angeles Thrashers FUELED BY FIRE Sign With M-Theory Audio – New 7-inch Due This Fall

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First new music since 2013 available now for pre-order.

Los Angeles thrash metal force FUELED BY FIRE have signed with M-Theory Audio. The group’s first new music since 2013 will be unveiled later this year with the release of Past…Present…No Future…Part 1, the first in a pair of two-song 7-inch releases mixed by Carlos Cruz (Warbringer, Hexen, Exmortus), mastered by Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind (Exhumed, Midnight, Power Trip) and featuring artwork by Mark Riddick (Autopsy, Exodus, Suffocation), out Nov. 11th.

Pre-orders for the first 7-inch release – which will be pressed on white vinyl and includes a sticker – are available now. The group also performed live for the first time in 2021 this past Friday, August 20 at the legendary Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood, at a sold-out show alongside veteran Southern California thrashers Evildead and Hirax.  

“We’re excited to be a part of the M-Theory crew and finally get some new music out to the masses. It’s our most violent and aggressive music yet and we can’t wait to get it into your hands” states drummer Carlos Gutierrez. “Thank you, Marco, for your support. Cheers!”

FUELED BY FIRE was formed in 2002 by a group of Southern California teenagers that bonded over a love of ’80s thrash metal acts such as Exodus, Testament and Possessed. The group recorded their first demo in 2004 and emerged as a persistent presence on local concerts throughout the greater Los Angeles region. Those shows saw them open for many of the iconic acts that they grew up worshipping, as well as performing alongside other burgeoning thrash bands that were emerging around them in Southern California such as Warbringer and Hexen.

They initially self-released their 2006 debut album, “Spread The Fire.” The album was praised by for its “authentic thrash,” and the combination of their impressive studio effort and prolific live performances earned the attention of Metal Blade Records, who reissued the record a year later. 

FUELED BY FIRE soon spread their sound on stages across the United States alongside fellow rising thrashers such as Bonded by Blood and Merciless Death before re-emerging with their self-released 2010 follow-up record, “Plunging Into Darkness.” That album was applauded by for serving as a reminder of “just how vibrant thrash metal can be,” and the band followed up that momentum by touring Europe alongside heavy hitters such as Kreator, Morbid Angel and Nile.

The group applied a more sinister tone to their lyrics and compositions on 2013’s “Trapped in Perdition,” which was released by NoiseArt Records and produced by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse). The album received accolades from Burning Ambulance for being “their best album yet” and – alongside well-received performances the following year on European festivals such as Hellfest and Metalfest Open Air Loreley – cemented FUELED BY FIRE’s reputation as generators of powerful thrash metal. 

The group went on hiatus shortly after those festival performances, but reconvened at the beginning of 2020 to record new music. Initially set to be released in fall 2020, the four songs put together by the new lineup – consisting of returning members Rick Rangel (guitars/vocals), Anthony Vasquez (bass) and Carlos Gutierrez (drums), who are now joined by Gutierrez’s bandmate in Blade Killer, guitarist Jon Rubio – were further refined during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first of two 7-inch singles to come, “Past…Present…No Future…Part 1” showcases FUELED BY FIRE as a group ready to re-stake its claim to thrash metal supremacy, with the second 7-inch single to come in 2022.

More information on new music from FUELED BY FIRE will be unveiled in the weeks to come by M-Theory Audio and at

Source: M-Theory Audio



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OMINOUS CONCLUSIONS,  the Lovecraft-inspired instrumental project of French guitarist and composer Louis Nas, is streaming his new EP The Outsider via Ghost Cult Magazine. The EP will be released tomorrow.

Louis commented “The Outsider was supposed to be released almost a year ago, but there were a lot of  issues that forced me to postpone it. Now that it’s out, it’s an incredible relief, and I must say I’m really proud of the result! I owe it to a lot of talented people I’ve had the chance to work with, and who kept faith in me all the way.” 


The Outsider is a three-part instrumental piece built around H.P. Loevcraft’s tale and fully immerses the listener in the story, with only the notes to guide them. Nas comments: “I use instrumental music mainly because I’m not a singer, but also because I find the use of words too restrictive. I think that with just music you can really go into incredible nuances and details, and make the listener live the story you tell. Also, what’s great about not using words, is that every listener will picture something different in his mind while listening to the music, and thus connect deeper with it.”

It’s progressive metal, but so much more. Packed with technical proficiency and profound storytelling, in one word OMINOUS CONCLUSIONS is… OMINOUS.

Pre-order the EP:

Source: C Squared Music


Electronic Alternative Metal Band Khroma Releases New Single and Music Video ‘Tidal’

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Photographer: Janne Koski
A tidal wave is approaching. Khroma’s fourth and final single from the upcoming “Ex Nihilo” album, “Tidal is the soundtrack for the end of times, when the flood will come and wash it all away. In a collage of downtuned grooves, electronic beats, sorrowful ambiences and the relentless rhyming by vocalist Riku Rinta-Seppälä, ”Tidal” takes you on a one-way journey beyond the darkest waves. To accompany the single, “Tidal” music video will be released along with the audio on August 20th, 2021. 

Watch the music video: 

Listen to the single:Spotify:
Apple Music:

The Helsinki-based electro-metal outfit is getting ready for the release of “Ex Nihilo”, release date September 10th, 2021. With the first Khroma album release in five years, Khroma will be getting ready to hit the stages again.


BLACK SITES – Release New Song

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Progressive metal band BLACK SITES have released their track “Lost Tribes” via the Far Beyond Metal Podcast. The song is from their upcoming release Untrue, which is out on October 8th.

The band comments: “Lost Tribes” was one of the first songs we worked on for this album, and helped set the tone for the rest of the project. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.”

Listen here:


Effortlessly entwining elements of traditional metal with progressive experimentation and their own distinctive style, BLACK SITES have produced a release with huge impact. From beginning to end Untrue reveals their creativity on a sojourn not to be missed.

Mark Sugar – Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Bruchert – Guitar, Vocals
Garry Naples – Drums

Social media and music links:

Source: C Squared Music


PSYCHO WAXX – Psycho Las Vegas Founders Launch In-House Record Label; Inaugural Release, Löve Me Förever: A Tribute To Motörhead, To Be Recorded During The Fest This Weekend + Preorders Available Now!

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How do you synthesize America’s most legendary weekend of rock and roll debauchery into something every fanatic can rage to all year long? Press it on vinyl and send Psycho out to the world. Announcing PSYCHO WAXX, an in-house label brought to you by the founders of Psycho Las Vegas with all the bombast, attitude, and fan-oriented curation as the festival you love. The boutique label will offer up exclusive live albums, special releases, and studio records from a loaded roster of Psycho-approved artists.

PSYCHO WAXX’s inaugural release will be Löve Me Förever: A Tribute To Motörhead. Motörhead was a dream headliner for the very first Psycho Las Vegas in 2016, and when the world lost the legendary Lemmy Kilmister, his band became an essential part of Psycho’s DNA. In commemoration of Lemmy’s legacy, PSYCHO WAXX is unleashing a double album of Motörhead tracks by some of the festival’s biggest bombers, being cut during the fest this coming weekend (August 20th – 22nd) at National Southwestern Recording in downtown Vegas. That’s right, while fanatics are getting their heads kicked in at the fest, the same artists melting their eardrums are hitting the studio to lay down their love in tribute to Mr. Kilmister and crew.

Preorders for the exclusive, limited-edition Löve Me Förever LP are available now at THIS LOCATION. Special editions will be available exclusively for fest attendees as well through the PSYCHO WAXX webshop and Psycho’s partners at Zia Records. The release is expected to drop Summer 2022.

Watch for exclusive videos from the recording studio to be posted via the Psycho Las Vegas and PSYCHO WAXX Instagram pages throughout the fest. 

Löve Me Förever: A Tribute To Motörhead artists scheduled to record this weekend:

High On Fire, Blackwater Holylight w/ Matt Pike, Midnight, Exhorder, Stöner, Psychlona, Creeping Death, The Bridge City Sinners, Lord Buffalo, Relaxer, EyeHateGod, Cephalic Carnage, Death By Stereo, Howling Giant, Mothership, Foie Gras

Additionally, the compilation will include an all-star collaborative take on “Ace Of Spades” featuring Philip H. Anselmo (Down), Gary Holt (Exodus), Chuck Garric (Alice Cooper), Sacha Dunable (Intronaut), Nick Oliveri (Stöner, Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss), Dwid Hallion (Integrity), and Zach Wheeler and Tom Polzine (Howling Giant).


Long Live The Legacy Of Motörhead.


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SCATTERED HAMLET are pleased to announce that they will release their album Stereo Overthrow on November 12 2021. The album is the follow up to their 2016 full-length Swamp Rebel Machine which landed at number 10 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.

Front man Adam Joad commented: “Stereo Overthrow is basically a middle finger in the air to the entire last year, the music industry trying to mold us into a specific format, and basically anything trying to hold you back…”

SCATTERED HAMLET was formed in 2010 by lead vocalist Adam Joad and has relentlessly toured all over the states with widespread appeal from their down to earth accessibility, blue collar work ethic and outlaw vibe. Making an impact from the outset, the title track opens with a burst of energy, distorted guitars, and dynamic vocals. Launching riff after riff the distorted guitars are a fierce force across their tracks, SCATTERED HAMLET creates a compelling sound with intricate guitar leads and mighty rhythms. From the aggressive mood of “Death or Dishonor” befitting a barroom brawl, through to the bluesy rocking “Low Class Blues”, Stereo Overthrow isn’t afraid to explore a variety of styles.

SCATTERED HAMLET has produced a dynamic album that brings bucket loads of attitude, epic riffs and a thriving rock spirit. Not holding back and ploughing through any obstacles that get in their way, Stereo Overthrow is a thrilling road trip not to be missed.  

Adam Joad – Vocals, Guitar, Slide Guitar, Harmonica
Rich Erwin – Bass, Vocals, Jaw’s harp
Grant Jenkins – Drums, Vocals, Percussion
Sean Shepperd – Lead Guitar, Vocals


Source: C Squared Music



OLD MAN WIZARD – Releases “Kill Your Servants” Video

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Retro rockers OLD MAN WIZARD have unleashed a video for their song “Kill Your Servants”. The track is from their upcoming release Kill Your Servants Quietly which will be released in November on CD, tape, vinyl and digital formats. 

Frontman France Roberts commented “It’s a scavenger hunt of things we’ve been told not to have in music videos. If you like the song, check the video description for a discount code”

Watch the video:



Album Credits:

Music and Lyrics by Francis Roberts

Old Man Wizard:
Francis Roberts – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Samplers
Andre Beller – Background Vocals, Bass Guitar, Violin
Kris Calabio – Background Vocals, Drums, Percussion

Produced by Francis Roberts
Artwork by Valin Mattheis

Source: C Squared Music


DUST PROPHET – Stream New Single

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Manchester, New Hampshire’s DUST PROPHET are streaming their new single “The High Capital” via The Ripple Effect. The song is inspired by John Milton’s Paradise Lost and will be released on their upcoming album which is set to come out in spring of 2022.


Drawing inspiration from humanity’s fragile existence, as well as genre-defining bands like BLACK SABBATH, KYUSS, ELECTRIC WIZARD, TOOL and CLUTCH, DUST PROPHET is poised to take the stoner & doom metal world by storm.

Guitarist/Vocalist Otto Kinzel commented:

I have always loved apocalyptic literature and the vivid imagery that comes from it. Paradise Lost is a legendary piece of literature that has inspired countless artists, and I’m no exception. I wanted to write lyrics that explored the regret of our decisions, and that “oh I really screwed up“ realization that comes with self-reflection and hindsight. You can see how Lucifer goes through this process before finally accepting his fate, which is a fate he brought upon himself.  Even though it’s a work of fiction, I relate to that feeling, as I’m sure many of us do. So lyrically The High Capital is about the story of the Fallen Angel, but it’s also about my own personal regrets and having to accept that I have made my own fate.”


Otto Kinzel- Guitar/Vocals
Sarah Wappler- Bass/Keyboards
Tyler MacPherson- Drums

Source: C Squared Music


KISS – Announces Exclusive Las Vegas Engagement

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One of rock’s most influential bands, KISS, announces their exclusive Las Vegas engagement at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, kicking off New Year’s Eve week with performances Wednesday, Dec. 29, Friday, Dec. 31 and Saturday, Jan. 1. Additional shows are scheduled for January 19 – February 5, 2022. 

VIP Upgrades will be on sale beginning Tuesday August 17thth as part of the KISS Army presale.

VIP upgrades will include access to the KISS sound check and Q&A, a personal photo opportunity with KISS and an invitation to the KISS Army Captain’s Lounge

Visit for more information

General public on sale will begin Friday August 20th at 10am local.

Source: KISS Official


SEA SLEEPER – To Release “Nostophobia” On Vinyl

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Following the success of their debut record Nostophobia, Portland based post death/ prog band SEA SLEEPER are unleashing the album on vinyl via Metal Assault Records.

“‘Nostophobia’ was always meant to be a vinyl experience. To our supporters, friends, and Metal Assault Records, thank you! You were all vital in the orchestration of our vision.”

Nostophobia delivers a hard-hitting sound from beginning to end. Opening with the intense “Salt”, the album begins a journey through heavily distorted instrumentation, obliterating harsh vocals, and utterly ludicrous energy from the percussion. Dynamic clean vocals, such as in “Old Guard”, enhance the texture of their sound without losing the all-encompassing dark atmosphere. Whilst “Mountain Carver” delves into technical realms with intricate melodies and riffs running throughout, accompanied by dissonant chord progressions. Influenced by the likes of Gorguts and Gojira or even Mastodon and Blut Aus Nord, SEA SLEEPER experiment with crossing genre boundaries and manipulating different styles.

The vinyl release of Nostophobia seeks to celebrate the success granted to them so early in their career. Despite the troubles of the pandemic, they are hard at work on their second album and are determined to support the underground scene that has cultivated their music.



Source: C Squared Music


THE LAST MARTYR – To Release “Afterglow” Single

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Melbourne-based metalcore band THE LAST MARTYR will release their new single, ‘Afterglow’ on August 20th 2021. The track is from their upcoming EP Purgatory. The song is a hard-hitting and nostalgic bop about young love and reflection through rose colored glasses. The track itself features a huge chorus with a twist in the middle via a trap second verse.

Vocalist, Monica Strut, shares the story behind the tune:

“Afterglow was written as an apology to a past lover whose heart I selfishly trod on. It was kind of this push/pull, will they/won’t they situation where it was hard to tell if love was actually apparent or if the idea of love was the appeal. In the end, fear and doubt got in the way before anything could eventuate.

Thinking about the time in my life this person was around, I was immediately transported to a chapter where I was young, partying a lot and living a fairly rock n’ roll lifestyle. The song is a culmination of that time where a lot of bad decisions were made yet everything seemed like an adventure.”

Produced by Chris Lalic (Windwaker, Rumours, To Octavia), the song marks the second installment of the band’s forthcoming EP and will be followed by a video clip in weeks to come.

THE LAST MARTYR are hitting the road in September for a weekend of shows with Heartline. They’ll be supporting the Adelaide band on 3 September at Enigma Bar before headlining The Workers Club on 4 September. Tickets are now available for both shows via Destroy All Lines here:

They will also be playing Halloween Hysteria Festival on 23 October alongside Spiderbait, Clowns, King Parrot, Gravemind and more. Tickets are available here:

‘Afterglow,’ will be available worldwide on streaming services on 20th August.

Pre-save it now here:

Source: C Squared Music


STRYPER – Announces September Shows For Midwest

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It’s hard to believe Stryper hasn’t played LIVE in over 16 months but that’s about to change! If you’re in the Midwest and can catch one of these shows we’d love to see you! We’re also offering an exclusive VIP Meet & Greet opportunity for select shows!





THE BLOODSHOTS – To Release New Single ‘Bad Moon Rising‘

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Canadian rockers THE BLOODSHOTS are back to follow up the success of their smash single ‘No Way Out’ with a modern, dirtied up version of the classic Credence Clearwater Revival tune, ‘Bad Moon Rising’ and BOY does it rip!

Recorded during the pandemic, you can hear the anguish come out as The Bloodshot boys tear through this classic, with vocals that cut through like a hot shower for cold bones. ‘Bad Moon Rising’ will be released digitally via Golden Robot Records on the 31st of August.

“We wanted to stay in the theme of the pandemic with police brutality, riots and so on. It’s funny how this song can be as relevant today as it was when originally released. ‘Bad Moon Rising’ has kicked around our set for a good few years and it always gets the party going – so we figured, why not release it as a single?” – The Bloodshots front man, CJ Loane 


The Bloodshots are a rock band from Western Canada. These boys can be seen performing alongside rock music’s greats, including Finger Eleven, Buckcherry, Danko Jones, Moist, Econoline Crush, One Bad Son, Three Days Grace, Monster Truck, Steel Panther, SLASH, The Lazys, Jet Set Satellite, Hawthorne Heights, Senses Fail and many more.

From small town dives to casino stages and concert halls, these blue-collar boys have proven that they have what it takes to grab the next rung of the ladder. With the support of Canadian FM Rock and Indigenous stations, The Bloodshots have been expanding their listener base aggressively. Growing traction on streaming platforms has proven to bolster their already rapidly expanding base of fans, through repeat listeners and playlist placement. Online might be your best shot at hearing the band on recording since they can’t quite seem to keep any physical copies on hand: that’s how quickly they’re selling them out, but it doesn’t stop there…

The momentum built by working with past producers Dale Penner, John Paul Peters, Sean Dealy and Steve Rizun is propelling this freight train right through the station.


Source: Golden Robot Records

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