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IRON MAIDEN – Are Cover Story For New Issue Of METAL HAMMER

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Iron Maiden - Metal Hammer - Promo Cover Pic - August 2014

IRON MAIDEN – There’s mascot Eddie, once again representing the iconic IRON MAIDEN, on the cover of Metal Hammer’s newest issue! Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson are both interviewed for this cover story! Metal be thy name! This issue will be releasing next week; in the meantime, click the link below to read more:


* For more info on IRON MAIDEN:

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IRON MAIDEN – From Fear To Eternity: Essential Maiden To Own

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IRON MAIDEN – Yes, as the die-hard Iron Maiden fan that I am, I bought From Fear To Eternity on Tuesday, June 7th, 2011. The sub-title is: The Best Of 1990-2010. There’s something about “needing” a new CD of songs that I already own… it’s called what am I thinking? In fairness, I actually never owned the live version of Man On The Edge… until now. Apparently this live version was the B-side of the Wicker Man single. I’ll mention Man On The Edge again in this post…

Regardless of my buyers remorse over this new Iron Maiden “best of”, the cover artwork looks super cool and the liner notes are Metal dandy. A killer center-spread in the liner notes depicts 7 versions of (mascot) Eddie from the past 20 years, with a second center-spread documenting all 8 studio albums from this time period as well.

Having 23 of Iron Maiden’s “best” songs from the last two decades, on two CD’s makes for a convenient listen, whether I’m on the go or just chillin’ out. Plus, there is much to be said about us collectors wanting a complete run of our core bands. As I look at it a few days later, I’m psyched that I bought From Fear To Eternity. This is Iron Maiden! (Even though my favorite Iron Maiden era is the 80’s decade). Heck, there are times when I will spend a quick ten bucks on coffee in one day or that same amount on beer and I won’t even bat an eye. Well, I kinda do.

I do wish that the songs from the two albums that had lead vocalist Blaze Bayley  (The X Factor, Virtual XI) were included as the original studio tracks. The 3 songs from these two albums are presented live with the legendary Bruce Dickinson on vocals. The 3 songs are: Man On The Edge, Sign Of The Cross and The Clansman. Blaze Bayley was a member of Iron Maiden after all (which is quite a Metal feat) and he should get his deserved recognition on this “best of”. In the end, it’s like Lenny Wolf of Kingdom Come would say: “it is what it is”.

* From Fear To Eternity was released on June 7th, 2011 on Universal Music.

* The album cover artwork was designed/illustrated by Melvyn Grant.

Track Listing:

CD One: The Wicker Man * Holy Smoke * El Dorado * Paschendale * Different World * Man On The Edge (live) * The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg * Blood Brothers * Rainmaker * Sign Of The Cross (live) * Brave New World * Fear Of The Dark (live)

CD Two: Be Quick Or Be Dead * Tailgunner * No More Lies * Coming Home * The Clansman (live) * For The Greater Good Of God * These Colours Don’t Run * Bring Your Daughter… To The Slaughter * Afraid To Shoot Strangers * Dance Of Death * When The Wild Wind Blows

* For more info on IRON MAIDEN, click on the link below:



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