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Some Music Suggestions For a Hard Rockin’ and Headbangin’ Valentines Day!

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What would Valentines Day be without some KISS – Lick It Up?

Happy Valentines Day to all! Even if you despise Valentines Day, Metal Odyssey is still wishing you a terrific day. To make your Valentines Day all the more enjoyable, here are some helpful music listening suggestions that kinda goes with the Valentines Day flow… I think you’ll see and hear what I mean! Enjoy these suggestions… and if you don’t like ’em, just don’t seek ’em out and listen to ’em. It’s that easy!

Just the name alone is good enough with Ann and Nancy Wilson’s band! I LOVE Heart. As a bonus, their 1978 studio album Magazine has a 100% pure Classic Rock song titled: Heartless. Oh, by the way, Heart should be inducted into that, um, Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Did I say I LOVE Heart?

Hey, it’s KISS again! C’mon, just their name alone is associated with that four letter word we know as… love. This 1977 album is titled Love Gun for Metal sakes too! Just listen to these Klassic KISS songs on Love Gun and you might be falling in love all over again while your banging thy head: Love Gun, I Stole Your Love, Got Love For Sale and Then She Kissed Me. I’ll let all your minds wander with Plaster Caster.

A Classic Rock album that bumps and thumps and never loses that Texas groovin’ boogie beat! ZZ Top released Eliminator back in 1983 and it has never lost it’s Rock ‘n’ Roll luster with Stone. You might not want to give your Valentine any TV Dinners, just become a Sharp Dressed Man and take your gal out somewhere nice. At the end of the night ask her: Gimme All Your Lovin.

Lita Ford has made some lovin’ filled songs throughout her legendary Heavy Metal career. Her 1988 self-titled and third studio album boasts some songs that are sure to spark some Valentines Day thoughts… no matter how melancholy or gray they may be. Kiss Me Deadly, Can’t Catch Me, Falling In and Out of Love and Fatal Passion are all on this Lita album.

To say this 1990 debut and self-titled album from Steelheart is love infested is a Metal understatement. Just take a Metal listen to these songs on this album and you might get all soft inside while you try to bang thy head: Love Ain’t Easy, Can’t Stop Me Lovin’ You, I’ll Never Let You Go and Everybody Loves Eileen. Gee Metal whiz… I’m getting all soft inside while I write these songs down. I really like this band and album too.

Yes, Rainbow. This band for all intents and Metal purposes ROCKED my world then… and they ROCK my world now. The Very Best Of Rainbow was released back in 1997 and has one of many classics they created – Jealous Lover. Joe Lynn Turner is the vocalist on Jealous Lover. I swear I can listen to this song 100 times in a row and still want to listen to it 100 times more. Did I say Ritchie Blackmore rules?

Bullet For My Valentine. This band is HUGE in Stone’s Metal world. Scream Aim Fire is the second studio album from this Welsh Metal Band and it is worth owning if you like your Metal laced with melodic heaviness. This is an album of SONGS… and one of these fabulous songs is: Hearts Burst Into Fire. Whoa, this song is very, very, incredibly memorable to my Metal mind. I always tell myself that I sing this song really cool. No, I won’t sing it for you.

This list would be useless without the late and ultra-legendary Ronnie James Dio being on it. Holy Diver was released back in 1983, being the debut DIO album too. I have come to the Metal conclusion that Holy Diver is one of the greatest Heavy Metal albums of all time… and one of the greatest albums in Rock history. Straight Through The Heart is my Valentine pick off of this album. ‘Nuff said.

Oh yes… Rod Stewart. Rock Legend. This was Rod Stewart when he ROCKED! Admittedly, Rod the Mod’s easy listening stuff isn’t the end of the world to my ears. I would pay to see Rod Stewart sing from his Great American Songbook live in 2011. However, I’ll take the Hard Rockin’ Rod Stewart over his present day crooning any day of the week.

Back in 1978 I would try all day long to pull in Do Ya Think I’m Sexy on the radio. I would do that. What was wrong with me you query? Absolutely nothing… I really dug this song and still do. Another “love” song on this Blondes Have More Fun album is – Ain’t Love A Bitch. Throw in the fact that the legendary Carmine Appice plays drums on this album and it’s a Classic Rock keeper.

Oops… it’s KISS again! Rock And Roll Over is the fifth studio album from KISS, released during the U.S. Bicentennial Year of 1976. What more can be said about a KISS Klassic such as this? Calling Dr. Love, I Want You, Take Me, Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em and Makin’ Love are all here. Um, I’ll let your mind wander once more with Ladies Room.





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HEARTAnn and Nancy Wilson have revived their very own Classic Rock roots, to such an extent that Red Velvet Car is unmistakably 100% pure Heart Classic Rock. I don’t think I can hear a single note on this new Heart album to tell me otherwise. Released on August 31, 2010, on Sony Legacy, Red Velvet Car is the thirteenth studio release from Heart. This new album of Heart songs won’t reveal an Even It Up from 1980’s Bebe le Strange, nor will you hear anything remotely close to What About Love, from their 1985 self titled album Heart. What I hear is Ann and Nancy Wilson making a triumphant return to the sound that captured my very own heart, some thirty plus years ago.

Throughout the decades, I’ve listened to so many bands try to reinvent themselves, through sound, style and/or persona. Sure, Heart may have dabbled in some of their very own “change” in the mid 1980’s, only it was never drastic enough for these two incredibly talented sisters to cease making memorable Rock Music. I went along for that stylistic ride back in 1985… seeing Heart in the arena setting of The Hartford Civic Center, with the ever charismatic Autograph as the opening act. There was always a place for Heart… in my Metal heart, ever since my first album of theirs was spinning on my turntable, that album being Bebe le Strange.

While there are those bands that changed and never recovered, there are still other’s that seem to have forgotten their Rock ‘N’ Roll roots with an almost defiant glee in their eyes. Not Ann and Nancy… not Heart. These two gals have taken not just a piece of their Rock ‘N’ Roll past for Red Velvet Car, they have taken it all and this album essentially salutes it with a double high five… throughout all ten songs. As I took a ride inside the Rock Music of Red Velvet Car, I not only took a ride into the Classic Rock past, I am also taking a ride into the Classic Rock present of Heart for as the legendary Bob Seger has sung… “Rock ‘N’ Roll never forgets”.

Ann Wilson’s vocals on each and every song she sings comes through with the same spirit and resonance as the earliest of Heart albums. To listen to Heart’s 1976 debut album, Dreamboat Annie, immediately following Red Velvet Car is quite the Rockin’ treat, realizing that both albums are nearly 35 years apart is astonishing. The same can be said for Nancy Wilson’s guitar, being over three decades removed from Dreamboat Annie doesn’t seem real when the similarities in sound, style and fresh energy are so comparable.

There is even a slight demo-esque feel and quality about Red Velvet Car that makes it all the more alluring to me, whether this is intentional or not, the end result separates this album from having that overly polished and deliberate commercial gloss. From the onset, There You Go sets the tone as to the exact direction Red Velvet Car steers towards. There You Go is acoustically brash with an attitude usually reserved for a hungry up and coming Rock band, only this is Heart in 2010 and thus they are rejuvenated with their song writing. It only get better…

WTF has Nancy’s guitar tone emanating the feeling and desire of 1977’s Barracuda, making me wish I owned a vintage Chevy Nova jacked up and ready to go for that Summertime road trip to the beach. If WTF doesn’t grab you, then you have never listened to Heart before. Ann sounds as invigorated and Rockalicious as ever on the song Red Velvet Car… velvet vocals and all. If I am to drift off into Heart never, never land… then this is the song to bring me there.

Alright, this is the “stand up” and get your groove on portion of Red Velvet CarQueen City is now playing. When Ann cry’s out – “yo-ho, yo-ho gotta keep afloat” it’s enough to make me feel like Heart has taken back what once was old and made it new again. Let’s not forget that Nancy Wilson can sing with a sparkle like a dew covered peach in the morning Summer sun. Hey You is an acoustic, up-tempo, semi-sweet ballad that carries it’s Rock fragrance of Heart with it’s infectious melody and Nancy’s sweet harmony.

Wheels and Safronia’s Mark both have the atmospheric sound and sensory feel of all things glorious about Classic Heart. Ann and Nancy please, take a bow now for you both have put me on a Classic Rock cloud that is drifting me further away from the lame-o and negative laced Rock Music that devoured everyone in the ’90’s. Hallelujah and Metal be thy name.

I’m going to make it a point to listen to Death Valley and Sunflower, while laying on the grass of my backyard on one of these last hot Summer days… and stare up at the blue sky and puffy white clouds with a retro grin on my middle-aged face that stretches from ear to ear. Is it wrong for my classifying Red Velvet Car as a Classic Rock gem? Calling out Heart’s return to Classic Rock prowess? I don’t think so. Exemplary Rock Music will always rise to the top, despite what is being played on radio or (gasp) MTV. Classic Rock exists for it will never go away, as it rears it’s triumphant head whenever a legendary band such as Heart brings it to life through their albums… both past and present with Red Velvet Car.

Classic Rock has rescued me once again, thank you Ann and Nancy. Red Velvet Car has the Classic Rock ‘N’ Roll fuel and I’m telling anyone whose listening to hitch a ride. Heart has pulled up in their Red Velvet Car and taken me for ride that I’m looking forward to taking again on a consistent basis… for a very, very, long time.

* I have not yet obtained any bonus tracks from the European release of Red Velvet Car, nor was I aware of the two bonus tracks found on the Target version of this CD, until it was too late. (I bought Red Velvet Car at f.y.e. before knowing of the “Only At Target” release).

* For more info on HEART, just click here:

Track Listing For Red Velvet Car:

There You Go


Red Velvet Car

Queen City

Hey You


Safronia’s Mark

Death Valley





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