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MURDERDOLLS – It’s Tuesday, August 24th, 2010. Next Tuesday, August 31st, the second studio album from MURDERDOLLS is released upon the world via RoadRunner Records. The buzz and excitement is building like an F’n tsunami with Women And Children Last due out one week from today. As I have been chatting with fans and several Metal buddies the past two weeks, the new MURDERDOLLS album seems to get brought up as if it was the beginning of a new chapter in Rock ‘N’ Roll history. Maybe this album will be just that, who knows?

So, what could all the excitement be about, when it comes to the new MURDERDOLLS album? For one, we are living in crappy economic times right now in America, so anything that can put our minds at ease about paying bills and making next month’s rent or mortgage payment is embraced by our sub-conscious and devoured like marble cake soaked in beer. I know for fact, that music is a driving force that steers my emotions and empowers me to live and love my life, regardless of how messed up the world news may be. (Yes, for the record, my wife and daughters are the #1 driving force that motivates me, only music helps to turn up my psyche-out dial until it smokes).

Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison are no strangers to the Metal and Extreme world of music. Hell, neither one of them are strangers to the Rock world period. Their talent as songwriters and musicians has been laid out before us fans and spread across albums that most of us consider damn right sacred. Slipknot is a band, whose lyrics and Metal reaches out and beats the piss out of my privately held emotions. Joey Jordison and Slipknot gave new meaning to captured aggressiveness through song. Wednesday 13 is a vocalist and musician who dared to be different a long time ago, hell, he obliterated the status quo while making stagnant Rock Music run for cover.

Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison are not your grab the money supergroup. They are the Saturday matinee, nightmare-double-feature that I crave to see and listen to. MURDERDOLLS are not a softened up act from the late ’70’s or ’80’s that is now preaching that their Metal has matured or progressed. No F’n way. These are two musicians that are NOT telling fans through interviews, that they should not be telling MURDERDOLLS what songs to play live. (Not from anything I’ve read or heard anyways).

The persona and image that MURDERDOLLS glistens with may not be brand new to Rock ‘N’ Roll, still it’s the uniqueness of these musicians themselves that adds to their overall mystique. Image aside, it’s the music of MURDERDOLLS that matters. I don’t envision anytime soon, MURDERDOLLS appearing onstage at the CMT Awards doing a country version of Dead In Hollywood. Sincerity and credibility sure does go a very long way with me… especially when it comes to music that’s fortified with 100% bad ass. The album title – Women And Children Last, advertises the sense of humor that MURDERDOLLS has, while sticking up a middle finger to the uptight world of political correctness. (Phew)… bad ass Rock ‘N’ Roll isn’t dead and buried after all!

After listening to My Dark Place Alone from the forthcoming Women And Children Last album for over a month now, I certainly hope that the entire album will be just as scorchingly powerful. The Punk subtleties that are aggressively fused with Metal, explode from My Dark Place Alone. Speed, Thrash and a sprinkle of Rob Zombie-ism in the vocals of Wednesday 13 seems to escalate with each passing second, as I listen to My Dark Place Alone. In the end, it’s the originality that means the most to my Metal ears. MURDERDOLLS do not have to make excuses to me if I hear any semblance of past Metal, Punk or Rock influences in their music.

Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison are going to throw hints around, through their songs, of their past musical background… it’s inevitable. The overall aggressive and horror based embellishment of their sound is what lures me the most, all the while knowing these two musicians are not just throwing a record together just because they can. I’m not expecting a carbon copy of their first album – Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls, the single My Dark Place Alone has changed all that thinking.

Horror Punk has always been the “evil kid on the block” within the Rock Music world that factually gets ignored by the mainstream, maybe that is why I fell head over Metal heels for Horror Punk so many full moons ago. Music evolves, so therefore bands evolve too. MURDERDOLLS are taking their music to the next level of Hard & Heavy and I am one fan who cannot wait to get my ears pummeled by Women And Children Last.

I can understand the excitement and the anticipation of this new MURDERDOLLS album, it’s an excitement that is flowing around my Rock ‘N’ Roll arteries and Metal veins as I am drafting this actual post. Bring it on MURDERDOLLS and stomp down upon the generic music vacuum!


Wednesday 13 – vocals

Joey Jordison – guitar

Roman Surman – guitar

Racci Shay Hart – drums

Jack Tankersley – bass

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