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MORBID ANGEL “I Am Morbid” – Metal Odyssey’s #1 Contender For: “2011 Metal Song Of The Year”

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MORBID ANGEL – Death Metal legends/pioneers Morbid Angel are back and nothing is gonna stand in their way. Morbid Angel has released their first full-length studio album in 8 years with Illud Divinum Insanus, released on June 7th, 2011 on Season of Mist. While this album is an experimental approach musically for Morbid Angel, the impressive constants I hear are the muscularity of Metal and Death Metal roots of this fierce band. This new Morbid Angel album also marks the return of the legendary David Vincent, aka Mr. Vincent on vocals, bass and keyboards.

Let’s just say that Morbid Angel’s I Am Morbid is the #1 contender for Metal Odyssey’s 2011 Metal Song Of The Year. This song annihilates false Metal. The commanding strength and dominating vibe within this song’s lyrics and Metal is completely mesmerizing to my senses. With it’s anthem leaning sound and feel, I Am Morbid is one song to raise the horns to the air with, while defying the plastic-headed think tanks of the world. Metal be thy name.


Mr. Vincent – vocals, bass & keyboards

Trey Azagthoth – guitars

Destructhor – guitars

Tim Yeung – drums

* Check out other kick ass Death Metal and Metal videos by clicking the link below. This is where I found the above album cover video of I Am Morbid. Trust me, it’s worth the Metal trip.

MrDeathmetalruler’s Channel – YouTube

* For more info on MORBID ANGEL, click on the link below:




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