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IMMORTAL GUARDIAN – Issue New Single/Music Video For “Perfect Person”

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Photo Credit – Arturo Pina

4th new song offered from the Power/Progressive Metal band’s upcoming new album

As Power/Progressive Metal band IMMORTAL GUARDIAN continues building their next opus, the group issues “Perfect Person” as the fourth sample of their new work. Recording independently and remotely the quartet is assembling the follow-up to 2021’s successful ‘Psychosomatic’ track-by-track and sharing the material as it completes, along with visually captivating music videos, that again the self-contained group produces themselves.

“Perfect Person” is available now for streaming/download at all digital platforms or watch the video at or below:

I grew up in a very religious Mexican family. It was a big part of our lives, especially every Sunday morning when we went to church,” explains guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian. “But one day, our pastor had a heart attack while in the middle of a sexual act cheating on his wife and died right there in the church after-hours. It was absolutely bonkers and I remember it really stirred up the moral point-of-views in our tiny Texas town.We stopped going to church after that and really started questioning why we were there, to begin with.You see, some Christians had such a bad taste of the church that they left religion altogether and felt lied to and deceived, while others said the Christian thing to do would be to forgive him and move on and find another church. It was super interesting to grow up and watch both sides of this play out. This made a very interesting topic to write about and it definitely fueled the spark for ‘Perfect Person.’

At the end of the day, it is about NOT over-idolizing and over-glorifying religious figures, politicians, celebrities, even musicians, and the like. I wonder if that pastor had just lived his life and died a non-religious man, nobody would have been bothered, but because everyone sought this man’s advice every week, got baptized by him, got married by him, and put his words and lifestyle on a pedestal, it made it that much more devastating. Everyone can pin a local ‘icon’ in their minds as a perfect figure that could do no wrong and preach endless golden words when in fact, he is just a mortal man with mortal sin.”

Heavy topics are not unfamiliar to Immortal Guardian whose previous album focused on the Covid pandemic, likely the first full album to be thematically linked to the disease and its effect on the globe and its people. In the past year, Immortal Guardian has revealed three brand new songs — “Ozona,” “Echoes” and “Southern Rain” forming a basis for their next conceptual piece. The band will continue to share new material as the creative process proceeds to build up to a follow-up full-length traditional album planned for 2023. More info will be released by Immortal Guardian and M-Theory Audio in the weeks and months to follow, including new tour dates.

Gabriel Guardian – guitars/keyboards
Carlos Zema – vocals
Justin Piedimonte – drums
Joshua Lopez – bass

Source: Asher Media Relations


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Immortal Guardian - promo band pic - band logo - 2015 - #0601IGMO

Texas shredders IMMORTAL GUARDIAN will be out on their infamous Shred Sled during the X Games this Friday, June 5, at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. IMMORTAL GUARDIAN’s Shred Sled comes one day ahead of METALLICA’s June 6 X Games performance.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the Shred Sled, it’s a mobile heavy metal spectacle on wheels that has made appearances at festivals such as SXSW, Fun Fun Fun Fest, and River City Rockfest, receiving press from SPIN Magazine and multiple music publications.

“If you were one of the lucky hundreds who stumbled upon Immortal Guardian during one of their ‘Shredding In the Streets’ gigs, you won’t soon forget… Immortal Guardian might have been SXSW’s most sincerely earnest act.” – SPIN MAGAZINE

The IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Shred Sled will be making three appearances throughout Friday’s X Games at the following locations (site map available upon request):

12:30PM – NEXT X PARKS Area

2:30 PM – NEXT X PARKS Area


For footage of the IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Shred Sled in action at Fun Fun Fun Fest 8, visit this location.

“Immortal Guardian’s Shred Sled – The most metal thing at this year’s X Games next to Metallica”

Immortal Guardian has been making a name for themselves as an up and coming independent metal act with a Fender sponsorship, Brazilian Tour, and an album mixed by the producer of Judas Priest already under their belt. The band is highlighted by its members astounding virtuosity starting first with founding member Gabriel Guardian, sponsored by Fender Guitars at the young age of 22 and known for his insane ability to shred on guitar AND keyboard at the same time. Next is Brazilian born vocal siren Carlos Zema who has been named one of the top 10 metal vocalist in Brazil by several media outlets in 2007. The rhythm section is filled out by the dynamic duo of Cody Gilliland, one of the most technical speed/progressive drummers emerging onto the scene, and master of the five-string fretless bass, Thad Stevens.










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