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WHITE WIDOWS PACT – Locks Down May East Coast Tour; Tracking Of Debut LP Complete

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Nirvana Cover From Converse Rubber Tracks Session Available

NYC-based mob, WHITE WIDOWS PACT, confirms that the tracking of their impending debut LP has been completed. The album was captured at the Wild Arctic with Dean Baltulonis over the past several weeks, and is being finalized now for release on a label to be determined later this year.

In the meantime, WHITE WIDOWS PACT has been unloading new material from the upcoming album live. The band also recently hooked up with Converse for an installment of their Rubber Tracks Sessions, the quintet laying down an ultra-gritty, sludge-groove hardcore version of one of Nirvana’s early works, “Negative Creep.”

Get down with WHITE WIDOWS PACT’s rendition of Nirvana’s “Negative Creep” below:

WHITE WIDOWS PACT will also head north on tour in several weeks, from May 4th through the 20th. The trip will take the band into Canada for several shows including three shows/showcases in as many days at Toronto’s CMW gathering. After six shows in Canada, WWP will roll back to their Brooklyn home turf on a seven-show run with Detroit-area hardcore quintet, Hollow Earth.



5/04/2014 Middle East (upstairs) – Cambridge, MA
5/05/2014 Geno’s Rock Club – Portland, ME
5/06/2014 La Sala Rossa – Montreal, QC
5/07/2014 Luneta Bar – Ottawa, ON
5/08/2014 Sneaky Dee’s – Toronto, ON @ New Damage CMW Showcase
5/10/2014 S.H.I.B.G.B.s – Toronto, ON
5/12/2014 Detour Music Hall – St. Catherines, ON
5/13/2014 The Beer Exchange – Windsor, ON
5/14/2014 The Yonka House – Detroit, MI w/ Hollow Earth
5/15/2014 Underground Lounge – Chicago, IL w/ Hollow Earth
5/16/2014 Basement Transmissions – Erie, PA w/ Hollow Earth
5/17/2014 Mr Roboto Project – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Hollow Earth
5/18/2014 The Boneyard – Atlantic City, NJ w/ Hollow Earth
5/19/2014 Casa De Sweezy – Centereach, NY w/ Hollow Earth
5/20/2014 The Acheron – Brooklyn, NY w/ Hollow Earth


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on WHITE WIDOWS PACT:

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Heavy Metal Thoughts To Ponder, As We Enter October Of 2011…

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Like most Metalheads, I think about and listen to Heavy Metal quite often. Many times my brain makes up these “thoughts to ponder”, only it is never any fun pondering them by myself. Therefore, today being the last day of September 2011, I am letting the world know what current Heavy Metal thoughts I am pondering! Take a look below, to see if maybe you would like to “ponder” them with me.

01The X Factor (USA) is on Fox! Who gives a crap about this show if your into Heavy Metal or Hard Rock? This is just another televised anti-Heavy Music talent show to find the next pre-teen and teen idol that can’t sing a damn lick of Pop manure. Hollywood doesn’t care if you can’t sing, as long as you have that “perfect face” and skinny body. As far as the “older dudes” that audition for this show, it’s the same thing: bubble gum.

02Nevermind by the legendary Nirvana has been reissued this past Tuesday, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of its release. I bought the cassette of Nevermind when it was released back in 1991. I always felt Nirvana was a great band and Nevermind was a great album. That’s it, folks. That album is NOT the Holy Grail of Rock music history. ElvisThe BeatlesThe Who, Led ZeppelinBlack Sabbath, KISS, RUSH and The Ramones already came and conquered, way in advance of Nevermind, sorry to say. I never checked in my loyalty to Heavy Metal card at the door, just due to a band coming out of (Seattle) Aberdeen, Washington and decided to mix Punk, Hard Rock and Alternative Rock together.

03 – By the way, Grunge never killed Heavy Metal. Nope. Back in those early 1990’s, the press decided to not cover Heavy Metal while the record companies decided Seattle was the gateway to Rock and Roll’s Atlantis. Whose face has egg on it now?

04 – If I read one more article about how there will no longer be CD’s manufactured in “five years”, I think I’m gonna jump out of my skin. Regardless, there is a “genius” that pops up every week, somewhere, that decides they are gonna remind us all about how terrible the CD is and how this music medium will be wiped off the face of the planet.

That’s it. Those are my Heavy Metal thoughts to ponder. I wish I could list more, yet I won’t. Why not list more? Well, the two blogging books I’ve been reading recently state: keep your posts short, simple and to the point. Screw the blogging books. Here is one more Bonus Heavy Metal thought to ponder!

BONUS – Who are Rufus with Chaka Khan? It sounds like some high caloric dish you would order from a pricey restaurant in New York City. Despite my being confused, they were nominated for induction into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for 2012. I realize that KISS pisses off The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for some crazy reason, still, Carmine Appice, Cheap Trick, The Moody Blues, RUSHThe Doobie Brothers and many other qualifying and REAL legends of ROCK AND ROLL are not nominated and Rufus with Chaka Khan is? Metal be thy name.


Rest In Peace, Kurt Cobain.


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