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NIGHT DEMON – S/T EP Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Night Demon - promo EP cover pic - 2013

NIGHT DEMON – They’re from California. They’re old school. They’re Metal. They’re called Night Demon. The prolific Metal label known as Shadow Kingdom Records will be releasing Night Demon’s S/T EP on August 6th; best you pick up this Metal offering from Night Demon cause it’s invitingly raw, loud, and legit True Metal through and through!

From riffage on The Chalice that’s reminiscent of the legendary Scorpions classic cut The Zoo, to an underground Metal atmosphere of yesteryear throughout, Night Demon delivers the Metal goods! It’s honestly unfortunate that this is an EP and not an album of 12 songs. Stone wants more Night Demon! Now! Whoa.

Ritual reminds me that old school Speed Metal is back and the Traditional Heavy Metal spirit, musicianship, vocals and songwriting of Night Demon cannot be overlooked; not by any of my fellow Metal brethren anyways. Fans of old school Metal, NWOBHM, (early) Iron Maiden, (early) Saxon, Witch Cross, SatanObsession, Angel Witch, Sinister Realm and of course, Raven, are all in for a remarkable Metal surprise with Night Demon. This trio of talented Metalheads surprised the hell out of me! Metal be thy name.

Watch, listen and turn the volume up to NIGHT DEMON below! Whoa!

NIGHT DEMON – Track Listing:

Night Demon

The Chalice

Ancient Evil


Night Demon - promo band pic - 2013 - #22


Jarvis Leatherby

Brent Woodward

John Crerar


To read more about NIGHT DEMON, click on the link below!

NIGHT DEMON – Self-titled EP Releasing Via Shadow Kingdom Records

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For more info on NIGHT DEMON, click on links below!

Facebook: Night Demon

Shadow Kingdom Records - Large Logo!


Facebook: Shadow Kingdom Records

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TANKARD “VO(L)UME 14” – Releases In North America February 22nd, 2011!

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TANKARD – For three decades and counting, one constant in Thrash Metal has been the legendary, German Thrash Metal formation known as – TANKARD. On February 22, 2011, TANKARD will be releasing their 14th studio album titled: VO(L)UME 14. This new studio album of ten songs will be released on Germany’s AFM Records. With the likes of ONSLAUGHT and now TANKARD releasing new studio albums in early 2011, this coming year is turning out to be… THRASH and BURN!

TANKARD has stood the test of Metal time with their beer soakin’, mind splittin’, amplifier burnin’ and decades scorchin’ Thrash Metal brand. Not backing down to any corporate oil fool, TANKARD have taken their disgust for the BP Gulf Coast oil spill and turned it into a Thrash Metal headline with Black Plague (BP). Taking a Thrashin’ stand against BP is what I call Thrash Metal justice… smacking down the Thrash Metal gavel… that’s TANKARD.

It is a blue collar, Old School, party fueled, 100% proof, (gasp) fun and stick-it-to-the-man Thrash Metal band like TANKARD that supplements Stone’s Metal lovin’ life. Metal be thy name.

(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on TANKARD, just click on the links below:

TANKARD – Official Website

TANKARD – myspace music

AFM Records


Andreas “Gerre” Geremia – vocals

Frank Thorwarth – bass

Olaf Zissel – drums

Andy Gutjahr – guitar

Track Listing For VO(L)UME 14:

Time Warp

Rules For Fools

Fat Snatchers (The Hippo Effect)

Black Plague (BP)

Somewhere In Nowhere

The Agency

Brain Piercing Of Death

Beck’s In The City


Weekend Warriors




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