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TANKARD – German Thrash Legends Reveal “Beerbarians” Video Single; “Pavlov’s Dawgs” Full-Length To See Release September 30th Via Reaper Entertainment + Preorders Available

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Photo by Axel Jusseit

Even after four steamy, liver-destroying, gut-stretching decades in the name of heavy metal, there’s no stopping the TANKARD beer crew. Just in time for the celebrations surrounding their fortieth birthday, TANKARD will release their new full-length, Pavlov’s Dawgs, on September 30th. The record marks the band’s remarkable eighteenth album as well as their debut for the new label, Reaper Entertainment.

In advance of the record’s release, today TANKARD reveals first single, “Beerbarians,” proving that even after so many years they’re far from being old hat.

Comments vocalist Gerre: “We’re stoked to release our first single ‘Beerbarians’ — TANKARD-typical humor wrapped in a hard-hitting thrash sound with catchy hooklines. Listening in is mandatory! In this sense: carry the fire!”

View TANKARD’s “Beerbarians” lyric video at THIS LOCATION.

“Beerbarians” is available on all streaming platforms. The matching artwork of the single was created by Cliff Knese.

The taps are polished, the Freibier is flowing, and TANKARD are finally back to what they do best five long years after their last studio album: Thrashing madly, drinking thirstily, and ever so cleverly intertwining metal, humor, and sarcastic social commentary into one big raucous ball of entertainment.

Pavlov’s Dawgs, which was recorded and produced at Gernhard Studio Troisdorf together with producer Martin Buchwalter, will be available on CD, vinyl in various color variants, limited earbook with previously unreleased pictures from the last forty years of TANKARD, and as a limited box set which includes two demos on cassette.

Find all preorders at THIS LOCATION.

Pavlov’s Dawgs Track Listing:

  1. Pavlov’s Dawg
  2. Ex-Fluencer
  3. Beerbarians
  4. Diary Of A Nihilist
  5. Veins Of Terra
  6. Momento
  7. Metal Cash Mashine
  8. Dark Self Intruder
  9. Lockdown Forever
  10. On The Day I Die




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Tankard - R.I.B. - promo cover pic - 2014

German Thrash Metal heroes TANKARD just revealed the album cover for their upcoming new album R.I.B.. The artwork was brought to life by Patrick Strogulski, who is a student of Sebastian Krüger, the former TANKARD cover artist.

Mastermind Gerre states:
“R.I.B. continues the story of Chemical Invasion. The crazy professor is back is takes revenge on mankind, because he failed in 1987! The cover is done again by Patrick Strogulski, an apprentice of Sebastian Krüger and really hits the spot! As always with Tankard, things shouldn’t be taken too seriously!”

The band also released the R.I.B. track listing:

01. War Cry
02. Fooled By Your Guts
03. R.I.B. (Rest In Beer)
04. Riders Of The Doom
05. Hope Can’t Die
06. No One Hit Wonder
07. Breakfast for Champions
08. Enemy Of Order
09. Clockwise To Deadline
10. The Party Ain’t Over ‘Til We Say So

Taking inspiration from the motto “never change a winning team”, the guys did the recording again with producer Michael Mainx (BÖHSE ONKELZ, DER W, D-A-D, DISBELIEF), who also produced the last two albums.

R.I.B. (Official Studio Trailer) Part 1:

R.I.B. (Official Studio Trailer) Part II:

R.I.B. (Official Studio Trailer) Part III:

R.I.B. (Official Studio Trailer) Part IV:

Tankard - R.I.B. - Promo Band Caricature Banner - 2014


Gerre – vocals
Frank – bass
Olaf – drums
Andy – Guitar


* For more info on TANKARD:

Facebook: TANKARD



Nuclear Blast Europe - logo - 2013



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TANKARD “VO(L)UME 14” – Releases In North America February 22nd, 2011!

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TANKARD – For three decades and counting, one constant in Thrash Metal has been the legendary, German Thrash Metal formation known as – TANKARD. On February 22, 2011, TANKARD will be releasing their 14th studio album titled: VO(L)UME 14. This new studio album of ten songs will be released on Germany’s AFM Records. With the likes of ONSLAUGHT and now TANKARD releasing new studio albums in early 2011, this coming year is turning out to be… THRASH and BURN!

TANKARD has stood the test of Metal time with their beer soakin’, mind splittin’, amplifier burnin’ and decades scorchin’ Thrash Metal brand. Not backing down to any corporate oil fool, TANKARD have taken their disgust for the BP Gulf Coast oil spill and turned it into a Thrash Metal headline with Black Plague (BP). Taking a Thrashin’ stand against BP is what I call Thrash Metal justice… smacking down the Thrash Metal gavel… that’s TANKARD.

It is a blue collar, Old School, party fueled, 100% proof, (gasp) fun and stick-it-to-the-man Thrash Metal band like TANKARD that supplements Stone’s Metal lovin’ life. Metal be thy name.

(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on TANKARD, just click on the links below:

TANKARD – Official Website

TANKARD – myspace music

AFM Records


Andreas “Gerre” Geremia – vocals

Frank Thorwarth – bass

Olaf Zissel – drums

Andy Gutjahr – guitar

Track Listing For VO(L)UME 14:

Time Warp

Rules For Fools

Fat Snatchers (The Hippo Effect)

Black Plague (BP)

Somewhere In Nowhere

The Agency

Brain Piercing Of Death

Beck’s In The City


Weekend Warriors




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