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AZURE EMOTE – New Track From All-Star Avant/Death Opus Arises

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Azure Emote - Group Promo Pic - 2013 - #1

AZURE EMOTE, the avant-garde Death Metal entity envisioned and created by Mike Hrubovcak (Monstrosity, Vile, Divine Rapture, Abraxas), will release its second full-length work, The Gravity Of Impermanence, worldwide on April 3rd via Selfmadegod Records.

Under Hrubovcak’s direction, songwriting and full-on participation in its creation, The Gravity Of Impermanence was executed utilizing musicians from Death, Fear Factory, Yakuza, Monstrosity, Tristania, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder and more. With over an hour of material displayed through fourteen tracks, the album is fueled by pummeling blast beats, electronic programming, a mixture of both guttural and haunting vocal styles, violins, saxophone, harmonica and a barrage of other instruments coalescing in a melting pot of misanthropic darkness that defines the AZURE EMOTE ethos, recorded, mixed and mastered by Ron Vento of Aurora Borealis at Nightsky Studios.

Azure Emote - The Gravity Of Impermanence - promo cover pic

The cover art was once again done by AZURE EMOTE’s creator and frontman Mike Hrubovcak, his Visual Darkness works well-known in the death/grind communities for illustrating covers for Sinister, Grave, Cattle Decapitation, Hate Eternal, Mortician, and many others.

Venerable scene news outlet/community is hosting an exclusive stream of the opening track to The Gravity Of Impermanence. Unleash the brilliantly unique destruction of “Epoch Of De-Evolution” AT THIS LOCATION.

Experience the epic closing track to the album “Puppet Deities” and more on AZURE EMOTE RIGHT HERE.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

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Waylander – Will Not Be Performing At Heathen Crusade Festival 2013

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Waylander - Group Promo Pic - 2013 - #1

In a statement from Dave Briggs, the band have confirmed that Waylander will not be performing at this years Heathen Crusade Festival which is scheduled to take place later this year in St Paul, USA. The band had refused to make a public announcement about their participation until certain terms of the agreement between the band and festival promoters were met. The festival organisers made a premature announcement that Waylander would be headlining, however the terms were yet to be met. The band have given ample time for the festival promoters to meet the terms but it’s came to a point were discussions have now ended and the band have now been forced to make a public statement that they will not be performing at Heathen Crusade.

“It is with great regret that we are forced to announce that Waylander will not be playing the Heathen Crusade Festival. The Heathen Crusade promoters have repeatedly promised but never provided us any funds to arrange transport to the USA. Although we are available, and nothing would make us happier than to play for some of our American fans, Heathen Crusades inability to meet the terms that they had agreed to makes it impossible for us.

We make this announcement now so that fans are aware of the situation and do not make any plans around the assumption that we are playing. We had refused to confirm that we were playing until it was certain, but Heathen Crusade announced it very prematurely. We can only say that we are very sorry to any fans who were looking forward to seeing us live, and that we are as disappointed as you are.”

The band recently announced a string of European dates including an appearance at the annual ‘Cerninnos Paganfest’ in Paris, France which takes place in just a few days.


Tour Dates:

24/02/13 – Cerninnos Paganfest – La Machine du Moulin Rouge – Paris, France

06/03/13 – Seachtain Na Gaeilge – Kellys – Galway, Ireland

17/04/13 – Fonobar Club – Warsaw, Poland

18/04/13 – Rock Out Club – Zielona Góra, Poland

19/04/13 – Blackland – Berlin, Germany

20/04/14 – Fenris Club – Klein-Pöchlarn, Austria

21/04/13 – Blue Hell Club – Budapest, Hungary


Listen To  ‘Twin Fires Of Beltíne’


(Source: Andrew Future PR)

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Stone’s Relocation Files: Part Three – My CD Collection Is A Mess!

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CD Stack - 2013 - Stone's Relocation Files

Okay, so there are worse things in life to worry about. I know that. I am thankful my family and I are all alive and healthy after our big relocation to Ohio; via Pennsylvania. Still, I am floored by how messed up my CD collection has become, since the unpacking commenced! I, like so many of my fellow Metal brethren, have always strived for some sort of “system” to the way I group my CD collection. I’m far from being a perfectionist, however, I’ve come close to it, when it comes to my CD organization skills.

Part of my CD collection used to be in alphabetical order. Other parts of my CD collection used to be divided up into bands and genres. Now my CD’s are just divided up into a where is it? collection! You see, I was told not to pack my CD’s by the moving company; they were hired to do all the packing of all our possessions for us. I should have packed my own CD’s. Glory be to the Metal Gods, I should have!

Eventually, I’ll have my “systems” all back into place and my CD collection will be back to normal. For now, I’ll just get by with having my Hatebreed and Electric Light Orchestra CD’s next to each other. I’ll ignore that my Venom CD’s are on top of my Santana CD’s too. I’m certain that these CD’s will all get along with each other; unless the Venom CD’s have something to say about it! Metal be thy name.


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Patria Unleash New Album Teaser For ‘Nihil Est Monastica’

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Patria Nihil Est Monastica - promo cover pic-

South American Black Metal horde Patria have recently unleashed a new album teaser for ‘Nihil Est Monastica’. The trailer was created by Swedish producer Håkan Sjodin, who previously worked for Marduk on their latest official video for ‘Souls For Belial’. The album is set to be released on 13th March 2013 via cult French label Drakkar Productions in Digipack, Vinyl and Cassette formats. Artwork for the album was undertaken by Costin Chioreanu who has worked with bands such as Darkthrone, Ulver, Aura Noir, etc.


‘Nihil Est Monastica’ Tracklisting is as follows: –

01. Nihil Est Monastica

02. Conquering Death’s Palace

03. Dark Cosmic Legend

04. Nyctophilia

05. Ravens Almighty

06. Altar

07. Sacro Vale Dos Encantos

08. Ascendant Of Darkness

09. Evoking The Ancient Spirits

10. Storm Before Eternity

11. The Silence Of The Thrones

12. Till Death

13. Black Vomit [Sarcófago Cover]

Check out the video here: –

Patria Promo Group Pic - 2013

Mantus comments on the release as a definite step forward for Patria, adding that “‘Nihil Est Monastica’ is an album going through a bit fresh musical conception if compared to our previous releases. There’s no walls at all concerning our creativity on this record. We just decided to do what we had to do, naturally, without any worries about labels or rules. Something that would pleasure our own ears as real Black Metal fans, you know. We’re also mixing different influences and elements. It also has a little better production, but even still keeping that necro and lowfi characteristics of the early Black Metal sound. The cover art was designed by the great artist Costin Chioreanu (Darkthrone, Ulver, Aura Noir, Absu, etc.)”


(Source: Future PR)

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