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MUTUAL HOSTILITY – U.S. Death Metallers Share New Single “Lie In Wait” – New Album “Inhuman Anguish” Out In June

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The new sonic chapter for MUTUAL HOSTILITY continues, with the US death metallers today unveiling the brutal new single “Lie In Wait”. Stream it HERE.

MUTUAL HOSTILITY will be releasing their new album, “Inhuman Anguish”, on June 28th 2023 via Lethal Scissor Records, making it the band’s debut to the label.

Toilet Ov Hell
premiered the first single “Faces in the Walls” at THIS LOCATION.

Following the good feedback received for the “Sacred Propaganda” EP, MUTUAL HOSTILITY waste no time continuing their attack and return with their first full-length. The band have thankfully made no great changes to their juggernaut sound. Dynamic, utterly crushing, immediately memorable, the band’s death metal stick to its guns without de-escalating the branded frenetic motion and interminable aggression.

Drawing inspiration from bands such as Suffocation, Deicide and Gorguts, MUTUAL HOSTILITY create a sound distinctly modern but with an appreciation for the old school death metal legends, all executed with near surgical meticulousness.



  1. Exordium
  2. Reality Lens
  3. Unknown Echoes
  4. Lie In Wait
  5. Myth Through Time
  6. Faces In The Walls
  7. Black Vault
  8. Biorhythm
  9. Denouement
Dan Gates – Guitars, Bass
Adam Rogers – Vocals
Eric Frabotta – drums

MUTUAL HOSTILITY is a death metal band formed in January of 2020 in Northeast Ohio, USA. Merging many metal genres into the fold, Adam Rogers (vocals), Dan Gates (guitars & bass) and Eric Frabotta (drums) offer a blend of hostility and intensity. Most of 2020 was spent writing and recording at each others home during the pandemic shutdown. Soon after the band released a lyric video for the song “Pyramid of Hate” which gained some momentum and eventually led up to the EP titled “Sacred Propaganda” being released in November 2020 on the Cult of Parthenope record label.
In 2022 nine new tracks were written and recorded for the first full-length album.

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