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STEELHEART – “Black Dog”: New Single Downloads For FREE On June 5th, 2011!

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STEELHEART – As it has been posted on the official website for SteelHeart:

Miljenko Matijevic/SteelHeart recorded a new single for the world! After many requests by the fans, Miljenko and the boys went into the studio and cut a rendition of Black Dog by Led Zeppelin. Futuristic, hard and heavy! Get it at the SteelHeart website for free on June 5, 2011″.

Stone Says: Whoa! This new cover song of Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog should be quite the Hard Rockin’ ear candy from SteelHeart! Best Metal Buddy Scott Coverdale and I can’t wait to hear it! Plus, what a cool gesture to all Rock, Hard Rock and Metal fans across the globe… to offer this new single for free! I’m marking my Metal calendar for June 5th. A huge Metal kudos goes out to Miljenko Matijevic/SteelHeart for such a move!

(Source: SteelHeart Official Website)

(Contributor: Scott Coverdale)

* For more info on Miljenko Matijevic/SteelHeart, click the link below:

STEELHEART – Official Website

Long Live Miljenko Matijevic/SteelHeart.


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