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Wanna See My Miljenko Matijevic (Steelheart) Autographed Trading Card?

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Miljenko Matijevic – Sometime during the Summer of 2009, I bought an autographed trading card of Miljenko Matijevic, the founding member and vocalist for the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band STEELHEART. This autographed trading card is from the 2008 Upper Deck – Spectrum Of Stars set. I paid $10 (U.S.) for this piece of Rock ‘N Roll history, finding it at a sports card shop at the Merchants Square Mall in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

It’s not about any value when it comes to owning this very cool card of the legendary Miljenko. I’ve always been incredibly impressed by Miljenko’s vocals and yes, I do dig to the fullest the Hard Rockin’ sounds of STEELHEART. Metal be thy name.

Miljenko Matijevic – Autographed Trading Card – 2008 (Upper Deck – Spectrum Of Stars)

* For more info on STEELHEART, click on the link below:

STEELHEART – Official Website

Long Live Miljenko Matijevic & Steelheart.


STEELHEART – “Black Dog”: New Single Downloads For FREE On June 5th, 2011!

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STEELHEART – As it has been posted on the official website for SteelHeart:

Miljenko Matijevic/SteelHeart recorded a new single for the world! After many requests by the fans, Miljenko and the boys went into the studio and cut a rendition of Black Dog by Led Zeppelin. Futuristic, hard and heavy! Get it at the SteelHeart website for free on June 5, 2011″.

Stone Says: Whoa! This new cover song of Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog should be quite the Hard Rockin’ ear candy from SteelHeart! Best Metal Buddy Scott Coverdale and I can’t wait to hear it! Plus, what a cool gesture to all Rock, Hard Rock and Metal fans across the globe… to offer this new single for free! I’m marking my Metal calendar for June 5th. A huge Metal kudos goes out to Miljenko Matijevic/SteelHeart for such a move!

(Source: SteelHeart Official Website)

(Contributor: Scott Coverdale)

* For more info on Miljenko Matijevic/SteelHeart, click the link below:

STEELHEART – Official Website

Long Live Miljenko Matijevic/SteelHeart.


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