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Metal Odyssey’s Top Ten METAL Songs Of 2011

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Metal Odyssey’s Top Ten Metal Songs of 2011 – My name is Stone and I listen to Metal. I write about Metal. I live for Metal. On this December 1st of 2011, I present to you the Top Ten Metal Songs that left the biggest impression on me during 2011. These ten Metal songs will always maintain a lasting impact on me. With the remaining month of December left, I could not foresee any one song being replaced on this list. My Metal decisions cannot be swayed. Before this list begins, I have included a Metal song as an Honorary Mention:

THE RODS – The Code (Featuring Ronnie James Dio)

(Niji Entertainment)

David “Rock” Feinstein has given an admirable tribute to his late and legendary cousin Ronnie James Dio with the addition of this song on THE RODS 2011 release: Vengeance. I remember buying this CD in the early Summer and being ecstatic that Ronnie James Dio was singing lead on The Code. It’s amazing how strong a song can come across to me and it’s due to the timeless vocals of Ronnie James Dio.

Ronnie sounds like the Metal icon he always was and shall forever be on The Code, with the spirit of Traditional Metal being swirled about by THE RODS. A double fist to the air vibe that came over me, as I listened to The Code for the first time, felt so damn cool for me. I’m certain I’m not alone in how I feel about this song either. Rest in peace, Ronnie James Dio.


FAIR TO MIDLAND – Musical Chairs 

(eOne Music)

Why I dig Fair To Midland so damn much is no one really knows what genre of Metal they really are. Alternative Metal? Check. Extreme Metal? Check. Um, Melodic Metal? Yup. To embrace this band’s sound is to accept the fact that these guys love music and know how to mix-it-up with Metal splendor. Musical Chairs from their Arrows & Anchors album is a sensational listen into what Modern Metal will sound like in five years. Fair To Midland can be considered… ahead of their time.


KATANA – Rebel Ride

(Listenable Records)

From Sweden, comes KATANA. At approximately 2:54 long, Rebel Ride is an unmistakable Metal ride to hear! This song is short and gets to the Metal point, with duo guitars driving this song, coupled with its pumped-up power vibes that take you to a psyche-you-out level of Metal enlightenment. Rebel Ride is heard on the outstanding 2011 debut album from KATANA: Heads Will Roll.


PENTAGRAM – Call The Man

(Metal Blade Records)

Bobby Liebling and PENTAGRAM returned on Metal Blade Records in 2011, with Last Rites. I wrote back on August 23rd: “Listening to Call The Man and this entire album is like getting psyched-out by a late night thunderstorm, there’s just no other way for me to explain it”. Doom pioneers = PENTAGRAM. Metal be thy name.


SARAH JEZEBEL DEVAThe Corruption Of Mercy

(Listenable Records)

The title track from Sarah Jezebel Deva’s sophomore studio album The Corruption Of Mercy is hauntingly soothing, Gothic and never fails to mesmerize me. Is it Sarah’s vocals that casts such a magical Metal spell upon me? Yes. Yes again. Oh, her band plays exquisite Metal too. I’ve heard my share of female fronted bands in Metal and Sarah Jezebel Deva is one of the best at what she does in 2011. Take that to the Metal bank and tell ’em Stone sent you.


SCHEEPERS – Saints Of The Rock

(Frontiers Records)

What would a Metal Odyssey Top Ten METAL song list of 2011 be without Ralf Scheepers? I wasn’t gonna be the one to tell Ralf he didn’t make the list. Instead, Ralf Scheepers is spotlighted at #6 with Saints Of The Rock from his star-studded solo album: SCHEEPERS. Nuthin’ beats a Heavy Metal anthem and nuthin’ beats a kick-ass Heavy Metal anthem. Saints Of The Rock has kicked my Metal lovin’ ass since the first time I’ve heard it. So let it be Metal written, so let it be Metal told.




It was a close call with determining this selection. You see, SPEED\KILL/HATE have ten Thrash songs on their debut album, Out For Blood, that are each capable of tearing your Metal soul apart, while having you exclaim: Thank you sirs, may I please have more of your Extreme Thrash Metal Assault delivered upon me? Lyrically, No Remorse says it all about the assholes in life that think they rule you. Intense isn’t the word for this song. Instead, F’n intense to the Thrash Metal melting point is how I sum up this song best.


SINISTER REALM – The Crystal Eye

(Shadow Kingdom Records)

From the greatest Metal city in Pennsylvania known as Allentown, there is a Metal band that the world should brace themselves for. This Metal band is: SINISTER REALM. Traditional Metal, such as the title track from The Crystal Eye, has become a necessary Metal nutrient for my Metal hungry ears. A Metal song that takes me back to those days of long ago, days when I felt invincible. That is how a great Metal song can make me feel and I like that.


ANTHRAX – Fight ‘Em ‘Till You Can’t


After 8 years of waiting for a new Anthrax album, Worship Music is released in 2011 with Joey Belladonna at the mic! Yes Virgina, there is a Thrashin’ Claus and it’s Anthrax! Fight ‘Em ‘Till You Can’t became my favorite song from Worship Music and it psyches-me-out beyond belief. This song defines what I always loved about vintage Anthrax: speed, more speed, guitar driven, Charlie Benante going Metal Thrashin’ Mad on drums, gang vocals and Joey Belladonna. What else can I say?



(Rock It Up Records)

Any regular visitor to Metal Odyssey knows by now that Stone supports HEMOPTYSIS. Why do I have this band on a Metal pedestal? Due to the clear Metal fact that Masaki Murashita (guitarist/vocalist) has his band running on precise Metal cylinders.

It is 2011 and new chapters of Metal, Thrash Metal and Death-Thrash are at my doorstep. HEMOPTYSIS is leading the Metal charge and I’m on board for the F’n Metal ride. M.O.D. defines the speed and extreme sound of this band’s brand of Thrash Metal. If you haven’t picked up and listened to Misanthropic Slaughter from HEMOPTYSIS yet, you absolutely must.



(Season of Mist)

When it comes to choosing my #1 Metal song of 2011, I take it very, very, seriously. The #1 Metal song has to be the crème de la crème of all the Metal songs I’ve listened to all year. This song MUST take me to Metal heights that I can’t explain away. I Am Morbid is that #1 Metal song for me. “We stand invincible not just a dream” and “Tear down the obstacles this is our day” are real Metal lyrics to me.

Triumphant and yet defiant, I Am Morbid speaks of stepping on the enemy. Defeat those who obstruct your path to success is what I hear in this song. I Am Morbid is leading… not following. A Metal anthem that picked me up and carried me off in 2011, while I raised Metal horns to the sky.



STEELHEART – “Black Dog”: New Single Downloads For FREE On June 5th, 2011!

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STEELHEART – As it has been posted on the official website for SteelHeart:

Miljenko Matijevic/SteelHeart recorded a new single for the world! After many requests by the fans, Miljenko and the boys went into the studio and cut a rendition of Black Dog by Led Zeppelin. Futuristic, hard and heavy! Get it at the SteelHeart website for free on June 5, 2011″.

Stone Says: Whoa! This new cover song of Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog should be quite the Hard Rockin’ ear candy from SteelHeart! Best Metal Buddy Scott Coverdale and I can’t wait to hear it! Plus, what a cool gesture to all Rock, Hard Rock and Metal fans across the globe… to offer this new single for free! I’m marking my Metal calendar for June 5th. A huge Metal kudos goes out to Miljenko Matijevic/SteelHeart for such a move!

(Source: SteelHeart Official Website)

(Contributor: Scott Coverdale)

* For more info on Miljenko Matijevic/SteelHeart, click the link below:

STEELHEART – Official Website

Long Live Miljenko Matijevic/SteelHeart.


CHIMAIRA “Wild Thing” Cover Song – A Horns Up To Charlie Sheen’s “Major League” Movie And Available Now at iTunes!

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(New York, NY) – CHIMAIRA joined in the fun of celebrating Charlie Sheen last week by covering the song “Wild Thing” in the studio, a tribute to Charlie Sheen’s 1989 hit comedy movie “Major League”. “We had some fun at the studio”, says Chimaira’s front man Mark Hunter.

Chimaira is currently in the studio finishing up their upcoming record to be released later this year. Recently signing a new record deal with eOne Music for North America, South America and Japan, Mark Hunter offers: “We are excited to start the new decade with a team that believes in our music, has our back and thinks outside the box. eOne are one of the very few labels out there who still give a damn about the genre and Chimaira are proud to be a part of that. Expect great things in 2011”.

Chimaira released their album “The Infection” back in 2009 to serious critical acclaims with hit singles “Secrets of the Dead” and “Destroy and Dominate”, which claimed the #30 spot on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Their most recent effort was a three disc live DVD, which also features a documentary about the band called “Coming Alive”.

* Over the past 10 years, Chimaira has sold close to 500,000 albums.

A “Wild Thing” song history, (see below), brought to you by Metal Odyssey’s Stone:

* “Wild Thing” was written by songwriter Chip Taylor, (real name: James Wesley Voight), who was born in New York City. This iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll song was originally recorded by The Wild Ones back in 1965. The English Rock Band – The Troggs covered “Wild Thing” back in 1966 and reached #1 in the U.S. on the Billboard Hot 100 in July of 1966.

Stone’s “Wild Thing” Cover Song Review:

Okay, I bought this cover song of “Wild Thing” from iTunes today. It realistically served me right. I never thought I would be saying this about Chimaira… they actually made a (gulp) “fun” song. This cover version has it’s Metal grooves happening with plenty of crunch. Yes, Mark Hunter still sounds quite pissed off vocally, so don’t worry all of you Chimaira die-hards out there! “Wild Thing” clocks in at 2:30 long, so it’s no epic, it’s just a good Metal kick-in-the-ass to kick start my day. Or is that kick start my night? A Must Metal buy for only $1.29!


Mark Hunter – vocals

Matt DeVries – guitar

Rob Arnold – guitar

Andols Herrick – drums

Chris Spicuzza – keyboards, samples & backing vocals

* For more info on CHIMAIRA, click the links below:

CHIMAIRA – Official Website

CHIMAIRA – myspace music

CHIMAIRA – Official Facebook

CHIMAIRA (chimairaband) On Twitter

* You can preview and/or buy Chimaira’s cover song “Wild Thing” at iTunes by clicking on the link below!

(Source: eOne Music)

* Metal Odyssey receives 0% compensation from iTunes for directing you to their store for making a song purchase. This is all done in good Metal faith, to assist all fellow Metalheads worldwide, in finding easy access to this new Chimaira song. Metal be thy name.



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