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MADDAM INK – Live At The Crocodile Rock Cafe, Allentown, PA, March 19th, 2011: Exclusive Photos and Overview

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(Left: Adam Burke/vocals & guitar, Right: Steve Benecke/bass)

(All live photo credits: Tom Coderre)

MADDAM INK – Back on March 19th, 2011, Maddam Ink closed out the evening of Hard Rock at The Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This night featured the Alt/Modern Hard Rock legends COLD on their: A Tour Of The American Dream. On this Hard Rockin’ bill, the other supporting bands for COLD were: Oceans Divide, Kopek and Egypt Central.

Once Maddam Ink took the stage the crowd of fans certainly did thin out quite a bit. It’s a shame for Maddam Ink played a set of songs that Rocked with cool, melodic vibes. The hooks, riffs and head-turning beats were abundant in Maddam Ink’s songs and not one song was a yawner. Tom Coderre (Metal Odyssey’s staff photographer) and I were more than willing to stick around to catch Maddam Ink’s set, we actually were in no big hurry to get home! I’ve always said: it’s not over until the last band plays.

What I like about Maddam Ink isn’t so much that they’re from my home turf of Eastern Pennsylvania, it’s that this band knows how to play accessible Rock and Hard Rock, with a shimmer of Alt and a thick coating of Modern flavor to their overall sound. Adam Burke’s vocals are not sugar coated. Adam’s edgy Hard Rock delivery is unique and downright cool. Maddam Ink is currently playing many a gig to support their sophomore release: Inklination. These guys weren’t pounding their chests on stage, they were four musicians displaying their impressive and credible talents while paying their dues, as they have been doing for several years now.

Before this night of Hard Rock bliss, I never listened to Maddam Ink. I’m listening now though. This is a band that kicked out any annoying Rock Star attitude out the window. It may be just my opinion, still I can see Maddam Ink supporting the likes of Daughtry or even Alter Bridge on an extensive tour… right now. They’d fit right in. Maddam Ink may have something to prove, they proved it to me that they have the sound and style within their well written songs to go as far as they dare to dream.

(Left: Matt Scott/lead guitar, Right: Adam Burke/vocals & guitar)

(Kyle Young – drums)


Adam Burke – lead vocals and guitar

Matt Scott – lead guitar &  backing vocals

Steve Benecke – bass guitar & backing vocals

Kyle Young – drums


Maddam Ink’s sophomore release Inklination was produced by Grammy nominated engineer/producer David Ivory (Halestorm/Atlantic Records, SilverTide/Sony/BMG and The Roots). Inklination was released back in May of 2010.

* Inklination can be purchased on iTunes, cdbaby and the Maddam Ink online store at their official website: MADDAM INK – Official Website

* Maddam Ink have performed many high profile concerts and festivals. One such high profile festival was the Heaven and Hell Tour/LocoFest at The Tweeter Center in Manchester, New Hampshire, back in 2007. Sharing the stage and an audience of 50,000 fans, Maddam Ink supported legends Heaven and Hell, Alice Cooper and Shadows Fall at this amazing festival of Heavy Music. (Source: Maddam Ink – Official Website)

* For more info on MADDAM INK., click on the links below:

MADDAM INK – Official Website

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MADDAM INK – myspace music



KOPEK, OCEANS DIVIDE, EGYPT CENTRAL, MADDAM INK. and Legends COLD… A Night Of Hard Rock at the Crocodile Rock!

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KOPEK: Daniel Jordan (front), Shane Cooney (back left) and Brad Kinsella (back right)

A NIGHT OF HARD ROCK – Last night (Saturday, March 19, 2011) Metal Odyssey’s staff photographer Tom Coderre and I took in a LOUD and HEAVY night of Hard Rock at Allentown Pennsylvania’s world popular Crocodile Rock Cafe. Oceans Divide, KOPEK, Egypt Central, Maddam Ink. and Modern Hard Rock legends COLD all performed on this one night. It was like a mini Hard Rock festival, if you will. The entire evening was filled with enormous Hard Rock songs, from these bands that played their Rockin’ hearts out.

This night of live Hard Rock was overflowing with Rock n Roll camaraderie by both bands and fans, while friendships were being made. I, along with Tom, walked away from the Crocodile Rock Cafe last night feeling Rocked Out and wanting more of it. I would not have predicted it any other way, for the culture of Heavy Music is second to none.

Look for a series of posts in the coming weeks, documenting the sights, sounds and experiences of this fabulous night of Hard Rock… by yours truly. Tom Coderre’s stellar photo’s documenting the evening’s Rockin’ festivities will be featured in every post as well. His talented eye for capturing the “live” moment of Rock n Roll, through the lens, is a tremendous addition to Metal Odyssey.

(COLD self-titled debut album 1998)

* For more info on these outstanding bands, click the links below:


COLD – myspace music

KOPEK – Official Website

KOPEK – MySpace Music Page

OCEANS DIVIDE – Official Website

EGYPT CENTRAL – Official Website

MADDAM INK. – Official Website



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