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CLUTCH Concert Overview: CLUTCH At The Crocodile Rock Cafe, Allentown, PA, December 30, 2012

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Clutch - WINO - Saviours - mondo generator - show flyer - Dec - 2012

Stone’s Last Metal Hurrah In Allentown With Metal Buddies Danielle & Lee!


CLUTCH – A packed house. No, make that a super-duper packed house to its maximum and (probably) illegal potential. The number of Heavy Rock and Metal fans that jammed into the Crocodile Rock Cafe, in Allentown Pennsylvania, on a very cold Sunday night on December 3oth was above alarming. There were so many people entering The Crocodile Rock Cafe on this night, that it was difficult to distinguish the ID/ticket line from the men’s rest room line! Yes, confusion was an uninvited guest.

My two Metal buddies, Danielle and Lee, picked me up at my house, with plenty of time to spare for seeing this undeniable kick-ass lineup of bands. The three of us were certain we would see WINO, Saviours and Mondo Generator; as well as the highly anticipated headliner of this bill: CLUTCH. Instead, our night of Hard & Heavy Rockin’ jubilation came to a disappointing stop (before CLUTCH hit the stage) due to the size of the unexpected crowd that filled this famous venue.

Apparently, a sold-out CLUTCH show from the Starland Ballroom (Sayreville, New Jersey) was re-scheduled for this same night at the Crocodile Rock Cafe. Both shows were sold-out, hence the over-capacity crowd. Hurricane Sandy did some extensive damage to the Starland Ballroom, that’s why the re-scheduling took place. It would have made more sense to have CLUTCH perform on consecutive nights or on separate dates to accommodate so many ticket holders to “2” different shows, in my Metal opinion. Shit happens, I guess.CLUTCH - Croc Rock - ticket - December 2012

We ordered and ate some pizza slices at the adjoining restaurant; Lee and I guzzled down some beer (Yuengling Lager), while Danielle smacked down some mixed drinks that were tempting to me. However, I stuck to the brews. As the venue continued to fill, we couldn’t find it in ourselves to even attempt breaking into the line… that’s not Metal. This “line” of fans seemed endless to us. We missed the acoustic set of the legendary WINO and that super sucked. Saviours we did hear in the distance and it broke my Metal heart in two to have missed them as well.

Time was passing and we were getting screwed out of a night of Heavy Rockin’ bliss. Hanging out in the bar and sharing laughs with fellow Metal buddies isn’t a total loss, however. You can’t put a price on hanging out with people who make you feel good. As a bonus, I got introduced to mutual friends of Danielle and Lee’s and they were downright cool as hell. As the venue became a sea of humans all seeking the same Metal fix we were, I became worried that I wouldn’t see any band perform live at all!

Mondo Generator came on stage and that was it! The three of us finally were able to get into the venue. Lee fought his way to the merch table (on the side area of the stage) to buy himself a CLUTCH tee. Whoa! That took Metal courage. Lee is a bona-fide badass anyways. Danielle was nowhere to be found for a while, she and a friend took off into the crowd. That didn’t surprise me, cause Danielle is one badass gal. She could probably kick my ass without trying. I ventured back out into the bar cause I just couldn’t breathe. Really. I’ve been to more club shows than I can count over the years and this night was like being packed into a cardboard box of sweaty humans… with the heat turned on high. Unreal.

Eventually Danielle and Lee met up with me back in the bar. More Yuengling Lagers were consumed while good-times laughter swirled around us. As a steady flow of battle-scarred fans began to file out of the venue, their chatter was universal; “can’t breathe in there”, “never saw a crowd like this here, it’s scary” and “can’t move in there” were common remarks I heard.

Clutch - band logo!!

By the time CLUTCH hit the stage, we were all back inside the venue; no more than fifteen feet from the exit door to the bar. I actually had a prime view of the stage from standing at the end of the (inside) bar, with no obstructions, save for the cool bartender gal that served up the Yuengling Lager to me! Whoa. At this point of the night, I was getting overcome with a (rather welcomed) beer blitz that was top-tier and couldn’t write down the set-list that CLUTCH hammered out if I tried. Metal be thy name and let the good times roll! Hey, as they say back in Burrville, Connecticut: beer happens.

I’ll say this much, CLUTCH kicked legitimate, 100%, potent, high-octane, F’n unreal, Hard and Heavy Rockin’ ass on that December night. Holy Metal shit and tell all the villagers, CLUTCH is a band that was born to play live! If you look up the definition for Heavy Rockin’ Thunder, you’re gonna read: CLUTCH. If you look up the definition for CLUTCH, you’re gonna read: kicks severe and thunderous Heavy Rockin’ ass. It’s that simple. Seeing and hearing CLUTCH perform live was worth every penny of admission.

During my entire live CLUTCH experience, I had the feeling that the entire venue was gonna cave into one gigantic sinkhole; all due to the heavy as fuckin’ hell Rock ‘N’ Roll that CLUTCH was administering upon the thousands of fans inside the Crocodile Rock Cafe. What a band. What a night. Hanging out with Metal buddies Danielle and Lee, experiencing live CLUTCH and way too many Yuengling Lagers. What more can Stone ask for? Metal be thy name.


I did buy some CLUTCH vinyl after the show and bought Danielle a CD. The merch table had their 2004 album Blast Tyrant (on double vinyl) for sale and I bought it! Whoa! The three of us hung out for a while in the back parking lot, waiting for CLUTCH to come out. We finally gave up around 1:00 a.m. and decided to call it a night.

Clutch - Blast Tyrant - promo cover pic!________________________________________________

Due to my relocating to Ohio, this CLUTCH show marked the last time I’d be raising Metal hell at the Crocodile Rock Cafe. I’m gonna miss that place, with all the Grand Metal memories I’ve had there. I’m gonna miss Danielle and Lee more though… cause Metal buddies like them are without question: priceless.

This post is dedicated to my 2 Metal buddies for life: Danielle and Lee. I thank and love you both.


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small








MADDAM INK – Live At The Crocodile Rock Cafe, Allentown, PA, March 19th, 2011: Exclusive Photos and Overview

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(Left: Adam Burke/vocals & guitar, Right: Steve Benecke/bass)

(All live photo credits: Tom Coderre)

MADDAM INK – Back on March 19th, 2011, Maddam Ink closed out the evening of Hard Rock at The Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This night featured the Alt/Modern Hard Rock legends COLD on their: A Tour Of The American Dream. On this Hard Rockin’ bill, the other supporting bands for COLD were: Oceans Divide, Kopek and Egypt Central.

Once Maddam Ink took the stage the crowd of fans certainly did thin out quite a bit. It’s a shame for Maddam Ink played a set of songs that Rocked with cool, melodic vibes. The hooks, riffs and head-turning beats were abundant in Maddam Ink’s songs and not one song was a yawner. Tom Coderre (Metal Odyssey’s staff photographer) and I were more than willing to stick around to catch Maddam Ink’s set, we actually were in no big hurry to get home! I’ve always said: it’s not over until the last band plays.

What I like about Maddam Ink isn’t so much that they’re from my home turf of Eastern Pennsylvania, it’s that this band knows how to play accessible Rock and Hard Rock, with a shimmer of Alt and a thick coating of Modern flavor to their overall sound. Adam Burke’s vocals are not sugar coated. Adam’s edgy Hard Rock delivery is unique and downright cool. Maddam Ink is currently playing many a gig to support their sophomore release: Inklination. These guys weren’t pounding their chests on stage, they were four musicians displaying their impressive and credible talents while paying their dues, as they have been doing for several years now.

Before this night of Hard Rock bliss, I never listened to Maddam Ink. I’m listening now though. This is a band that kicked out any annoying Rock Star attitude out the window. It may be just my opinion, still I can see Maddam Ink supporting the likes of Daughtry or even Alter Bridge on an extensive tour… right now. They’d fit right in. Maddam Ink may have something to prove, they proved it to me that they have the sound and style within their well written songs to go as far as they dare to dream.

(Left: Matt Scott/lead guitar, Right: Adam Burke/vocals & guitar)

(Kyle Young – drums)


Adam Burke – lead vocals and guitar

Matt Scott – lead guitar &  backing vocals

Steve Benecke – bass guitar & backing vocals

Kyle Young – drums


Maddam Ink’s sophomore release Inklination was produced by Grammy nominated engineer/producer David Ivory (Halestorm/Atlantic Records, SilverTide/Sony/BMG and The Roots). Inklination was released back in May of 2010.

* Inklination can be purchased on iTunes, cdbaby and the Maddam Ink online store at their official website: MADDAM INK – Official Website

* Maddam Ink have performed many high profile concerts and festivals. One such high profile festival was the Heaven and Hell Tour/LocoFest at The Tweeter Center in Manchester, New Hampshire, back in 2007. Sharing the stage and an audience of 50,000 fans, Maddam Ink supported legends Heaven and Hell, Alice Cooper and Shadows Fall at this amazing festival of Heavy Music. (Source: Maddam Ink – Official Website)

* For more info on MADDAM INK., click on the links below:

MADDAM INK – Official Website

MADDAM INK – facebook

MADDAM INK/Adam Burke – twitter


MADDAM INK – myspace music



EGYPT CENTRAL – White Rabbit: Releases May 17th, 2011! Exclusive Live Concert Photos From 2011 Tour!

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EGYPT CENTRAL  – Memphis Tennessee’s Alternative Metal/Hard Rock foursome of Egypt Central will be releasing their ultra-anticipated sophomore album, White Rabbit, on May 17th, 2011, via Fat Lady Music. As a follow-up to their successful self-titled debut album, White Rabbit has 12 new songs for fans to get revved up for!


John Falls – vocals

Joey Chicago – bass

Blake Allison – drums

Jeff James – guitars

Back on March 19, 2011, I had the opportunity to check out Egypt Central perform live at The Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Egypt Central opened for Modern/Alt Rock legends COLD on the: A Tour Of The American Dream, with Oceans Divide and Kopek also lending support . Local favorites and rising Hard Rockers Maddam Ink. capped off the evening of Heavy Music.

With the talented eye and lens of Metal Odyssey’s staff photographer Tom Coderre, these very cool photos (below) were taken at that show. Egypt Central kicked some major Rockin’ ass that night. ‘Nuff said. This is a band that took ownership of the stage and had their fans psyched-out beyond belief.

(Left: John Falls on vocals, Right: Jeff James on guitar)

(Joey Chicago – bass)

(John Falls – vocals)

(Jeff James – guitar)

(Blake Allison – drums)

Track Listing For White Rabbit:

Ghost Town

White Rabbit


Kick Ass


The Drug (Part 1)

Down In Flames

Enemy Inside (Part 2)


Dying To Leave



* All live photo credits: Tom Coderre

* White Rabbit was produced & mixed by Skidd Mills for Skiddco Music LLC

* For more info on EGYPT CENTRAL, click on the link below:

EGYPT CENTRAL – official myspace

EGYPT CENTRAL – Official Website




OCEANS DIVIDE – Concert Overview: The Crocodile Rock Cafe, Allentown, Pennsylvania, March 19th, 2011

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(All Photo Credits: Tom Coderre)

OCEANS DIVIDE – I went to the Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, Pennsylvania, back on March 19th, 2011, to catch A Tour Of The American Dream. This tour is headlined by Modern/Alt Rock/Hard Rock legends COLD. Oceans Divide, Egypt Central and Ireland’s very own Rockin’ juggernaut known as KOPEK, each took the stage that night in support of COLD. Pennsylvania’s local favorite and steadily rising Maddam Ink. capped off the evening of Hard Rock noize.

And what a night of Hard Rock it was. I remember turning to Tom Coderre (Metal Odyssey’s staff photographer) and saying: “this is like a mini-indoor Hard Rock festival tonight”. Tom agreed and was stoked to get his camera into Rockin’ gear. The mood among the huge crowd of Hard Rock lovin’ fans was laid back and friendly. Once the Hard Rock was played on stage though, the mood of the fans quickly shifted into psyche-out mode. Oh, there is nothing more exhilarating than standing among a crowded club of fellow Heavy Music fans, all with one common goal to… GET ROCKED OUT!

Chris McCoy – vocals

Chris McCoy – The vocalist for Oceans Divide bestowed complete confidence onstage, with a touch of swagger in his step. Chris also has the vocals to back it up. Harmonious and still hard edged, Chris’s vocals gives an identity to the band he founded and leads.

Oceans Divide can take some hefty credit for psyching out their fans in attendance. Their hook laden and melodic style of sound, coupled with the high energy level they exhibited, convinced me Oceans Divide has something very cool and now going on. My Metal perception told me Oceans Divide looked and played comfortable on stage, exhibiting signs of a band that plays tight and gets along. I’ll say this much: I went to the Crocodile Rock that night familiar with a few songs from Oceans Divide… and left as a jubilant believer of this band.

Anyone unfamiliar with Oceans Divide should get acquainted with their self-titled debut album, which has the subtitle: the ep. Oceans Divide plays Rock and Hard Rock, fused with some Modern style relevance, at a level of quality I’m used to hearing from bands such as Creed, Alter Bridge and CAVO, to name a few. Yes, these guys from Spokane, Washington are new… and they’re really good. Melodically driven songs carried out through stellar musicianship and head turning vocals, are what makes Oceans Divide a band worth listening to and watching play live.

Silas McQuain – On drums, Silas was letting his beats be known and felt, as he kept the live rhythmic pace of Oceans Divide moving and the fans grooving.

Left: Dan Goodman on bass with Chris McCoy. Dan’s twin brother John plays lead guitar for Oceans Divide, (not shown).

Morgan Mallory on rhythm guitar

I had an opportunity to chat with rhythm guitarist Morgan Mallory after their set. Filling in for Eric Varnell on this tour only, Morgan (more than) appeared to fit right in with Oceans Divide, both onstage and off. Morgan proved to be a friendly, outgoing and very likable guy. Morgan is also the frontman for LUCID, a Rock/Metal band from the state of Washington. You can find out more about Morgan Mallory by clicking here: Morgan

(Left: Stone “that’s me”, Right: Chris McCoy/vocalist)

Chris McCoy, as with every member of Oceans Divide, is a class act. Chris stopped to chat with fans all night long. Signing autographs and posing for pictures for his fans seemed like a call of duty for the Oceans Divide frontman. As COLD later took the stage, Chris motioned to Cold’s frontman Scooter Ward and said to me: “It’s because of Scooter Ward and Cold that I’m doing what I do today. I was listening to Cold when I was fourteen years old. He and that band paved the way for bands like ours, he is an inspiration to me”.

OCEANS DIVIDE – ep (Released February 2011) This 7 song ep was released via UEG (Union Entertainment Group, Inc.) * This OCEANS DIVIDE ep comes with: The Metal Odyssey Hard Rockin’ stamp of approval.

This is the “lit-up” signage above the merch table for Oceans Divide.

Here is a cool cymbal that was for sale at the Oceans Divide merch table. Notice it is autographed by the band too! I didn’t buy it, um, I had already spent my limit on CD’s and beer. Metal be thy name.

* For more info on OCEANS DIVIDE, just click the link below:

OCEANS DIVIDE – Official Website



KOPEK – ROCKED LIVE & LOUD! Concert Review: The Crocodile Rock Cafe, Allentown, Pennsylvania, March 19th, 2011

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KOPEK – Through the years (or is that decades?) I’ve always been a believer in the small club setting for seeing a live night of Rock, Hard Rock or Heavy Metal. Most of my greatest experiences of seeing live concerts have been at small clubs. Seeing KOPEK live, on March 19th, 2011, at The Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, Pennsylvania, was no exception to my long list of memorable, small club, Rock experiences. If anything, as I stood there bopping my head up and down to Kopek’s live set, I understood I was watching an electrifying band that I’ve felt all along will be HUGE one day.

As Kopek played through their set of several songs, taken from their insanely addicting debut album White Collar Lies, I had to redirect my view on this band becoming huge one day. Kopek is already HUGE. What was I thinking? Finally seeing Kopek play live was a validation in my believing in this band from day one. Kopek is as blue collar and unique as any of the “greatest” in Rock Music history. If the world of Rock needed a rejuvenation of itself in 2011, then the world of Rock should thank Dublin, Ireland’s very own… Kopek.

I am not bashful in stating that Kopek is a band that only comes around every fifteen years. The “vibe” I love most about Kopek is the “Rock and Roll mystique” they give off through their music and overall style, a mystique legends such as R.E.M., Pearl Jam, Motörhead, Metallica and Nirvana (to name a few) are historically and famously known for. Kopek took this mystique I hear from their Hard Rock sound and style to an entirely different level for me, on this Saturday evening in mid-March of 2011. Seeing and hearing is believing. Kopek’s live set proved to me, that Rock Music history isn’t an open and shut book after all. Kopek is now. Kopek is HUGE.

KOPEK – White Collar Lies (Religion Music/SIN)

Kopek is currently on a massive tour throughout the U.S. and eventually Europe, which runs throughout the course of 2011. If you have never listened to Kopek’s Alt/Modern/Hard Rock debut album White Collar Lies, I strongly suggest you do. Being left out of the Rock Music history loop is not a cool thing to experience.

* On this night of Rock at The Crocodile Rock Cafe, Kopek played alongside Oceans Divide, Egypt Central, Maddam Ink. and the legendary… COLD.

* All the live photos you see here are taken from the talented lens of Metal Odyssey’s staff photographer Tom Coderre. I’d like to say: A Metal job well done Tom!

Daniel Jordan, the lead singer and guitarist for Kopek, gave a tremendous performance live. His almost stationary presence on stage had me realizing to myself, that you don’t need to carry on like a Rock Star to be a real Rock Star. No theatrics. No selfish or plastic image to be seen, while my eyes were affixed on Daniel Jordan on this night. As Daniel broke into the vocals for Fever, it gave me the chills… his vocals are that uniquely amazing for me. As soon as Kopek broke out Love Is Dead, I was in Hard Rock la-la land. Hearing Kopek play this song live was an instant Rockin’ high!

I especially appreciated the moment when Daniel dedicated the song White Collar Lies to the United States Troops that are scattered around the globe, protecting our free societies each and every day. Thank you Daniel for acknowledging and remembering our U.S. service men and women. I told Daniel it was difficult in restraining my urge to jump around and go crazy during their set. Daniel understood the dilemma I went through and he added: keeping it cool is the better rule. Sometimes I just feel like a kid. Metal be thy name.

Brad Kinsella on bass was always aware of the crowd! This is a musician that shows he feels the music he is playing, with his fun and cool on-stage mannerisms. Never pretentious, just legit personified. This is a guy who loves what he does for a living. Brad had the fans up front instantly initiated into his Kopek world… and they were all loving every second of it. I had fun just watching Brad perform… plus he plays a thumping bad-ass bass.

Shane Cooney is not easy to ignore, especially when he was laying down the hard hittin’ beats that made it difficult for me to not move. Shane is another non-egotistical member of this amazing band. As a bonus, there was never a “look-at-me” drum solo to be heard from Shane. This is a drummer who does it the old-fashioned way, keeping it simple, keeping it real.

Daniel and Stone finally meet! After a year of knowing who each other was, Daniel and I were able to exchange conversation about the band, touring, the fans and the night’s show. Daniel is a Rock musician who is proud by all the success and attention that Kopek has received thus far. Kopek deserves every bit of success that comes their way. They are earning it. To say Daniel is happy about Kopek is an understatement. When I asked him if he’s had a good time touring America, Daniel never hesitated to give an emphatic – yes! Daniel eagerly signed for the fans all night long. There was nary a moment, the entire night, when Daniel wasn’t accessible to speak to or hang out with.

Stone finally meets Brad and Shane! As with Daniel, Brad and Shane knew my name, only getting “a face with the name” makes it all the better… and my face is not that pretty either. Brad had nothing but kind words to say about America, the fans, the bands they’ve toured with and the people behind the scenes. Brad is especially pumped up to play at this years Rocklahoma. Shane was the ever polite Rock and Roll drummer. Brad and Shane thanked me for the past promotion of their album on Metal Odyssey. (!) I in turn, thanked Brad and Shane for the music they are making.

Luc Nyhus is a touring guitarist with Kopek. Luc’s presence and guitar playing was strong and confident, while he trekked about the stage. In my Metal opinion, Luc fit right in with Kopek. Off the stage, Daniel, Brad, Shane and Luc got along like a brotherhood. Luc is one big dude, so I’m speculating Kopek has a body guard to watch their backs while on tour too! Luc was a cool and friendly guy to meet as well.

It’s always a thrill, to meet musicians like Kopek that I hold in high regard. Hearing Kopek thank me (!) for writing cool stuff about them this past year will forever be remembered by me. Their understanding of how it “gets done” in todays record industry, along with their friendliness, work ethic, grueling tour schedule and of course, musicianship is above admirable. It’s even a more immense thrill to realize that Kopek are fantastically good guys, they know where they came from and where they are going… which is straight to the top.

* For more info on KOPEK, click the links below:

KOPEK – Official Website

KOPEK – MySpace Music Page

KOPEK TV Official Channel – YouTube

Visit The Crocodile Rock Cafe here: Crocodile Rock Cafe




KOPEK, OCEANS DIVIDE, EGYPT CENTRAL, MADDAM INK. and Legends COLD… A Night Of Hard Rock at the Crocodile Rock!

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KOPEK: Daniel Jordan (front), Shane Cooney (back left) and Brad Kinsella (back right)

A NIGHT OF HARD ROCK – Last night (Saturday, March 19, 2011) Metal Odyssey’s staff photographer Tom Coderre and I took in a LOUD and HEAVY night of Hard Rock at Allentown Pennsylvania’s world popular Crocodile Rock Cafe. Oceans Divide, KOPEK, Egypt Central, Maddam Ink. and Modern Hard Rock legends COLD all performed on this one night. It was like a mini Hard Rock festival, if you will. The entire evening was filled with enormous Hard Rock songs, from these bands that played their Rockin’ hearts out.

This night of live Hard Rock was overflowing with Rock n Roll camaraderie by both bands and fans, while friendships were being made. I, along with Tom, walked away from the Crocodile Rock Cafe last night feeling Rocked Out and wanting more of it. I would not have predicted it any other way, for the culture of Heavy Music is second to none.

Look for a series of posts in the coming weeks, documenting the sights, sounds and experiences of this fabulous night of Hard Rock… by yours truly. Tom Coderre’s stellar photo’s documenting the evening’s Rockin’ festivities will be featured in every post as well. His talented eye for capturing the “live” moment of Rock n Roll, through the lens, is a tremendous addition to Metal Odyssey.

(COLD self-titled debut album 1998)

* For more info on these outstanding bands, click the links below:


COLD – myspace music

KOPEK – Official Website

KOPEK – MySpace Music Page

OCEANS DIVIDE – Official Website

EGYPT CENTRAL – Official Website

MADDAM INK. – Official Website



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