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MINISTRY, MELVINS And CORROSION OF CONFORMITY – LIVE Music Videos & Photo Gallery From Madison Theater In Covington Kentucky, March 5th, 2022

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Ministry Live at Madison Theater in Covington Kentucky – March 5, 2022
Corrosion Of Conformity Live at Madison Theater in Covington Kentucky, March 5, 2022.

Back on March 5th, my good buddy Troy and I took a trek down to Covington Kentucky to see Ministry, Melvins and Corrosion Of Conformity at the historic Madison Theater. It was a stupendous evening of Metal and Hard Rock! We even had very nice Spring weather happening on this night with (gasp) no rain!

On a relevant side note: Back in February, I was diagnosed (by my surgeon) with severe arthritis and some bone-on-bone with my left knee. Yes, it’s extremely painful at times. I now walk with a cane, therefore, the balcony at Madison Theater proved to be not only spacious with comfortable seating it also gave myself and Troy a wide open view of the stage.

Ministry brought their Industrial Metal to Covington Kentucky and word has it there were earth tremors in the area while they were on stage. Okay, I exaggerated a touch. Al Jourgensen was enormous with his vocals and fronted his band as the true legend he is. Ministry had steel fencing around their stage, with a wicked light show. Their backdrop was loaded with changing photos that are relevant to the music; plus past band members that are now (sadly) deceased were commemorated in photos as well. Much respect.

Melvins were simply stunning! Melvins played their eclectic mix of music and I was amazed by their performance! Going in, I was agog thinking about seeing the Melvins. Hard Rock, Sludge, Metal and a slice of alternative was all thrown into the Melvins set. Long drum solos and flat-out jamming was highlighted as well. I wanna see Melvins 500 more times or more. Buzz Osborne for President, please.

I didn’t take a video of the Melvins due to my jaw being on the floor. Seriously though, I was like a kid in a Hot Wheels store watching this renowned band and now I crave having a video moment of them. As a remote tree hermit once told me: “son, there will be times when you just fuck up”. Onwards to the night’s opener Corrosion Of Conformity.

Corrosion Of Conformity were already 2 songs into their set when Troy and I entered Madison Theater. We bought some beers and made our way up to the balcony as quick as two 50 year olds with sore bones could. We both were happy to finally sit our asses down with cold brews while semi head banging to the thunder of COC. To have an opportunity to see these three bands together in one night was yet another Metal dream come true for me. Each band represents a different branch from the Metal family tree; yet each of these three bands were a genuine compliment to each other. Good times. Enormous memories. Metal be thy name. – Stone

A kinda relevant side story: Troy and I went to the White Castle drive-thru in Cincinnati, on the way home. We were hankering for sliders and cold pop after the show. Troy drove and I appreciate his doing so. I had to work the next day; thus I couldn’t go nuts on the beer. Old Metalheads like us (laughing) have learned our lessons the hard way.


MINISTRY: Full Album Streaming Via Metal Injection Through The Weekend

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As we approach the official street date for the thirteenth album from Industrial Metal purveyors MINISTRY this Monday, March 26th, fans worldwide can stream all eleven tracks of the mutinous album via Metal Injection all weekend RIGHT HERE.

Following a dozen full-length releases over the past thirty years, and recently ending a four-year hiatus, from deep in the heart of Hell Paso Texas, Al Jourgensen’s MINISTRY rises against the political machine one more time with the release of Relapse, the album boasting some of the band’s heaviest and fastest material in years, fueled by Jourgensen’s disgust at the world that surrounds us.

The album strikes out with the no-holds-barred album opening track “Ghouldiggers” aimed directly at the pitfalls of the industry he has survived over the years, from there segueing directly into one of the heaviest MINISTRY anthems in years with the crushing “Double Tap” attack. Jourgensen has rallied with the Occupy Wall Street movement over the past year and recently released the riotous video for the raging “99 Percenters,” speaking out for the majority of the world’s oppressed populations against corporate corruption. View MINISTRY‘s newly unleashed “99 Percenters” video RIGHT HERE.

Cited as the driving force behind a cross-section of Metal genres from Industrial Nine Inch Nails to Thrash artists Static X and Nu Metal’s Korn, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, and receiving six Grammy Nominations for Best Metal Performance, multi-platinum selling artist Jourgensen returns with his greatest achievement to date with Relapse. The album will see worldwide release via Jourgensen’s own Thirteenth Planet Records and AFM Records in conjunction with DisManic via E1 Distribution this “Metal Monday,” March 26th, 2012.

Following the release of Relapse, MINISTRY will perform five major North American concerts this June — Denver, Los Angeles, New York and two shows in Chicago — as part of the DeFibRiLlaTouR 2012 World Tour. The band’s touring lineup includes Al Jourgensen (Frontman/vox/guitars), Mike Scaccia (Ministry/Rigor Mortis) guitars, Casey Orr (Rigor Mortis) bass, John Bechdel (Ministry/Killing Joke/Fear Factory) keyboards, Aaron Rossi (Ministry/RevCo) drums and Sin Quirin (Ministry/RevCo) guitars. Soulfly bassist Tony Campos will not performing due to scheduling conflicts. Tickets for these first five shows are on sale now; check out the official MINISTRY Facebook for more info on tickets and VIP packages HERE.

MINISTRY 2012 DeFibRilLaTouR US Dates:

6/17/2012 @ Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO

6/21/2012 @ Club Nokia – Los Angeles, CA

6/23/2012 @ Best Buy Theater – New York, NY

6/28/2012 @ The Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL

6/29/2012 @ The Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on MINISTRY, click on the links below:



MINISTRY – Signs Worldwide Deal With AFM Records

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AFM Records is proud to announce the worldwide signing of Industrial veterans MINISTRY, one of the most innovative and legendary bands of our time. AFM will release MINISTRY‘s highly anticipated comeback album Relapse in March. Prior to the album, MINISTRY will release a digital single, entitled “99%” on December 23rd, 2011 via the band’s iTunes store.

Currently, MINISTRY mastermind Al Jourgensen is finalizing the last mixes on the new material. Commented Jourgensen on the signing: “Our 13th Planet Record releases have been distributed in Europe via AFM through our partner Soulfood Music in Germany for several years now, and we have established a solid business relationship, so it made perfect sense to take the next step and have AFM Records come on board and be involved with the new Ministry release for worldwide and digital distribution. I’m pretty psyched about the collaboration, based on the response and enthusiasm I’ve received from AFM so far…”

Stay tuned for further info on the upcoming album, tour updates and more on MINISTRY heavily throughout 2012.

(Source: Earsplit PR)

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