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AFM Records “20 Years – Metal Addiction” Compilation Releases On July 8th!

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AFM Records - 20 Years - Metal Addiction - promo album cover pic - #MO099099

2016 marks the 20th Anniversary for Germany-based Metal label AFM Records. Being in the business for two decades now and working with the “who is who” of the scene, the company is proud to present a special compilation of highlights and new tracks, titled “20 Years – Metal Addiction”, to celebrate in style.

Of course all the big names who were (and are) crucial for the label’s evolution during the years are featured here: Doro, U.D.O., Fear Factory, Evergrey, Avantasia, Rhapsody Of Fire, Danzig, Leaves’ Eyes, Edguy, Destruction, Masterplan, D-A-D, Ministry and many more. Two brand new, previously unreleased songs by Iron Mask and Eden’s Curse perfectly round off this extensive release, which comes up with a total of 52 tracks on 3 CDs (20 on the ltd. deluxe double Vinyl).

AFM Records - 20 Years - Metal Addiction - promo album cover pic - #MO099099

Track Listing (3CD):


01. U.D.O.- Thunderball
02. Avantasia – Reach Out For The Light
03. Evergrey – A New Dawn
04. Masterplan – Spirit Never Die
05. Doro – Thunderspell
06. Leaves’ Eyes – Edge Of Steel (2016 Version)
07. Danzig – Ju Ju Bone
08. Lordi – The Riff
09. Shakra – Hello
10. Iron Savior – Starlight
11. Bloodbound – Moria
12. Flotsam and Jetsam – Taser
13. Ministry – Double Tap
14. A Life Divided – The Lost
15. D-A-D – Last Time In Neverland
16. Voodoo Circle – Graveyard City
17. Krokus – Too Wired To Sleep


01. Edguy – Babylon
02. Orden Ogan – The Things We Believe In
03. Rhapsody of Fire – Distant Sky
04. Kissin’ Dynamite – I Will Be King
05. Serious Black – Sealing My Fate
06. Jon Oliva’s Pain – Time To Die
07. Tankard – (Empty) Tankard
08. Elvenking – The Loser
09. Sinner – Heart Of Darkness
10. Ohrenfeindt – Zeit für Rock’n’Roll
11. Brainstorm – How Much Can You Take
12. At Vance – Only Human
13. Stahlmann – Feindflug
14. Solution .45 – Gravitational Lensing
15. Ektomorf – Rat War
16. Graveworm – Runaway
17. Onslaught – Born For War


01. Herman Frank – Right In Your Guts
02. Iron Mask – All For Metal
03. J.B.O. – Vier Finger für ein Halleluja
04. The New Black – With A Grin
05. Thunderstone – Veterans Of The Apocalypse
06. Suidakra – March Of Conquest
07. Destruction – Bestial Invasion
08. Sinbreed – Call To Arms
09. Manimal – Irresistible (Edit)
10. Eden’s Curse – Sell Your Soul
11. Triosphere – Breathless
12. Circle II Circle – Into The Wind
13. Borealis – The Chosen One
14. Fear Factory – New Messiah
15. Mors Principium Est – God Has Fallen
16. Pyogenesis – Steam Paves Its Way
17. Tanzwut – Brüder im Geiste
18. Theatre Of Tragedy – Hide And Seek






SINBREED “Shadows” – Releasing March 28th (Europe) And April 14th (US) Via AFM Records; “Making Of Shadows” Videos Streaming Now!

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Sinbreed - Shadows - promo album flyer - 2014 - #4990

SHADOWS – Tracklist:

01 Bleed
02 Shadows
03 Call To Arms
04 Reborn
05 Leaving The Road
06 Far Too Long
07 Black Death
08 Standing Tall
09 London Moon
10 Broken Wings


Release Dates:
28.03. EU
14.04. US


Check out all four videos for SINBREED – The Making Of Shadows, below! Whoa! 



Sinbreed - Shadows - promo cover pic - 2014



Sinbreed - Shadows - promo album banner - 2014 - #5056


Guitars – FLO LAURIN



* For more info on SINBREED:

Facebook: Sinbreed


AFM Records - new logo - 2013 - #1


AFM Records Shop:

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small





ALL HAIL THE YETI – Confirm: Reconcile For Revenge November Tour

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Los Angeles-based Stoner/Groove Metallers ALL HAIL THE YETI have confirmed their first official tour in support of their self-titled debut full-length, released at the end of August worldwide via AFM Records. Dubbed the Reconcile For Revenge TourALL HAIL THE YETI will tear up and down the West Coast for twelve shows, performing with prominent acts including Unida (John Garcia from Kyuss), System Divide and many more along the way.

Preceding the tour actions, AHTY will perform as part of a six-act bill tonight in Tempe, Arizona at a show sponsored by the metallians at 98 KUPD’s Into The Pit.

ALL HAIL THE YETI‘s self-titled debut album boasts the act’s most crushing, groove-laden, Southern-tinged stoner metal with over a solid hour of thunderous riffage. Featuring well-known tattoo artist Connor Garritty of Timeless Tattoos in Los Angeles, ALL HAIL THE YETI have forged their own path through what they see as a desolate Hollywood music scene, recorded with producers Tommy Decker and Mike Sarkisyan.

Immediately following the album’s release, ALL HAIL THE YETI unleashed their amazing Wild West style video for the track “The Art Of Mourning,” chock full of brutal gunfights and gory head-shots utilizing actual .45 revolvers, a full-on lynching and all kinds of high-action entertainment! 

Check out “The Art Of Mourning” video and more AHTY action RIGHT HERE.

ALL HAIL THE YETI Confirmed Live Dates:

10/12/2012 The Marquee Theatre – Tempe, AZ w/ Sicmonic, Among The Risen, Anomaly

November 2012 Reconcile For Revenge Tour:

11/09/2012 The Hood Pizza and Beer – Palm Desert, CA w/ Unida

11/10/2012 Whiskey Dicks – South Lake Tahoe, CA w/ Murdericious

11/12/2012 Shea’s Tavern – Reno, NV

11/13/2012 American Legion – South Lake Tahoe, CA w/ System Divide, Idekay

11/15/2012 TBA – Portland, OR

11/16/2012 McCoy’s Tavern – Olympia, WA

11/17/2012 Sunset Tavern – Seattle, WA w/ Zero Down

11/18/2012 Tony V’s Garage – Everett, WA

11/19/2012 Musik Ink – San Jose, CA

11/20/2012 Eli’s Mile High – Oakland, CA

11/21/2012 The Hemlock – San Francisco, CA

11/24/2012 Whisky A-Go-Go – West Hollywood, CA


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on ALL HAIL THE YETI, click on the links below!



AFM June 19th, 2012 North American Releases: U.D.O., AT VANCE, THE MURDER OF MY SWEET

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AFM Records will unveil a variety of new releases on North American soil this June 19th, including a massive 2xCD collection of rare tracks from the almighty German Metal force U.D.O., the mammoth ninth studio full-length from German neoclassical metallers AT VANCE, and the sophomore album from Swedish Goth-Metal outfit THE MURDER OF MY SWEET.


Celebrator: Rare Tracks

After 25 years in existence, having toured across the planet and an incredibly vast release catalog including a massive thirteen full-length studio albums, the time has come to unleash a collection of some of the finest and rarest tracks in the storied lineage of German Heavy Metal heroes U.D.O.!

Set for North American release on June 19th, the massive 2xCD Celebrator: Rare Tracks collection bears 25 U.D.O. anthems, accumulating an array of bonus tracks, alternate versions of classic songs, previously unreleased material, guest appearances, cover tracks and much more. The cover artwork was created by Dirk Hüttner (CappOVision) and the album’s layout features tons of rare, private and never before seen pictures of the band with personal foreword from ex-Accept frontman and U.D.O. mastermind Udo Dirkschneider himself.

See the cover art, an official trailer for the 2xCD set and more HERE.


Celebrator: Rare Tracks Track Listing:

Disc 1:

1. Stormbreaker (Rev-Raptor Japan Bonus)

2. Tallyman (Taken from the Rev-Raptor recording session)

3. Run! (Remix)

4. Free Or Rebellion (Bonus Leatherhead Single)

5. Bleeding Heart (Dominator Japan Bonus)

6. The Silencer (Taken from the Dominator recording session)

7. Bodyworld (Bonus Infected Single)

8. Systematic Madness (Bonus Infected Single)

9. Head Over Heels (Hammerall feat. Udo Dirkschneider)

10. Balls To The Wall (Piano Version)

11. Artificialized (Taken from the Mastercutor recording session)

12. They Only Come Out At Night (Lordi feat. Udo Dirkschneider)

13. Streets Of Sin (Bonus Wrong Side Of Midnight Single)

Disc 2:

1. Tears Of A Clown (Classical Version)

2. Man A King Ruler (Mastercutor Japan Bonus)

3. Hardcore Lover (Remix from 24/7 – Single)

4. Scream Killers (Bonus 24/7 Single)

5. Platchet Soldat (Remix featuring Faktor2)

6. Borderline (Thunderball Japan Bonus)

7. Dancing With An Angel (Remix featuring Doro)

8. X-T-C (Remix from A Tribute To ACCEPT Vol. 2)

9. Azrael (Remix from No Limits)

10. The Key (Remix from No Limits Japan Bonus)

11. Metal Gods (from “A Tribute To Judas Priest”)

12. Born to be Wild (Raven featuring Udo Dirkschneider)


Facing Your Enemy

It’s clear that AT VANCE, the band led by master guitar magician and composer Olaf Lenk and fronted by the charismatic singer Rick Altzi, has once again gone beyond its calling and produced an extremely strong masterstroke with their new record, Facing Your Enemy.

Set for North American release on June 19th, the ninth studio full-length from Germany’s neoclassical Power Metal masters AT VANCE, Facing Your Enemy boasts fifty minutes of some of the band’s finest material to date, soaring with epic songs and a professional recording fans have come to expect, all recorded and produced in the band’s own studio. The recording lineup for the album includes Casey Grill of Kamelot on drums and is visually captured with cover art from Thomas Ewerhard (Avantasia, Edguy, etc.).

See the cover art, an official video for the album’s title track and more HERE.


Facing Your Enemy Track Listing:

1. Heaven Is Calling

2. Facing Your Enemy

3. Eyes Of A Stranger

4. Fear No Evil

5. Live & Learn

6. Don’t Dream

7. See Me Crying

8. Saviour

9. Tokyo

10. March Of The Dwarf

11. Fame And Fortune

12. Things I Never Needed


Bye Bye Lullaby

Since the release of their debut album Divanity in January 2010, and the single that pre-ceded it in 2009 (“Bleed Me Dry” – which reached No. 14 in the Swedish National Singles Charts), female-fronted Rock/Metal band THE MURDER OF MY SWEET have become amongst the biggest hopes on the European scene. Their individual, easily recognizable and high value sound, has touched the lives of many fans and with its mix of modern, groovy, hard rock, beautiful melodies, and progressive, cinematic flair. The band, led by singer Angelica Rylin, has secured a remarkable fanbase already, far from the shores of Stockholm, where the band was formed in 2007; the name inspired by the 1944 ‘film-noir’ “Murder, My Sweet”.

The sophomore album from THE MURDER OF MY SWEET was produced in their own Sound vs. Science Studio and mastered at the Cutting Room (Gorgoroth, Candlemass, Glenn Hughes), and features guest appearances by Jesper Strömblad (In Flames), Peter Wichers (Soilwork) & Fredrik Åkesson (Opeth). The cover art was created by Felipe Machado (Rhapsody Of Fire, Blind Guardian, Iron Savior etc.), and one track from the album was featured on the soundtrack of the movie “The Ice Dragon”, which was featured at the Berlin Film Festival.

Check out a lyric video for the band’s track “Black September” and more HERE.


Bye Bye Lullaby Track Listing:

1. Armageddon

2. Fallen

3. Unbreakable

4. I Dare You

5. Violently Peaceful

6. Meant To Last Forever

7. Idolize

8. Kind Of Lousy

9. The One

10. Resurrection

11. Waiting For The 27th (Booh Prologue)

12. Black September

13. Phantom Pain


(Source: Earsplit PR)

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VORE – Signs With Germany’s AFM Records

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Death Metal veterans VORE is proud to announce that they have just signed with Germany’s AFM Records. The deal will see a re-release of VORE’s most recent album, Gravehammer (which was released by the band in December of last year) on July 20th on CD and vinyl formats. The iron fist of the underground is now poised for world domination!

Barely a month after its release, Gravehammer reached the #4 spot on’s death metal downloads chart and received praise from critics around the world. The long-awaited follow-up to 2005’s Maleficus,  Gravehammer, sees VORE’s battle-ready brand of Death Metal taken to a new level of intensity and aggression.

VORE has been cranking out their unique blend of crushing, doom-laden Death Metal since 1994. VORE draws upon Death, Thrash and Traditional Metal influences to create an onslaught of titanic power and heaviness. VORE’s mid-paced rhythmic style is built around strong riffs and songcraft, rather than all out speed, which sets them apart from current trends in Death Metal. Over this soundscape, themes of doom, darkness, conquest and sorcery roar in a savage vocal attack.

VORE consists of guitarist/vocalist Page Townsley, drummer Remy Cameron and bassist Jeremy Partin. The band has independently released four self financed cd’s – Dead Kings Eyes in 1997, Lord of Storms in 2001, Maleficus in 2005 and their latest opus, Gravehammer, is being unleashed in late 2011.

VORE has worked hard to promote their Metallic wares in the Metal underground and beyond. All of their releases have garnered accolades in the Metal press, and despite remaining independent and unsigned to a label all these years (many argue criminally so!), they have sold thousands of cd’s worldwide and charted at Metal radio.

VORE is always at their best within the live realm, pummeling audiences with their thunderous sonic assault and tight energetic performances. Over the years VORE has performed with bands such as MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE, OBITUARY, DEICIDE, SIX FEET UNDER, NILE, IN FLAMES, MONSTROSITY, MALEVOLENT CREATION, HALFORD, ORIGIN, GOATWHORE, CATTLE DECAPITATION, MANOWAR, CARCASS and many others. VORE are also veterans of the infamous Milwaukee Metalfest.


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on VORE, click on the links below:




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One of the finest bands of the German Pagan Metal scene, BLACK MESSIAH, is back, and the new album from the warriors is out now in North America via AFM Records. Dubbed The Final Journey, the fifth full-length from the band is the second ‘Ruhr Vikings’ concept album following in the tradition of their 2009-released First War Of The World, and showcases BLACK MESSIAH playing more diverse and greater Epic Metal than ever. Heroic choruses collide with bitterly cold atmospheres, all layered with the Folk instrumentation in the customary BLACK MESSIAH Pagan Metal fashion.

For the powerful album opener “Windloni” — which showcases these amazing new stylistic upgrades to the BLACK MESSIAH sound perfectly — a video was filmed, evoking the legendary character in the tale to life. Take a visual voyage into the song AT THIS LOCATION.

The Final Journey Track Listing:

1. Windloni

2. Der Ring mit dem Kreuz

3. To Become A Man

4. Into The Unfanthomed Tower

5. Feld der Ehre 2012

6. Lindisfarne

7. Prologue – The Final Journey

8. Mother Hel

9. On Board

10. Sailing Into Eternity

Folk Metallers LYRIEL‘s fourth full-length album Leverage is out now in North America via AFM Records. As the album title may imply, the new compositions by the German act are more powerful than before – without going too far astray from the band´s trademarks and roots.

It was never easy to label LYRIEL´s music; their mix of Celtic Rock, Gothic Metal, Folk and Alternative influences has a unique touch to it. With Leverage they stay true to their tradition of reinventing themselves with each release. The album is varied, melodic and despite new influences and a bit tougher stance, typical LYRIEL. Singer Jessica Thierjung´s voice combined with the band’s use of violin and cello produce the band’s special atmosphere. With stronger guitar and drum work this time around, LYRIEL are relying less on the use of synth and letting the actual instruments take over.

Leverage Track Listing:

1. When It´s Coming To An End

2. Leverage

3. Parting

4. Voices In My Head

5. The Road Not Taken

6. White Lily

7. Aus der Tiefe

8. Wenn die Engel Fallen

9. Side By Side

10. Repentance

German Electro Rockers STAHLMANN have released their second album, Quecksilber, via AFM Records. Not only due to their unique appearance, STAHLMANN have become a hallmark of the German Rock scene, representing a new generation of hard, German music which began in the mid 90s with pioneers like Die Krupps and Oomph, a formula that was brought to perfection several years later by Rammstein.

To see the people as cold, steely machines that function in their daily lives and hide their emotions, is a perspective that scene pioneers Kraftwerk have been projected on our society. Founded in 2008, STAHLMANN pour this vision into their own personal artistic blast furnace, melding it into their bitter industrial sound, driving rhythms and catchy Gothic-intense melodies, yielding an alloy the ban can call their own craft. STAHLMANN worked with highly acclaimed Jose Alvarez Brill to construct Quecksilber, the producer well-known for his productions with Wolfsheim and Blutengel.

Quecksilber Track Listing:

1. Engel Der Dunkelheit

2. Spring Nicht

3. Tanzmaschine

4. Asche

5. Mein Leib

6. Am Grunde

7. Goetter

8. Schmerz

9. Diener

10. Tanzmaschine (Club Remix)


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on the bands above, click the links below:




MINISTRY – Signs Worldwide Deal With AFM Records

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AFM Records is proud to announce the worldwide signing of Industrial veterans MINISTRY, one of the most innovative and legendary bands of our time. AFM will release MINISTRY‘s highly anticipated comeback album Relapse in March. Prior to the album, MINISTRY will release a digital single, entitled “99%” on December 23rd, 2011 via the band’s iTunes store.

Currently, MINISTRY mastermind Al Jourgensen is finalizing the last mixes on the new material. Commented Jourgensen on the signing: “Our 13th Planet Record releases have been distributed in Europe via AFM through our partner Soulfood Music in Germany for several years now, and we have established a solid business relationship, so it made perfect sense to take the next step and have AFM Records come on board and be involved with the new Ministry release for worldwide and digital distribution. I’m pretty psyched about the collaboration, based on the response and enthusiasm I’ve received from AFM so far…”

Stay tuned for further info on the upcoming album, tour updates and more on MINISTRY heavily throughout 2012.

(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on MINISTRY, click on the links below:



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