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4th Of July 2010 – Some Rock ‘N’ Roll Songs To Celebrate Independence Day!

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MANOWAR – Warriors Of  The World (2002)

July 4th, 2010 – Independence Day: Happy Birthday U.S.A.! On July 4th, 1776, The United States of America declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, adopting the Declaration of Independence. What better way to celebrate July 4th, by listening to some patriotic Rock ‘N’ Roll songs that embody the spirit of America? Plus, I make no apologies to all of the Hollywood deadpans and political deadbeats that will be most offended by celebrating America, through song, on the 4th of July. For the rest of us Patriotic Americans out there… enjoy this list of songs that you might just crank up LOUD on this July 4th holiday!

Bruce Springsteen – Born In The U.S.A. (1984)

Grand Funk Railroad – We’re An American Band (1973)

The Charlie Daniels Band – In America (1980)

James Brown – Living In America (1985)

Helix – The Kids Are All Shakin’ (1985)

Kansas – Song For America (1975)

Billy Joel – Allentown (1982)

Ace Frehley – New York Groove (1978)

W.A.S.P. – Blind In Texas (1985)




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Metal Odyssey extends a LOUD & PROUD – Happy Memorial Day to The United States of America!! I give unreal thank you’s to all of the Armed Forces of yesterday, to all those brave men and women who fought and/or gave their lives for democracy and protected the great country of America. The current Armed Forces of brave men and women do not go unnoticed here at Metal Odyssey either… thank you for giving up so much of your selves to make certain The United States of America remains a free and protected country. I also thank each and every member of my extended family, who served in the Armed Forces, both past and present. God Bless all of you.

Here is a Metal Odyssey – Metal listening recommendation for your Memorial Day and beyond!


Released on March 31, 2009 on Rhino Records.

This album is an incredibly patriotic listen… Queensryche created a great one here.

You can check out my review I posted for Queensryche – American Soldier, back on April 3, 2009. Just click that really cool and big link below to read all about American Soldier.

Queensryche “American Soldier” is Metal that honors those who serve.



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