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Some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts – Friday, June 1st, 2012

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It’s already June! Once July 1st hits, 2012 will officially be half over! Metal be thy name, time keeps on moving. There have been so many terrific album releases thus far in 2012; from Rock to Death Metal, I am not at a loss for seeking out new titles to explore. From the new Candlebox (Love Stories & Other Musings) to Six Feet Under (Undead), with new Jorn and Shadows Fall in-between, there is a wide spectrum out there that I’ve been chowing down with my ears.

The title from Loverboy’s 1985 multi-platinum album, Lovin’ Every Minute Of It, says it all about how I feel about this year in music.

I went to see Loverboy on tour supporting this album, back in 1985. This concert was at the Hartford Civic Center. I remember Philadelphia’s very own, The Hooters, opened up for Loverboy too. This was before I started hanging out with Best Metal Buddy Scott Coverdale and I still bumped into him at this show. Call it Metal buddy fate. Unreal.

To sum it up, Loverboy put on a damn good live show that night; the Hartford Civic Center was packed and the fans were going nuts. Lots of Loverboy lovin’ gals were there, just as many for a Poison concert (for back then). The Hooters were cool to see live too; I made certain to see their entire set.


The new Santana album Shape Shifter is INCREDIBLE. Whoa. As with many new albums, I want to write a review for it sometime soon. To say the guitar playing of Carlos Santana is delicious to my senses is an understatement. All but one song on this new Santana album are instrumentals. If you’ve even been slightly thinking about buying Shape Shifter, just buy it!

There’s just something about the guitar tones of Santana; sonic vibes that puts me into that Summertime good-feeling zone. I love it when a guitarist can take my mind on a journey, especially on instrumentals and Shape Shifter does just that. Carlos Santana is a GUITAR LEGEND. ‘Nuff said.


Both Cannibal Corpse (Torture) and Six Feet Under (Undead) have cracked the Billboard 200 Album Chart this year! Death Metal reigns! Metal be thy name! Both albums were released via Metal Blade Records. I also highly recommend both of these tremendous albums. Yes, I do and ring that Death Metal bell for all extreme and bloody glory.


There are a couple of legendary men of music that have passed away recently and I express condolences to their family, friends and fans:

Jim Marshall – Founder/Creator of Marshall (Amplification) – (Age 88)

Everett Lilly – West Virginia Bluegrass Legend – (Age 87)

May both of these legendary gentlemen of music rest in peace.



Neal Schon – Metal Odyssey Salutes Rock Legend’s Birthday!

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(That’s Neal Schon, in the top left/back row. This Next album from 1977 was Journey’s third studio album and pre-Steve Perry)

NEAL SCHON – Metal Odyssey gives a loud and Rockin’ Happy Birthday to Neal Schon! A founding member and non-stop lead guitarist for the ultra-legendary Journey, Neal Schon was born on February 27th, 1954. How can anyone measure the Rock ‘N’ Roll career and achievements of Neal Schon? I couldn’t. This is as key a figure in the history of Rock as you can ask for. Neal Schon is an influential guitarist, songwriter and figure of the Rock Music world spanning five decades. Thank you for the music Neal Schon!

My personal favorite Journey song of all-time is Any Way You Want It from 1980’s Departure. My second favorite Journey song ever is: The Party’s Over (Hopelessly In Love) which is the lone studio song on the 1981 live double album – Captured. I always have a soft spot for that little guitar solo that Neal Schon created in Don’t Stop Believin’ from 1981’s Escape.

As for my all-time favorite Journey album? Man, it’s tough. I’m going with two here: Infinity from 1978 and Evolution from 1979. The entire Journey catalog is just too rich with enormously memorable songs for me.

* Here is a list of some notable bands that Neal Schon has been a key part of during his amazing career. By no means is this list complete and in no particular order, that is not my intent here.

JOURNEY – (of course and ’nuff said)

HSAS – (with Sammy HagarKenny Aaronson and Michael Shrieve). HSAS released only one studio album: Through The Fire back in 1984. Yes, take my Metal word for it, it’s a very cool Hard Rock album to own.

BAD ENGLISH – (with John WaiteRicky PhillipsJonathan Cain and Deen Castronovo). Bad English released two studio albums: Bad English in 1989 and Backlash in 1991. An excellent Hard Rock group was Bad English, both albums are very worthy listens.

SANTANA – Neal Schon played guitar on Santana III, which was released back in 1971. Neal Schon was only 17 years old then! Neal also played guitar on Caravanserai (1972). Rock history, pure and simple.

HARDLINE – Neal Schon played lead guitar on Hardline’s debut 1992 studio album: Double Eclipse. This is one fabulous Hard Rock album to get ahold of… if you haven’t already.

* For more info on Neal Schon, click here: NEAL SCHON – Official Website

* For more info on Journey, click here: JOURNEY




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SANTANA – I am guilty of associating many songs, albums and even bands/musicians to a certain season of the year. In the past, I wrote that RUSH is my Winter band… a band I turn to when I’m driving in snowstorms. Maybe the whole music imbedding “thing” comes into play here. When I used to live in Northwestern Connecticut, the snowstorms were very generous and very consistent, couple that with RUSH being a super HUGE band in that area of the world and maybe the exposure factor really left it’s mark with me.

Come Wintertime, it just felt as if FM stations played RUSH every 5 minutes while I was growing up, in very expensive Connecticut. Therefore, I gather that all the parameters were lining up for my RUSH/Winter imbedding many years ago.

I led with my RUSH and Wintertime “vibe” (as I’ll now call it), to introduce what is my Summertime “vibe” band… or musician… take your pick for it’s Santana. Yes, we all know that Santana is an exemplary musician and yes, Santana has always had a fabulous band behind him, (the original Santana band lineup is in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame). Therefore, referring to Santana as either a band or musician can go both ways. Now, if you want to get picky, I can say… Carlos Santana, the exemplary and legendary guitarist. I’ll just stick to “Santana” and hopefully we can all agree.

Since I was a young lad, Santana always had an open sound to his guitar tone… a feeling of sunny days and hot weather just seems to drift over me when I hear him play. Driving to the beach comes to mind each time I listen to Black Magic Woman. This song has me seeing visions of ocean waves slapping against the hot sand of the beach, while I feel my feet burrowing into the deeper depths of the cool sand. Black Magic Woman has always been a Summer chill-out song for me… so listening to it while driving in a snowstorm would ruin it’s ambiance, in my own mind.

Santana can tell a story with his guitar, having a lead vocalist on his songs proves to be a bonus for my ears. If there ever was a song that Santana speaks that mystical guitar language through his playing, it is Black Magic Woman. Captivating is the word.

Back in the Summer of 1999, my wife was expecting with our twin daughters… and so was I expecting too. We were on the threshold of a forever life changing event, the birth of our daughters with a target date of late September. That Summer of ’99 was extremely hot and humid… abnormally humid as the “weather experts” were saying back then. (You know those “weather experts”… they get it right every time). One album that kept my wife and I from going bananas during that period in our lives was… Santana – Supernatural.

As Metal as my witness, this Santana album chilled us out, as well as it lifted our spirits and made us feel very comfortable… on our journey to becoming first time parents. This Supernatural album just cast a magical spell on us… we would listen each day and night to those Summer Grooves and melodies of Santana’s guitar and be glad we did. Our favorite song from Supernatural was of course, Smooth, with Rob Thomas on lead vocals. That song is a quintessential Summertime Santana song if there ever was one. The music video for Smooth was a hit back in ’99 too… it radiates Summertime cool in the city streets.

It has gotten to the point, that when I see a photo of Carlos Santana, I think of Summer. Carlos “Summertime” Santana. Gee Metal whiz… it’s just me I guess. The same can be said for Jimmy Buffet, only equating Summertime and the ocean to Jimmy is way too obvious. Jimmy Buffet is all about songs that stir up images of the Tropics and fun in the Summer sun. However… I can never eat a cheeseburger without thinking of Jimmy Buffet… (I don’t drink Margaritas by the way).

I never want to resist or ignore the positive memories and images that music provides me. Just as I equate a song, album, musician or band to a season, I can equally equate them to specific moments in my life. Santana just happens to be an example of just how good music makes me feel.

* Santana (entire original band), was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1998.

* For more info on the ever legendary guitarist, songwriter, musician and Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer – Carlos Santana, just click on this link: SANTANA – Official Web Site

* For more info on my favorite Wintertime band, RUSH, click here: RUSH Aw, heck, RUSH is a favorite of mine all year long.




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