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BABYLON SHAKES – Release New Video

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Babylon Shakes - publicity pic - 2019 - #33MO33ILGDO99.jpg

Taken from the bands new album ‘Exile to the Velveteen Lounge’, sleaze powerhouse BABYLON SHAKES and HighVolMusic have released a new video for the track ‘Making a Million’.

Babylon Shakes - Exile To The Velveteen Lounge - cover pic - 2019 - #33ILGD3397.jpg

Track Listing:

“Making A Million”

“Sunset Striptease”

“Sin Parade”

“No Pictures Please”

“Velveteen Libertine”

“Silver Tongue Devil”


“Die Pretty”

“Star In Your Eyes”

“Motel Lights”


3/2/19      Raleigh, NC @ The Maywood
3/8/19      Hermitage, TN @ Shooters
3/29/19    Atlanta, GA @ Firehouse at Center Stage Atlanta
4/6/19      Newark, DE @ Halftime Sports Bar & Music Venue
5/2/19      Baltimore, MD @ Fish Head Cantina
5/11/19    Westville, NJ @ Hot Shots

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FASTER PUSSYCAT – Summer 2018 Tour Dates – With Special Guest Don Jamieson

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Faster Pussycat - promo flyer - Summer 2018 - Tour - #333MO333ILMG

FASTER PUSSYCAT kicks off their Summer 2018 tour at the world-famous Whiskey A Go Go, in their hometown of Hollywood, California, on June 15th. Special guest will be Don Jamieson. FASTER PUSSYCAT will be on the road in the USA right through the end of August! Whoa! Check out the tour flyer above to see if FASTER PUSSYCAT will be ROCKING in your stomping grounds! Metal Be Thy Name! – Stone.

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Swedish Metal Sensation CRASHDIET Return With Their Fourth Album “The Savage Playground” – Releasing In January On Frontiers Records

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Crashdiet - The Savage Playground - promo cover pic!

The lead single “Cocaine Cowboys” is out 12th of December

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of CRASHDÏET’s anticipated new studio album “The Savage Playground” on January 25th in Europe (excl. Scandinavia) and January 22nd in North America.

A leading force in the Swedish “sleaze rock” scene of the 2000s — a revival of the glam metal of the 1980s, but with a more pronounced punk element — CRASHDÏET for the first time manage to release their brand of down and dirty Rock and Roll simultaneously all over the world.

In April of 2010 the band’s third album “Generation Wild” pretty much summed up the extraordinary but yet tragic history of a band, determined to never give up their dream. CRASHDÏET has become known as a band with a huge following of diehard fans, and the massive interest for them never seems to fade.

There has been extensive touring during the course of “Generation Wild” and the absolute highlight saw the band conquer Hollywood and New York City with sold out shows at Whisky A Go Go and Webster Hall. The band also supported their heroes Motley Crue and Ozzy Osbourne. “Supporting Motley Crue in Helsinki and headlining Whisky A Go Go have been the highlights of the Generation Wild tour,” says guitarist Martin Sweet.

Crashdiet - promo group pic - 2012 - #1


Martin Sweet – guitar

Peter London – bass

Eric Young – drums

Simon Cruz – vocals

With the new studio album “The Savage Playground”, recorded during summer/autumn 2012 in native Sweden, the band has their minds set to break through on a world-wide basis with a tour that will see the band going back to the US as well as going to Japan for the first time. “We will put a lot of effort into the US for our new tour. We will start in Scandinavia in February, Then we head to the US & Canada. Coming back end of April to do UK and then Europe and Japan will follow with Festivals in the summer and then South-America to kick off in the autumn” continues Sweet.

The new album sees CRASHDÏET going in a heavier and more live direction musicwise. “THE SAVAGE PLAYGROUND is our playground, it’s the beginning and the end, it’s the place where we eat and breed”, tells Martin Sweet. “We thought the time was right for us to do a edgier and not so polished sounding album, kinda like what we sound like live. It’s more organic and rough sounding. And of course we’re always evolving as musicians and like to try new ways of expressing ourselves and that can most definitely be heard on this album.”

Crashdiet - Cocaine Cowboys - single promo cover pic!

Anticipated by the release of the cracking first single “Cocaine Cowboys” on December 12th, “The Savage Playground” will include the following tracks: Change The World; Cocaine Cowboys; Anarchy; California; Lickin’ Dog; Circus; Sin City; Got A Reason; Drinkin’ Without You; Snakes In Paradise; Damaged Kid; Excited; Garden Of Babylon.


(Source: Frontiers Records)

For more info on CRASHDÏET, click on the links below!

facebook: CrashDiet

Frontiers Records:

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HELLDORADOS – Making Of Their Debut Album (Official Video)

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HELLDORADOS – On July 13th, 2012, the German Sleaze Metal & Heavy Rock hellions known as HELLDORADOS had their ass kicking debut album released via Massacre Records. A debut album that should gain worldwide Metal attention and strongly recommended by the Metal Odyssey Department of International Metal Social Affairs (DIMSA); HELLDORADOS has arrived! Metal be thy name.

Take a look and listen below to the official video for HELLDORADOS – Making of Their Debut Album HELLDORADOS:


Pierre – Vocals

Chris – Drums

Steve – Guitar

Gunnar – Bass


(Source: Massacre Records)

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HELLDORADOS – Announce Cover Artwork and Track List; Album Releases This July, Via Massacre Records

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Album release date: 07-13-12 via Massacre Records

With the publication of the cover artwork and the whole track list, Stuttgart’s Sleaze Metal band Helldorados are giving an inside look into their debut album that will be released on July 13th. The internationally known artist and Unesco prize winner Timo Wuerz is responsible for the design.

After just signing  a worldwide recording contract with the Traditional Heavy Metal label Massacre Records in March, Helldorades were able to win another high-quality partner:  the artist and comic draftsman Timo Wuerz. “We have gotten to know Timo Wuerz by accident at an art and commerce congress. Between all of the geeks he looked more like us,“ claims Helldorados singer Pierre. At the same time they discovered many things they have in common, the love for rock music and art.“Moreover, we both grew up in the same small town. That probably connects“ complements Pierre, smiling. At the age of 14 Timo Wuerz already had his first exhibition, at the age of 20 he published his first album Aaron and Baruch.

Today he lives in Hamburg and is responsible for dozens of comics and books, among others Marvel, and for the creation of films, shows, theme parks, architecture, stamps, toys, posters and CD covers. The works of the Unesco prizewinner can also be seen in international galleries and museums, for example, in the museum of modern art, New York.


Pierre – Vocals

Chris – Drums

Steve – Guitar

Gunnar – Bass

From February to April Helldorados spent time in the famous Horus Sound Studios in Hannover to record their album. A total of 12 pieces of music were created for the self entitled album. It was produced under the direction of Mirko Hofmann who already took up the four songs strong promotional EP a year ago. ELOY frontman and founder of the Horus Sound Studios, Frank Bornemann, acted as “a godfather”.

The result is musically versatile, somewhere between Metallica, Hardcore Superstar, the old Scorpions and ABBA. The track list reads as follows:









09. GONE





(Source: Massacre Records)

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KISSIN’ DYNAMITE – New Album From German Sleaze Rockers Nears Release

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Germany’s young Sleaze Rock crew KISSIN’ DYNAMITE are preparing to unleash their newest full-length Money, Sex & Power onto hard-partying North American crowds on April 24th. Listen to the first two tracks from the album, including the title track “Money, Sex & Power” and the following “I Will Be King” and much more at the band’s official website HERE.

Considered to be the great hope of the German Hard Rock scene, KISSIN’ DYNAMITE have dominated stages across Europe since the release of their debut album Steel Of Swabia in 2008, when the singer was just 16 years old!  After winning over crowd after crowd with their energetic live show and infectious anthems, the band’s sophomore album Addicted To Metal was released by Germany’s massive AFM Records in 2010, which even featured the legendary Udo Dirkschneider (Accept, U.D.O.) on the title track.

Their success and experiences over the past few years have shaped the band and increased their professionalism in every department, which is apparent on their  third full-length, Money, Sex & Power. Here KISSIN’ DYNAMITE release ten blazing numbers which still follow the classic Metal path of previous releases, yet more than before they display their very own brand of Sleazy Heavy Rock, inspired greatly from timeless masters of the art including Mötley Crue, Whitesnake, AC/DC and Guns ‘N Roses. Money, Sex & Power showcases the band taking their authentic, raw, melodic and powerful songs to new levels, and sees them more determined to dominate the rock scene than ever before.

Money, Sex & Power Track Listing:

01. Money, Sex & Power

02. I Will Be King

03. Operation Supernova

04. Sex Is War

05. Club 27

06. Dinosaurs Are Still Alive

07. She´s A Killer

08. Sleaze Deluxe

09. Ego-Shooter

10. Six Feet Under



Hannes Braun – vocals

Jim Müller – guitar

Ande Braun – guitar

Steffen Haile – bass

Andreas Schnitzer – drums


(Source: Earsplit PR)

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Helldorados – Sign with Massacre Records; July 2012 Album To Follow

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Helldorados sign with Massacre Records

Album Release planned for the 13th of July, 2012


The Sleaze Metal Band Helldorados, from Stuttgart Germany, sign a worldwide record contract with Massacre Records / Soulfood, after their last year’s promotional EP has received very positive reviews all over Germany. The full length album was now produced in the legendary Horus Sound Studios in Hannover (Scorpions, Helloween, Kreator, Victory, Guano Apes) and will be released Friday, 13th of July.

Just in February, 2011, Helldorados recorded a 4-song strong promotional EP in the legendary Horus Sound Studios in Hannover, under the direction of producer Mirko Hofmann. As “a godfather” acted Horus founder Frank Bornemann. From the beginning the ELOY frontman was enthusiastic from the sound, the independence and the logical approach of the Stuttgart quartet. Helldorados now line up themeselves in the list of Bands which recorded some of their most important albums there: Scorpions, Kreator, Helloween, Victory, Guano Apes to call only some.

“Good self and time management does not exclude creativity. We have worked the last 24 months every day very hard for this next logical step,“ Pierre (vocals), Steve (guitars), Gunnar (bass) and Chris (drums) are telling. The times when a newcomer got enormous sums of financial advance, are over definitively. Nowadays it is natural to have a prominent basic product to win other partners, Pierre is sure. With the Massacre Records contract a new chapter is whipped in the band’s history. “We are very glad about the cooperation with a so highly motivated and typically impressive band like Helldorados“, according to A&R manager Thomas Hertler.


Less Sex, Drugs and Roll `N Roll, rather the Blood, Sweat and Tears Helldorados had to experience since the beginning days in 2007. First the Band won a contest price for “best stage performance“ and one year later they sold 500 copies of their first self-distributed album “Just Rock”. More than 100 shows followed in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (supporting Bands like Bullet, Enforcer, Rhino Bucket or Bloodlights) as well as gala show appearances, e.g., at the historical Bregenzer sea stage during the european soccer cup 2008.

In addition the first partnerships begun with local brewery Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu, the English photographer icon Duncan Smith and from 2011 with the Wacken foundation well-known by the world for the biggest Heavy Metal festival. Instrument endorsements with Steve Clayton USA, Pyramid strings Germany or Dr. No Effects Netherlands could also be won. Besides, a global Merchandise licence deal was concluded with the German Art Worx Merchandising AG.

The high-quality production and the dynamic Songwriting of the promotional EP, has given Helldorados the first media attention in all relevant online Fanzines as well as articles in the appropriate magazines. RockHard Vol.296 “… at the latest the Stuttgart quartet presents itself with the ballad “Changes” and the final song “Shout Out” as an absolutely serious candidate on the national rock throne” or Metal Hammer April, 2012 “… these four tracks are worth every second… the EP is convincing with mature songs plus big melodies… Dear A&Rs of the nation – Sign Now!”

At the same time various radio stations played the songs without an entire Helldorados album out on the market. “We see ourselves furthermore as a Rock `N Roll Band in the niche and therefore, are glad about the wide attention. Everything more is add-on anyway,“ says Helldorados guitarist Steve.

Helldorados are musical somewhere between the hit potential of a catchy ABBA tune, the sleaze of Guns `N Roses and the striking force of Pantera. A strange mixture but it seems to function.


(Source: Massacre Records)

For more info on MASSACRE RECORDS and HELLDORADOS, click on the link below:



CRASHDÏET – North American Tour Dates For November, 2011

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Swedish Sleaze Rockers CRASHDÏET are set to tour selected cities in the U.S. and Mexico this November of 2011! CRASHDÏET will be taking the stage in support of their critically acclaimed and Rockin’ infectious new studio album Generation Wild, (released on Frontiers Records). Check out below the tour dates:


Nov 11, Garden Grove, CA – The Can

Nov 12, Hollywood, CA – Key Club

Nov 13, Fresno, CA – The Starline * CRASH DIET only!

Nov 16, Tempe, AZ – Club Red

Nov 17, Las Vegas, NV – Vamp´d

Nov 19, Mexico City, Mexico – Casino Life Concert Hall


Martin Sweet – Guitar

Simon Cruz – Vocal

Peter London – Bass

Eric Young – Drums

(Sources: CRASHDÏET Official Website & Frontiers Records)

* For more info on CRASHDÏET, click on the links below:

CRASHDÏET – Official Website





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