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HELLDORADOS – Making Of Their Debut Album (Official Video)

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HELLDORADOS – On July 13th, 2012, the German Sleaze Metal & Heavy Rock hellions known as HELLDORADOS had their ass kicking debut album released via Massacre Records. A debut album that should gain worldwide Metal attention and strongly recommended by the Metal Odyssey Department of International Metal Social Affairs (DIMSA); HELLDORADOS has arrived! Metal be thy name.

Take a look and listen below to the official video for HELLDORADOS – Making of Their Debut Album HELLDORADOS:


Pierre – Vocals

Chris – Drums

Steve – Guitar

Gunnar – Bass


(Source: Massacre Records)

For more info on HELLDORADOS, click on the links below!



ON TOP ‘TOP HEAVY’ – Need A Heavy Rockin’ Fix? The Heavy Metal Potion Is All Here…

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ON TOP – The first full-length, Top Heavy, from American Heavy Metallers On Top was released back on November 15th, 2011, via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. If you’re in need of a Heavy Rockin’ fix you’ll hear it on this album, there’s no Metal question about it. This is a band that has obvious Traditional Heavy Metal influences and they are not bashful about showcasing it in their heavy sound.

Top Heavy is super loaded with retrospective Heavy Metal spirit and feel, to the point where  it overspills from the songs for one damn fun listen after another. This Downingtown, Pennsylvania trio knows how to keep the energy level turned on high through their songs, with no ballads to screw things up. A guitar driven album that pays dividends with numerous and memorable solos, courtesy of Alex Kulick. Trust me, Alex can wield his axe and he exhibits a respect for both speed and melody with his admirable playing.

Jason Gulino (vocalist, bassist & founding member) delivers as the frontman, with clean, lean, confident and punctual vocals that standout in a very good way. Danny Piselli on drums plays tight with Jason and lends plenty of old school fills while never overstepping the song. Danny comes across as a “less is more” drummer, (which is a rare talent in itself) and plays beats I can remember. On Top proves you can create some damn cool Heavy Metal without showing off or trying to break any hellish speed barrier.

Gang vocals on Into The Night resonates, an element of Traditional Heavy Metal that always packs an extra punch to a song. Another Night Of Sleaze and Hot Wet are the closest that On Top gets to Sleaze Metal. It’s the overall vibes, beats and lyrics that makes both songs so contagiously sleazy. On Top has rhythm, they aren’t afraid to play fast while not tripping over themselves. Up To No Good and Too Much seals the deal with convincing attitude musically and vocally, with the gang vocals once again… adding that extra Metal kick.

The clear fact that On Top has served up their originality to a time-tested sound only drives home the relevance factor. Top Heavy bestows some downright applaudable balance with its speed, heaviness and melodic sound. A power trio to watch out for is On Top. A good-times party album it is. Blanketed with credible spirit and attitude, Top Heavy is one damn legit Heavy Metal album you must check out… now!

* ON TOP – TOP HEAVY Now available on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, CD Baby and CD Universe.

* Get your 4 song (free download) Top Heavy sampler here:

TOP HEAVY – Track Listing:

Top Heavy

Into The Night


Sick And Tired

Another Night Of Sleaze

Die High

Fire Down Below

Hot ‘N Wet

Success And Excess

Up To No Good

Too Much

* For more info on ON TOP, click on the links below:…



BLACK RAIN “License To Thrill” – Is Your License To ROCK! Plus Current BLACK RAIN News!

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BLACK RAIN – Released back on December 29, 2009, on Listenable Records, Black Rain License To Thrill is the first “real” album from this French Sleeze & Glam Metal Band. (Black Rain released a demo album back in 2006). Chock full of Hard Rockin’ vibes that explode with good times, partying, chasing the chicks and who gives a shit about priorities, Black Rain does an exemplary job of curing any funk you may find yourself drifting away in. French producer and Enfer Magazine founder, Dany Terbeche, brings his 80’s producing experience to the forefront of License To Thrill… making this album beefy and saturated with all things glorious about this 80’s Glam Metal sound.

Metal Odyssey’s correspondent and Best Metal Buddy, Scott Coverdale, has given Black Rain every word of Metal praise that’s probably known to mankind’s vocabulary. When Coverdale talks up a band this highly, Stone listens. Black Rain has taken a style, sound and energy from a Glam Metal culture and certainly made it their own brand. These guys would without a Metal doubt, have fit right in back in the mid to late 80’s… only this is 2010 and they fit right in now.

Admittedly, my Metal allegiance crosses over all sub-genres, therefore a healthy dose of License To Thrill is admittedly a listen for gettin’ psyched. Black Rain does have that Old School attitude and their songs just keep comin’ at me. Black Rain’s ability to Rock my senses in ways very similar to that of Motley Crue, Ratt, Quiet Riot and Poison makes me grin and chase my wife around the house. One of these days I’ll catch her.

N.A.S.T.Y. and Rock Your City will have you reachin’ for your unlaced sneakers, worn-torn jeans and concert tee… and a couple of cold six pack’s too. Black Rain is a band that shall make all the turtlenecks in the world cry and make all Glam Metal hungry fans of any generation raise their fists in the air… with post MTV era glee. The title track, License To Thrill, embodies every memorable quality of Black Rain, from the thumping rhythm section and electrifying guitar parts to the Glam laced vocals of Swan.

Kill’em All is my favorite song on this album. The all encompassing Hardness is what makes Kill’em All stand out for me. This song is built around speed as well, making it all the more appealing to my ears. Baby It’s You is a ballad that brings back cool memories of 80’s Arena concerts for me. Swan’s vocals just come across as Arena ready on this power ballad, plus it’s not seeping with sappiness either. Baby It’s You is just a really cool power ballad about, um, well, being in love.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Dead Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll begins with a intro riff reminiscent to that of You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ from the ultra legendary Judas Priest. This can very well be called the Heaviest hitter on License To Thrill, however, Rockstars Don’t Go To Jail is just as Heavy. Both songs MUST be played LOUD for maximum enjoyment… and trust me, Black Rain proves quite easily they have “that” Heavy Metal thunder in their veins. Metal be thy name.

No Forever is a power ballad that exhibits shades of Guns N’ Roses and Cinderella influences. Very melodic and well written, both lyrically and musically. This song just seems to come together from the opening note. The backing vocals compliment the emotional vibe of Swan’s lead vocals with super smooth fashion. Scott Coverdale likens No Forever’s influence to that of Guns N’ Roses ever memorable – November Rain. I’ll have to go along with him on that Metal notion.

Swan has the Glam Metal pipes to carry Black Rain onto the next level of notoriety. Max 2 lends his licks on lead guitar that are both pump-you-up and refreshing, while Heinrich on bass and Iann Lewis on drums keep it tight and balanced. Black Rain surely released a damn decent, debut full-length album with License To Thrill, just the energy alone that pulsates from their songs is evidence enough, that they are taking their music seriously.

With so many Glam/Hair Metal Bands from yesteryear still making quality noize, along with “newer” Glam Bands like Reckless Love and Crashdiet (to name a couple) emerging as legit flag bearers to this genre, Black Rain is jumping onto the scene at an opportune time. There are hooks aplenty with more guitar riffs, leads and solos on License To Thrill to satisfy any die-hard Glam fan the world over. Black Rain may not be a pioneer band of this colorfully loud Glam Metal movement, still, they are as righteously loyal, talented and raucous as their forefathers were with their songs… and that should make plenty of Glam/Hair and Sleeze fans sleep well at night.

* For more info on BLACK RAIN, just click on the cool link below:

BLACK RAIN – myspace music


Swan – vocals, guitar

Max 2 – guitar

Heinrich – bass

Iann Lewis – drums

Track Listing For License To Thrill:

Rock Your City

Innocent Rosie


True Girls Are Sixteen

License To Thrill

No Forever

Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Dead Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll

Rockstars Don’t Go To Jail

Party War

Kill’em All

Baby It’s You (Bonus Track)

BLACK RAIN will be releasing a brand new studio album on February 14, 2011! Lethal Dose Of… will be the second full-length studio album from BLACK RAIN. I have found the titles to seven songs… they all ROCK quite soundly. Here they are:

My Young Star

Rock’ N’ Jive

Addicted To Failure

Heart Screams

Burn’ n’ Die


I Need My Doctor

* You can listen to all seven new BLACK RAIN songs! Just click below:

OUI FM/La Radio Rock

BLACK RAIN will be playing at the Bring The Noise Festival out in France, this December of 2010! They will be sharing the spotlight with Papa Roach, Airbourne and many more! I can’t read French, so the info on this promo poster pic is all I can share.



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