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When I bought the new release from Slayer, World Painted Blood, on it’s release date of November 3, 2009, I had it in the back of my Metal mind that I was going to eventually do a review on it. Now, after owning World Painted Blood and listening to it for a month, I am thinking… why should I review this? Who am I to give a review on the greatest Thrash Metal Band on the planet? Review, in depth, the greatest Thrash Metal Band that ever existed? Man, that would be embarrassing for me, to actually try to “review” an elite Thrash Metal album of songs like World Painted Blood. For Metal sakes, World Painted Blood is just down right, unreal great. Old school and (thankfully) toned down in the polished production department, that is about it from me. Every song is insanely great. Even Playing With Dolls is a darned great track… which I have read dork reviews on this song already. (Once again, it is professionally paid Rock critics who never bother to listen to an album in it’s entirety, they are the ones who give out the lame butt reviews on sensational Metal Music). All eleven songs are enormously great on World Painted Blood, end of my Metal review.

In the past, maybe I reviewed a vintage Slayer album or two… I’m done with that. Reviewing a Slayer album is like reviewing a Beatles or Elvis Presley album… anyone should know what they are getting from Slayer by now. Gee Metal whiz. Old school Thrash Metal and Slayer fans know that this World Painted Blood album is worth owning. For me to even consider breaking down the songs on this amazing album, the guitar leads and riffs of Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, the vocals/bass play of Tom Araya and the drumming of Dave Lombardo… c’mon, are you kidding? What is there to breakdown? Not often do I feel this way, that an album should just be accepted for it’s unreal great Metal worthiness and not dilly dally around the archaic “review” bush. Metal fans worldwide… take it from me, this is a Slayer album to buy and enjoy for a lifetime. World Painted Blood – nuff’ said. You can call this an Old School Metal review if you like… F’n Slayer RULES.

Here is the track listing for World Painted Blood:

1. World Painted Blood

2. Unit 731

3. Snuff

4. Beauty Through Order

5. Hate Worldwide

6. Public Display Of Dismemberment

7. Human Strain

8. Americon

9. Psychopathy Red

10. Playing With Dolls

11. Not Of This God

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