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Y&T – “In Rock We Trust” is ’80’s Heavy Metal I trust

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7723902I received in the mail today, a package from my best buddy, Scott. In this package was a CD, “In Rock We Trust” by Y&T. Now, this is the kind of mail that I like receiving… not bills or junk mail, just pure 1980’s vintage Heavy Metal. Talk about a solid Metal reminder of how power grooved this Y&T band was back in the ’80’s. This album was released way back in 1984, (the year I was supposed to graduate High School). I opted for an extra half year of High School back then, yet that is Metal history now. I listened to “In Rock We Trust” in it’s Metal entirety, just minutes after it was unleashed from the bubble mailer that brought it to my Metal safe haven. Every song on this album is a Heavy Metal winner, for me. From the Heavy Metal chorus to the riffs and leads and everything else heavy in between, makes this album ripple with thunderous Metal might. I just have recently been listening to the Y&T album “Contagious”, take my Metal word on this… “In Rock We Trust” out heavies “Contagious”. I have never been a strong advocate for comparisons within a Metal band’s music catalog, I feel each album that is created is unique. There are those times, where exceptions are made on Metal Odyssey. Seriously, if anyone out there is considering to buy some Heavy Metal from the ’80’s, this album I undoubtedly recommend.

My best buddy Scott made my Metal day today… little did I know that this CD was coming my way, I guess I did not realize I needed a vintage fix, of some heavy duty Y&T Heavy Metal, either. Man, these ten songs hit me in all of the right ways today. Like Scott said to me on the phone today… “this Y&T album is just darn good Summer Heavy Metal”. I could not agree with him more… only I will take it one Metal step further, “In Rock We Trust” is one darn good year long Heavy Metal album. I see Scott’s point however, these songs make you feel like you are packing up the car, heading to the beach or one big time keg party… and it is the late ’80’s, where your only worries are having cash for gas, chips and beer. Ahhh, the stuff that vintage Heavy Metal makes you think about… Metal really is worry free music after all. If making a feel good Heavy Metal album back in 1984 was considered a crime, then Y&T is guilty on all Metal charges.

“Lipstick And Leather” and “Don’t Stop Runnin'” are the two hits that made their way on FM radio and MTV back in ’84.  Both songs are heavy rockin’ through and through. I really have taken a liking to the first song – “Rock And Roll’s Gonna Save The World”, it starts off rather slow and steady, yet it gives every indication that this is just the prelude to the pumped up Heavy Metal that engulfs my Metal senses. “Breakout Tonight!” and “She’s A Liar” are two songs that exemplify the signature 1980’s vibe of Heavy Metal. “In Rock We Trust” should come with a sticker of recommendation on the front CD cover… that reads: Play these songs loud – it will serve you right. Y&T with “In Rock We Trust” served me right today. I just cannot fathom as to why I never owned this Y&T album until today… I guess that no longer matters, this Heavy Metal gem is in my Metal possession now. This is just another reason why I can never take Metal Music or my best buddy Scott for granted. 

Y&T as they appeared on “In Rock We Trust”: Dave Meniketti on lead guitar & lead vocals, Phil Kennemore on bass guitar & backing vocals, Joey Alves on rhythm guitar & backing vocals and Leonard Haze on drums & backing vocals.


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