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THE DEAD DAISIES – ‘BEST OF’ Releasing on August 18th

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Above: vinyl version

From: The Dead Daisies newsletter:

We’re putting out our “BEST OF” Album on CD & Vinyl on August 18th! So put June 2nd in your calendar and pre order your copy:

We’ve rocked with you guys for a decade now and to celebrate we’ve pulled together a collection of songs from the six studio albums! This upcoming “BEST OF” Album release will include some of our favourite tracks and others that have become a staple part of every Daisies Touring Set List.

We hope we’ve included some of your favourites as well!!

We’ve also added two previously unreleased tracks from the last recording session as an added bonus!

Above: CD version

Disc 1:

  1. Miles In Front Of Me
  2. Lock N’ Load
  3. Face I Love
  4. Mexico
  5. Midnight Moses
  6. With You And I
  7. Something I Said
  8. Fortunate Son
  9. Long Way To Go
  10. Song And A Prayer

Disc 2:

  1. Make Some Noise
  2. Resurrected
  3. Rise Up
  4. Holy Ground (Shake The Memory)
  5. Unspoken
  6. Bustle And Flow
  7. Hypnotize Yourself
  8. Born To Fly
  9. The Healer (Unreleased track)
  10. Let It Set You Free (Unreleased track)

A MASSIVE THANKS to you guys for your love and support over the last ten years, there’s certainly been some hot and sweaty nights rockin’ out together which have been truly amazing! With a lot more to come, there’s still Miles in Front Of Us!

THE DEAD DAISIES – Tour Dates Announced For 2018!

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The Dead Daisies - Tour 2018 promo flyer - #33MO777ILMNSO

View the first tour dates of THE DEAD DAISIES for 2018:


Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio), John Corabi (Mötley Crüe/The Scream), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake), Deen Castronovo (Journey, Bad English), David Lowy (Red Phoenix/Mink)

Source: The Dead Daisies Facebook





Metal Odyssey’s FAIL Of The Day Is: Dee Snider

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Dee Snider - Doug Aldrich - promo Metal Odyssey banner - February 12 - 2015

This post is about not knowing when to keep you mouth shut and mean-spirited comments to yourself; especially when you’re in the national and world spotlight of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. This is also a lesson learned that internet bullying can come from ALL phases of life and social levels. Please read on…

My how time can change a person for the worst, especially with Dee Snider. A long time ago, actually it was September 19th, 1985, this Heavy Metal ambassador and frontman of Twisted Sister testified in a heroic way, before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, defending the lyrical content of popular Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal songs; especially songs from Twisted Sister. It’s a long story, however, a wealthy, constipated and obviously bored group of Senate housewives known as the PMRC decided they wanted to ban and suppress the songs of the day, using their list of Filthy Fifteen as an example. You can read all about this historically embarrassing event and its proceedings by clicking the link below:

I once even wrote about my appreciation for Dee Snider and I called him A True American Metal Hero, back on March 18th, 2009. Since then, Dee Snider is starting to sound more like the bitter and cranky uncle you always dread listening to or seeing during family functions. You can read my post I wrote regarding A True American Metal Hero, below:


Anyone who follows Dee Snider knows he can be arrogant, cocky and condescending towards other bands and musicians on radio and Twitter. Wether that type of behavior is for ratings or is straight from Dee Snider’s heart is up for debate; nonetheless, Dee Snider can say anything he wants, due to the First Amendment (free speech) to the United States Constitution in America. Fine. I’m down with that. That’s why I am writing this post today, due to my free speech.

Below you shall see/read how Dee Snider singled out for no apparent reason, the former guitarist and songwriter of Whitesnake: Doug Aldrich. Plus, Dee Snider is basically telling the great founding member, songwriter and lead singer of Whitesnake, David Coverdale, that the last two Whitesnake studio albums are not of importance.

Dee Snider - Doug Aldrich comments - February - 2015 - Twitter posts

See below, the professional response from Doug Aldrich to Dee Snider, via his Twitter account. Please note I totally support Doug Aldrich calling Dee Snider a Jackass too.

Dough Aldrich - twitter response to Dee Snider - February - 2015 - #33JA

Then, the bitter Dee Snider replied to Doug Aldrich with a half-hearted and backhanded apology:

Dee Snider - Twitter apology to Doug Aldrich - February - 2015 - #4DSJA

Um, Dee, what point is valid? You never made your point!! You had to retract and apologize to Dough Aldrich; if you even can call that an apology! Dee Snider, your choice of words are unprofessional. That’s it, plain as day and the above Twitter comment YOU directed at Doug Aldrich is PROOF.

I felt insulted for Dough Aldrich. I also felt insulted as a fan and blogger of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Dee Snider overreached with his careless commentary. I have been a long-time admirer of Dough Aldrich and his fantastic work with Whitesnake, DIO, LION, Bad Moon Rising, Burning Rain and Revolution Saints. Below was my Twitter response to both Dee Snider and Dough Aldrich, in regards to the above blow-hard Twitter comments made by Dee Snider:

Stone - Metal Odyssey - twitter responses to Dee Snider - Doug Aldrich - February - 2015 - #77JA

Hey Dee Snider, if your “point is valid” then we can all discount the achievements that Brian Johnson made for AC/DC and the achievements that Tommy ThayerEric Singer and the late Eric Carr have made for KISS. Those iconic bands had “heydays” before their arrivals too. Jake E. Lee and Zakk Wylde? Nah. Those two guitarists and songwriters can’t lay a single claim to the “heyday” success of Ozzy Osbourne.

Plus, how dare if Jason Newsted or Robert Trujillo ever take a bow for the success of the mighty Metallica. Let’s discredit all the Judas Priest albums that have Scott Travis as the drummer; hell, Scott Travis wasn’t with Judas Priest during the 70’s and 80’s.

Below are the Twitter responses from the professional and legendary Michael Sweet of Stryper fame. Michael Sweet is a CLASS ACT and noted the apology made by Dee Snider to Doug Aldrich. However, the initial insult was still made and words truly do hurt.

Michael Sweet - response one - to Dee Snider - twitter - February 2015 - #7771

Michael Sweet - twitter response - 2 - to Dee Snider - February 2015 - #7772

If it wasn’t for Doug Aldrich, these two amazing Whitesnake studio albums would not exist:

Whitesnake - Good To Be Bad - promo album cover pic - #77WMODADC

Whitesnake – Good To Be Bad – 2008

Whitesnake "Forevermore" large promo album pic!

Whitesnake – Forevermore – 2011

Before you go shooting your thoughts off on Twitter, LEARN your Hard Rock and Heavy Metal history, Dee Snider!! YOU are out of touch with the accomplishments of your musical peers. I can count on one hand the amount of live shows you do in one year with Twisted Sister. The last Twisted Sister album was released back in 1987. 1987!! And… that album was supposed to be YOUR solo album too! Laugh out loud!!

Dee Snider - Dee Does Broadway - promo CD cover pic - #3375JAMO

Above: This is how relevant Dee Snider is to Metal.

Dee Snider, you are all tied up in knots due to the fact that too numerous 1980’s bands to mention are enjoying a resurgence by touring constantly, creating NEW studio albums and earning a fan base of younger generations by reaching out in positive ways. YOU are jealous, Dee, of the hard-nosed work ethic of a Doug Aldrich and his many hard-working musical peers. The truth can be alarming, huh Dee? DEE, YOU HAVE RESTED ON YOUR LAURELS FOR TOO LONG NOW AND FANS LIKE MYSELF HAVE GROWN VERY TIRED OF IT.

Thumbs down - red - promo pic - MO - #2015TDR

Hey Dee Snider… your Desperado and Widowmaker projects created some excellent music; only they were a flash in the pan!! Criticizing Doug Aldrich is criticizing the entire Whitesnake family, their fans and especially… HELLO… David Coverdale. YOU are NOT worthy of carrying Doug Aldrich’s guitar case, Dee Snider. A true American hero? I wish I NEVER wrote that post about you now. Now go hide behind your radio microphone and Twitter account, Dee. BYE, BYE.



Stone - 2011 Photo #1





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