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DAN SPITZ – Former ANTHRAX Guitarist And Founder Of RED LAMB, Shooting Documentary At March 4th ‘Walk Now For AUTISM SPEAKS’ In W. Palm Beach

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March 1st, 2012 – Dan Spitz, founder and former guitar player for Anthrax and current creator of Red Lamb, and his wife Candi as well as their twin four-year-old boys are raising awareness of the life-changing effects of Autism by participating in this Sunday’s Walk Now for Autism Speaks at City Commons in West Palm Beach, Fla.

“Autism is what makes our children special, we do not see it as a disability. They are beautiful, intelligent, silly and we love that they see the world differently,” explains Candi Spitz, who is also on the committee for Autism Speaks. The couple’s four-year-old twin songs Autism diagnosis has given the Spitz family a mission to do all they can for not only their children but the 1 in 110 U.S. children currently diagnosed with the disease.

The entire Spitz family will be walking at the Mar. 4 Walk Now For Autism Speaks event and will film portions of a documentary on their sons at the event. The currently untitled documentary is being produced by, a prominent parenting website that won both a 2010 and 2011 OMMA Award for Excellence.

Dan Spitz formed Red Lamb in 2010 and recently released a self-titled debut album co-produced with Dave Mustaine (Megadeth). Spitz and Mustaine also co-wrote the song “Puzzle Box” for the release; a video for the track is in the works with footage from Sunday’s event being included. Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson) oversaw all programming for the album. Vrenna and Spitz are also working on a side project with more details to be announced shortly.  The first video from Red Lamb is for the song “The Cage,” which can be seen here: .


For more information on Walk Now For Austism Speaks or Austism Speaks in general please visit: and or


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AVATAR ‘Black Waltz’ Is Dark, Extreme, Modern and Groove Laden… Metal Bliss

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AVATAR – The debut full-length album, Black Waltz, from Sweden’s AVATAR was released back on February 14th, 2012, via eOne Music… and it’s hereby highly recommended by yours truly, for your Metal famished senses. Extreme vocals are prevalent from Johannes Eckerström and he essentially nails it from top to bottom. Johannes isn’t belting out Death or Black Metal tones, instead it’s all super-fine Extreme. Dark. Damn good. When Johannes does come clean with his vocals, it’s… damn good again.

The Metal itself has more grooves discharging than I could possibly count. There’s also a melodic sensibility happening big time with the Metal of AVATAR and it all comes across to me as a thrilling listening experience. Metal be thy name is this AVATAR band an unforeseen Metal prize for me in 2012. AVATAR plays some straightforward Metal, only it’s the inventiveness of the parts and the dazzling delivery of the Extreme, which all equals to the impressive Metal sum on Black Waltz. Whoa.

AVATAR implements elements into their Metal that keeps their songs interesting, (as an example) the creepy chorus as an outro for Torn Apart. Ready For The Ride is a fine Metal example of just how Extreme AVATAR can come across, this song when played at maximum level is one of the more enjoyable listening moments I’ve had with a song lately. Hell, playing Black Waltz in its entirety at maximum volume, is prescribed Metal medicine for any shitty day you or I shall encounter from here on in.


To explain the Metal listening experience of Black Waltz, in one word, that word would be: INTENSE. Within these 11 songs on Black Waltz, I hear a band that obviously is adept in Metal creativity and focused on quality. In Napalm and has progressive footings and still comes across with that dark feel and vibe that AVATAR wants us all to accept. Dark lyrically and musically throughout, AVATAR never has me thinking this is the “same old stuff” I’ve been listening to for years.

The title track, Use Your Tongue and Blod are three scalding exclamation points on this album. Furious. Like an Extreme, yet still, a groove driven Metal ambush from the fiery depths of hell itself. Jonas Jarlsby and Simon Andersson on guitars are damn cool to listen to. The riffs, leads and mini-solos are all unique and all importantly memorable. Let It Burn grooves along with such a convincing fire from AVATAR that it gets the “replay continuously” award for this album.

Yes, I dig AVATAR and appreciate the Metal direction that  they are taking here on Black Waltz. To say that I’ve enjoyed Black Waltz as much as any Rob Zombie album ever made is real. That new Alice Cooper album from last year has nothing over on Black Waltz either. AVATAR is without question, a band not to ignore. Black Waltz is this band’s debut album that is absolutely can’t miss in 2012 and beyond. The Modern Metal doors of extremity have flung wide open… and AVATAR has arrivedMetal. Be. Thy. Name.


Johannes Eckerström – Vocals

John Alfredsson – Drums

Jonas Jarlsby – Guitars

Simon Andersson – Guitars

Henrik Sandelin – Bass


Black Waltz – Track Listing:

Let Us Die

Torn Apart

Ready For The Ride

In Napalm

Black Waltz


Let It Burn

One Touch

Paint Me Red

Smells Like A Freakshow

Use Your Tongue


For more info on AVATAR, click on the links below:

eOne Metal



NOT IN THE FACE – Austin Based Rock Duo To Perform At SXSW Festival

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As you prep your SXSW dance card, you’ll definitely want to add the Austin based duo, Not In The Face. These guys have been described by those in the know as; Grimy, gritty and raw – Low-Fi and boisterous with a Texas redneck attitude – blistering blues-pop – Righteous! – their songs reveal a mean streak and melodic sense that would make Paul Westerberg proud…like a punk rock Springsteen from the Deep South.


Live Reviews:

” (the) powerhouse two-piece stormed the stage with big , meaty riffs and a bluesy swagger that might invite comparisons to , say, the Black Keys, but which was infused with such a joy being alive that it felt positively Springsteen-ian” – Culturemap Austin

“…Opening a weeknight bill inside Emo’s , unassuming in every way, the drummer and guitarist proceeded to build from a rootsy garage groove that turned into an all out assault and an epic, Zepplin-esque climax that made Not in the Face the must-see act of the week…” – The Austin Chronicle

Not in the Face ” has the strength of Bruce Springsteen with the swagger of Johnny Cash channeling the electricity of Iggy Pop” –Republic of Austin

“The Austin duo cranks out catchy, energetic and dynamic Southern-tinged rock that will have you pumping your fist in the air one minute and crying into your beer the next.”  -KUT 90.5 Radio (Austin NPR Station)

“Their live show left me with my jaw hanging…It was hot, it was loud and it was fucking amazing.” – Windy City Rock


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For more info on NOT IN THE FACE, click on the link below:

Official SXSW Schedule:



TRIBUNE “THE SUCCUBUS” – Check Out This New Track From Their Forthcoming Album!

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TRIBUNE – Out of Burnaby, BC (Canada), comes a Metal legion that’s armed with a cornucopia of Metal sound and grooves. TRIBUNE (pronounced TRY-BUNE) are releasing their third CD and second full length officially on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 called “Elder Lore / The Dark Arts” on their independent label Corpse Corrosion Music. Plus they will be hitting the road to tour Canada and USA in April and May.

Combining both clean and extreme vocals, with a heaping dose of melodic zest musically, while not compromising on the heaviness and speed, TRIBUNE unleashes a potent new song among us: The Succubus. WARNING: Once you push that play button below, The Succubus must not be played loud… it must be played F’n LOUD!

Go ahead and dive your Metal craving senses into The Succubus NOW!


(Source: Asher Media Releations)

For more info on TRIBUNE, click on the link below:

TRIBUNE – Reveal Album Artwork and Track Listing For “Elder Lore/The Dark Arts”



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