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VANISH – Signs With Massacre Records

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Vanish - promo band pic - 2014 - #00887

From Massacre Records:

Welcome to the Massacre Records family, VANISH!

Traditional metal meets modern synth sounds and progressive elements – with this combination VANISH prove that classic elements and modern metal elements can co-exist. The band’s compact songs with heavy riffs, strong melodies and bombastic parts create a unique and new sound.

Their songs deal with ever-present themes like mortality, anxiety or social problems. VANISH is a band that can look back on more than 14 years of live, studio and songwriting experience and that puts a lot of passion, effort and creativity into their music.

The band’s current line-up, consisting of Bastian Rose (vocals, keyboard), Tommy Rösch (guitar), Philipp Schönle (guitar), Daniele Dei Giudici (bass) and Ralf Nopper (drums), exists since more than a decade.

VANISH want to prove that innovative metal can inspire everyone – not only metal fans. In the past few years, VANISH rocked numerous clubs and festivals and supported bands such as Queensryche, Brainstorm, Mystic Prophecy, Axxis, Freedom Call and Kissin’ Dynamite.

VANISH’s upcoming album “Come To Wither” is set to be released in autumn 2014 via Massacre Records!


* For more info on VANISH:

Massacre Records - large logo! Red:black:white


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ASHES OF TYRANNY – Release Debut EP “Shrine”

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Ashes Of Tyranny - Shrine - EP - promo pic

Garnett/Ottawa, KS band ASHES OF TYRANNY has just released their debut EP Shrine, digitally for streaming and/or purchase through:

Modern Melodic Rock ‘n Metal is perhaps the best description of what the band has created, but it all boils down to memorable songwriting that grooves and emotes. ASHES OF TYRANNY has redefined the sound of Metal music, with a new take on old classic concepts. Beautiful melodic vocal lines, soaring guitar harmonies, and hard-hitting songs that have real staying power are what define Shrine.

ASHES OF TYRANNY has a string of regional dates lined up next month with a major tour announcement coming soon.

SHRINE – Track List:

Demolition Man


The Rag Man

Start the Flood


For You





June 4th @ The Riot Room – Kansas City, MO

June 15th @ Forrest Park – Ottawa, KS (MADD Benefit/Free Show)

June 19th @ Angel’s Rock Bar – Kansas City, MO

June 22nd @ Central Street Bar & Grill – Richmond, KS


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on ASHES OF TYRANNY, click on links below!

facebook: Ashes of Tyranny

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AMARANTHE – 2013 Tour Dates Continue In Support Of “The Nexus”

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Amaranthe - The Nexus - large promo cover pic

AMARANTHE – Swedish/Danish Modern Metal marvels, AMARANTHE, are taking to the road once again this year, in support of their chart toppingdynamic and mesmerizing new studio album: The Nexus. This second studio album from AMARANTHE was released worldwide this past March, via Spinefarm/Universal.

In very recent AMARANTHE news, the band has been confirmed for Radio Rock’s Cruise from Helsinki – Tallin on September 14-15! Check out AMARANTHE’s tour dates below and… Metal be thy name!



14.05.2013 – Club Quattro – Tokyo, Japan

15.05.2013 – Club Quattro – Tokyo, Japan

17.05.2013 – Club Quattro – Osaka, Japan

24.05.2013 – Bandit Boat 15 – Stockholm, Sweden

07.06.2013 – Sweden Rock Festival – Sölvesborg, Sweden

15.06.2013 – Nova Rock – Nickelsdorf, Austria

17.06.2013 – DreamHack Summer 2013 – Jönköping, Sweden

29.06.2013 – Graspop Metal Meeting – Dessel, Belgium

30.06.2013 – Tuska Open Air Metal Festival – Helsinki, Finland

06.07.2013 – Metaltown – Gothenburg, Sweden

11.07.2013 – SommarRock Svedala – Svedala, Sweden

13.07.2013 – Masters of Rock – Vizovice, Czech Republic

02.08.2013 – Kuopiorock – Kuopio, Finland

03.08.2013 – Satama Open Air – Kemi, Finland

09.08.2013 – ARTmania Rock Festival – Sibiu, Romania

10.08.2013 – Getaway Rock Festival – Gävle, Sweden

11.08.2013 – Jurassic Rock – Mikkeli, Finland

24.08.2013 – Falkenbergs Rockfest – Falkenberg, Sweden

22.11.2013 – Folkets Park – Huskvarna, Sverige

Amaranthe - The Nexus - promo banner pic - 2013


Jake E – vocals

Elize – vocals

Andy – screams

Olof – guitars & keys

Morten – drums

Johan – bass


For more info on AMARANTHE, click on the links below!

facebook: Amaranthe

facebook: Spinefarm Records

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SCHWARZER ENGEL – Signs With Massacre Records

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From Massacre Records:

We’re happy to announce the signing of Germany’s Dark Metal band SCHWARZER ENGEL!

The band was formed in 2007 by the vocalist and guitarist Dave Jason. The live line-up includes Jens Lindmaier (guitar), Stefan Grießhammer (guitar), Bert Oeler (bass) and Marcel Woitowicz (drums).

In 2010 they signed with Trisol Music Group and released their debut album “Apokalypse”.

In late 2010 SCHWARZER ENGEL toured with Ahab and The Vision Bleak through Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The tour was accompanied by the release of the band’s EP “Geister und Dämonen”.

The second album “Träume Einer Nacht” followed in April 2011.

SCHWARZER ENGEL played at several festivals in 2011 and 2012, such as the Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Hexentanz Festival, Castle Storm Festival and Dark Storm Festival.

SCHWARZER ENGEL’s music can be described as modern dark metal with heavy guitar riffs, double bass attacks, catchy melodies and furious, deep vocals – all topped with orchestral arrangements.

The band’s poetic German lyrics are about human failures, impressions of nature, myths and the cruel reality of today’s world.

SCHWARZER ENGEL - promo pic - #1 - 2013

Band leader Dave Jason about the signing with Massacre Records:

“I’m happy to announce that SCHWARZER ENGEL has teamed up with Massacre Records! The label has proven that it’s doing a great job in supporting their artists.

Massacre Records is the perfect partner for the release of SCHWARZER ENGEL’s upcoming album as well as the “Schwarze Sonne EP”, which will be the album’s harbringer.”

SCHWARZER ENGEL’s “Schwarze Sonne EP” will be released in late May via Massacre Records, followed by the worldwide release of the band’s third album “In Brennenden Himmeln” in late July!



Massacre Records - large logo! Red:black:white

For more info on SCHWARZER ENGEL, click on the links below!

facebook: Schwarzer Engel

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Beyond Threshold “Who We Are” Out Now On Goomba Music / Turkey Vulture Records

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Who We Are, the sophomore effort from Rockford, Illinois’ Beyond Threshold is out now via the combined efforts of Goomba Music and Turkey Vulture Records.

Expect nothing less than the finest in modern metal/hardcore. Who We Are can be found in stores and online retailers everywhere.

Selections from the album have been posted at this location: Beyond Threshold


11/17 – St. Louis, MO

11/23 – Urbana, IL w/ VENTANA

11/29 – Janesville, WI w/ DOPE

11/30 – Battle Creek, MI w/ NONPOINT

12/16 – Rockford, IL w/ FLAW


With the release of their 2010 debut, Revolution, Beyond Threshold established themselves as one of the fastest rising and most impressive new acts in the active rock/metal scene. Over the past two years, the band has shared stages with some of the biggest names in metal and gained a reputation as road-worthy workhorses. With Who We Are, Beyond Threshold takes their uncompromising blend of modern thrash, heavy rock and hardcore to the next level. Heads will bang, faces will melt and Beyond Threshold will emerge as the future of heavy music.

About Beyond Threshold:

Beyond Threshold is a heavy rock band that has dominated the greater Midwest. Coming from different influences and genres has allowed them to develop into a truly unique, professional, and powerful heavy rock act. Conceived in 2006, this talented young band comprises of former members of several Rockford metal outfits, and together are rapidly becoming one of the standouts of the Midwest music scene.

Veteran performers from many groups have come together to ignite an inferno constructed to consume. New school antics with old school roots give the band an unexampled edge in today’s music market.

Since the release of their debut album “Revolution” in 2010, Beyond Threshold has been touring the Midwest supporting acts, such as; Five Finger Death Punch, Hatebreed, Sevendust, Drowning Pool, Chevelle, All That Remains, Powerman 5000, Pop Evil, Filter, Nonpoint, Flava Flav, Hed P.E, Fear Factory, Godforbid, Mushroomhead, Sid Wilson of Slipknot, Skindred, Soil, Primer 55, Taproot, Smile Empty Soul, Flaw, Everclear, Art of Dying, Filter, Walls of Jericho, Fuel, Saliva, Adema, 36 Crazy Fists, Dope, Ankla, Kittie, It Dies Today, Burn Halo, Motograter, The Autumn Offering, Mephis May Fire, Bobaflex, Los Lonely Boys, The Last Vegas, Oblige, Anew Revolution, Tonic, and many more.


Erik Virgin – Vocals

Todd Paluzzi – Guitars

Dustin Dye – Guitars

Chad Foster – Bass

John (Vagrant) Sergel – Drums


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on BEYOND THRESHOLD, click on the links below!

facebook: Beyond Threshold



5 STAR GRAVE – Sign To Massacre Records

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Meet 5 STAR GRAVE – politically incorrect and damn proud of it.

Brought back to life in 2005 by assembling the scattered unburied remains of 6 Italian punks, 5 STAR GRAVE equals a middle finger straight in the face of any kind of trend or musical compromises.

Their first album entitled “Corpse Breed Syndrome” was released in 2008 and received a great feedback from both media and fans for its recklessness, freshness and strong energetic vibe.

After almost 4 years, the band is now going to release their new album “Drugstore Hell”!

The album will offer a refinement of an already addictive and winning formula, able to combine extreme vocal aggression with catchy light-hearted melodies, a pounding rhythm section mixed with industrial keyboards and a sharp guitar work, all merged together in a boiling high-octane cauldron.

“Drugstore Hell” benefits of an impressive production by the award-winning producer Tobias Lindell (Europe, Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet and others), who mixed and mastered the 11 new songs at the Bohus Sound Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden, granting the record a top-notch quality and an extremely aggressive sound.

The band about the message they want to spread with their music:

“Our music shall and will contain content that might be considered profane, unlawful, defamatory, libellous, abusive, incendiary, sexually offensive and obscene.”

Be prepared for “Drugstore Hell”, which is going to be released on May 25, 2012 via Massacre Records!

5 STAR GRAVE Line-up:

Claudio Ravinale – Vocals

Andrea Minolfi – Bass Guitar, Vocals

Thierry Bertone – Lead Guitar

Hervè De Zulian – Synth

Alessandro Blengino – Rhythm Guitar

Gabriele Lingue – Drums


(Source: Massacre Records)

For more info on 5 STAR GRAVE, click on the links below:



I SPIT ASHES – Sign To Massacre Records

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We’re delighted to announce the signing of the Modern/Melodic Death Metal quintet I SPIT ASHES from Germany!

Modern and with a clear-cut course, I SPIT ASHES manage to please their fans as well as the music press!
Without neglecting their roots or following any trends, I SPIT ASHES don’t want to sound like any other band, even though they sound familiar. And just like life, the band’s songs are sometimes hard and angry, or smooth and sad.

II SPIT ASHES is rolling hard like no other young band these days, but you’ll also find quiet and ballad-like songs with a deeper meaning – either musically or lyrically – in their repertoire!

If true emotions conspire with futuristic melodic-aggressive sound patterns, walls will be torn down! If I SPIT ASHES bends the bows of melodies, the arrows do not only hit your ears, but directly the heart.

“If you attend a I SPIT ASHES concert, you’ll feel like you’ve seen a flying saucer landing right in front of you!”, comments guitarist Emanuel Seis.

Want to know what Emanuel is talking about? A few live videos are available at the band’s youtube channel:



Emanuel Seis – Guitar

Bernhard Lindner – Guitar

Benedikt Rathsmann – Vocals

Daniel Lammich – Drums

Benjamin Müller – Bass Guitar


(Source: Massacre Records)

For more info on I SPIT ASHES, click on the link below:



MNEMIC – Announce Album Title and Reveal Cover Artwork

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Danish Modern Metallers MNEMIC have recently finished their recording marathon in the Antfarm studios in Aabyhøj, Denmark and can now share some red-hot news on their upcoming 5th studio record with you! Guitarist Mircea issues the following statement:

“We can say that the new record is done, completed and our mission is finally accomplished. Since the disruption and chaos within the band last year, and the acquirement of new members, I never thought we would make it this far. Today everything converged and we ascended from the depths of turmoil, catharsis and hard work everyone has put into this new record, which is entitled “Mnemesis”. Yes, again we chose something no one can pronounce, just like our band mname.

For the ones that are curious about our new opus, I can say it’s more melodic than what we’ve done in the past, but at the same time more energetic and not so technical. We tried to incorporate the traditional Mnemic-esque sound and universe into the compositions, as good as we could. At the same time, we tried to move forward, like everything else in life. All in all it’s more of an atmospheric and melodic record, at least for me. In any case, hope you will enjoy it just as much as I do, and if not, no biggie, we are grateful that you at least took the time to read these lines.
See you somewhere out there, we’re coming for you cunts – and that’s a promise!”


 Check out the amazing “Mnemesis” cover artwork by Metastazis (MORBID ANGEL, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, PARADISE LOST, ULVER – ) and don’t forget to watch the five parts of the studio blog on YouTube if you haven’t done it yet:

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:
Part IV:
Part V:


(Source: Nuclear Blast News)

* For more info on MNEMIC, click on the links below:



AVATAR ‘Black Waltz’ Is Dark, Extreme, Modern and Groove Laden… Metal Bliss

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AVATAR – The debut full-length album, Black Waltz, from Sweden’s AVATAR was released back on February 14th, 2012, via eOne Music… and it’s hereby highly recommended by yours truly, for your Metal famished senses. Extreme vocals are prevalent from Johannes Eckerström and he essentially nails it from top to bottom. Johannes isn’t belting out Death or Black Metal tones, instead it’s all super-fine Extreme. Dark. Damn good. When Johannes does come clean with his vocals, it’s… damn good again.

The Metal itself has more grooves discharging than I could possibly count. There’s also a melodic sensibility happening big time with the Metal of AVATAR and it all comes across to me as a thrilling listening experience. Metal be thy name is this AVATAR band an unforeseen Metal prize for me in 2012. AVATAR plays some straightforward Metal, only it’s the inventiveness of the parts and the dazzling delivery of the Extreme, which all equals to the impressive Metal sum on Black Waltz. Whoa.

AVATAR implements elements into their Metal that keeps their songs interesting, (as an example) the creepy chorus as an outro for Torn Apart. Ready For The Ride is a fine Metal example of just how Extreme AVATAR can come across, this song when played at maximum level is one of the more enjoyable listening moments I’ve had with a song lately. Hell, playing Black Waltz in its entirety at maximum volume, is prescribed Metal medicine for any shitty day you or I shall encounter from here on in.


To explain the Metal listening experience of Black Waltz, in one word, that word would be: INTENSE. Within these 11 songs on Black Waltz, I hear a band that obviously is adept in Metal creativity and focused on quality. In Napalm and has progressive footings and still comes across with that dark feel and vibe that AVATAR wants us all to accept. Dark lyrically and musically throughout, AVATAR never has me thinking this is the “same old stuff” I’ve been listening to for years.

The title track, Use Your Tongue and Blod are three scalding exclamation points on this album. Furious. Like an Extreme, yet still, a groove driven Metal ambush from the fiery depths of hell itself. Jonas Jarlsby and Simon Andersson on guitars are damn cool to listen to. The riffs, leads and mini-solos are all unique and all importantly memorable. Let It Burn grooves along with such a convincing fire from AVATAR that it gets the “replay continuously” award for this album.

Yes, I dig AVATAR and appreciate the Metal direction that  they are taking here on Black Waltz. To say that I’ve enjoyed Black Waltz as much as any Rob Zombie album ever made is real. That new Alice Cooper album from last year has nothing over on Black Waltz either. AVATAR is without question, a band not to ignore. Black Waltz is this band’s debut album that is absolutely can’t miss in 2012 and beyond. The Modern Metal doors of extremity have flung wide open… and AVATAR has arrivedMetal. Be. Thy. Name.


Johannes Eckerström – Vocals

John Alfredsson – Drums

Jonas Jarlsby – Guitars

Simon Andersson – Guitars

Henrik Sandelin – Bass


Black Waltz – Track Listing:

Let Us Die

Torn Apart

Ready For The Ride

In Napalm

Black Waltz


Let It Burn

One Touch

Paint Me Red

Smells Like A Freakshow

Use Your Tongue


For more info on AVATAR, click on the links below:

eOne Metal




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DEATHSTARS – Swedish Death Glam icons DEATHSTARS just released the videoclip for “METAL”, one of two brand new songs featured on their best of compilation “The Greatest Hits On Earth” which has been released just today, Friday, November 4th.

Check out the video for “METAL” below… take in the exquisite mixture of Death Glam, Industrial and Modern… METAL from DEATHSTARS!

Stone’s METAL Note: There isn’t any “Lulu” going on here folks!

The Greatest Hits On Earth – Track List:

01. Death Is Wasted On The Dead (previously unreleased)
02. METAL (previously unreleased)
03. Death Dies Hard
04. Blitzkrieg
05. Motherzone
06. Synthetic Generation
07. Tongues
08. Blood Stains Blondes
09. Cyanide
10. New Dead Nation
11. The Mark Of The Gun
12. Chertograd
13. Semi-Automatic
14. Syndrome
15. Play God
16. Opium

(Source: Nuclear Blast News)

* For more info on DEATHSTARS, click on the link below:

DEATHSTARS – facebook



COLD – 2011 U.S. Summer Tour With VOLBEAT: Dates, Cities and Venues Listed!

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COLD is currently on tour with VOLBEAT, trekking across the U.S. and supporting their newly released studio album: Superfiction (Eleven Seven Music). Superfiction is the fifth studio album from COLD and fans have waited six years for it! Stone will say this much: It was well worth the wait! Superfiction is a comeback album with a dozen exclamation points after it. COLD is now solidifying their legendary status as an Alt/Modern Metal & Hard Rock leader. Metal be thy name.

VOLBEAT is touring in support of their fourth studio album: Beyond Hell/Above Heaven. VOLBEAT has been gaining Rockin’ momentum as each and every day passes… this is one hell of a band! Their combination of Metal, Hard Rock and Rockabilly is so damn good it’s scary. To have COLD and VOLBEAT on tour together = ultra unreal. Check out the dates and cities below to see if these two amazing bands are gonna be Rockin’ in your area!

COLD With VOLBEAT – 2011 U.S. Tour:

07/28/11 – @ McGuffy’s House of Rock – Dayton, OH

07/29/11 – @ Piere’s – Fort Wayne, IN

07/30/11 – @ WJJO Bandcamp – Madison, WI

07/31/11 – @ The Pageant – St. Louis, MO

08/02/11 – @ Emo’s – Austin, TX

08/03/11 – @ House Of Blues – New Orleans, LA

08/05/11 – @ The Filmore – Miami, FL

08/06/11 – @ House Of Blues – Lake Buena Vista, FL

08/07/11 – @ The Filmore – Charlotte, NC

08/10/11 – @ 9:30 Club – Washington, D.C.

08/11/11 – @ Starland Ballroom – Sayerville, N.J.

08/12/11 – @ Crocodile Rock – Allentown, PA

08/13/11 – @ The Dome at Oakdale – Wallingford, CT

08/15/11 – @ Machine Shop – Flint, MI

08/16/11 – @ Orbit Room – Grand Rapids, MI

08/17/11 – @ House Of Blues – Chicago, IL

08/19/11 – @ First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN

08/20/11 – @ The Grove – Lincoln, NE

08/26/11 – @ Rock Hard @ The Park – Spokane, WA

08/27/11 – @ Big Sky Brewery – Missoula, MT

08/28/11 – @ Knitting Factory – Boise, ID

09/01/11 – @ Brick by Brick – San Diego, CA

09/02/11 – @ House Of Blues – Las Vegas, NV

09/03/11 – @ House Of Blues – Anaheim, CA

09/04/11 – @ House Of Blues – Anaheim, CA


* For more info on COLD, click on the links below:


COLD – myspace music

* For more info on VOLBEAT, click on the link below:

VOLBEAT – Official Website




COLD – A Tour Of The American Dream: Live Photos and Overview From The Crocodile Rock Cafe, Allentown, Pennsylvania, March 19th, 2011

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(All Live Photo Credits: Tom Coderre)

COLD – Back on March 19th, 2011, Alt/Modern Metal Legends COLD brought A Tour Of The American Dream to The Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Myself and Metal Odyssey’s staff photographer Tom Coderre were there to take in this night of Hard and Heavy hittin’ bliss, which featured four fabulous supporting bands that are on the rise: KOPEK, Oceans Divide and Egypt Central. Eastern Pennsylvania’s very own Maddam Ink. closed out the night after the headliners COLD.

COLD presented themselves onstage like the tried and true Rock legends they are, playing a tight set of songs that spanned their career. Wherever I turned, fans were in a psyched-out mode, realizing they were watching the continued comeback of a band that has been highly influential to a generation of Hard Rock, Modern Metal and Alternative Heavy Music bands. Speaking of which, the members of KOPEK and Oceans Divide spoke reverently of COLD. This all added further proof, that COLD has without question left its mark on Rock Music history and an impressionable influence on many young, current and successful bands.

With COLD, it is not the amount of albums that is important, it is the quality of these albums in their discography that impresses me. COLD has sold well over a million albums for good reason. Their music’s originality blended with plenty of heaviness and fortified with an alternative vibe, feel and personality, have all been key with their successful bridge to strengthening the Alternative and Modern Metal genres over their career. From their newest single Wicked World to The Day Seattle Died, COLD performed their songs at The Crocodile Rock Cafe with a conviction of a band that has been around the block and Rocked it to kingdom come as well… many times over.

For a band of any stature to take a short or long hiatus from the scene, then only come back to Rock out the brains of a throng of adoring fans says quite a lot. The age group of these fans at The Crocodile Rock to see COLD on this evening, in late March, told another astounding story, with young and middle-aged Heavy Music fans alike seeming to be there for one purpose: COLD solidarity. With their forthcoming studio album Superfiction (Eleven Seven Music) being released on July 19th, 2011, the feeling in the air is that COLD is no longer on a comeback… COLD is back.

All the live photos you see here were taken by Tom Coderre. I’ll speak for Tom… he was quite psyched-out to be documenting this live set from COLD with his camera lens, documenting A Tour Of The American Dream… a tour and band that shall forever be an important part of Rock Music history. I know I was psyched-out to be there.

Scooter Ward – vocalist

Scooter Ward – vocalist

Sam McCandless – drums

Jeremy Marshall – bass

Jeremy Marshall – bass

Zach Gilbert – guitar

Drew Molleur – guitar

* For more information on COLD, click on the links below:


COLD – myspace music



POP EVIL – Signs To eOne Music: Shoots New Music Video, Debuts Another New Single + Tour Dates Listed!

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(Photo Credit: LeAnn Mueller)

(New York, NY) — POP EVIL will be shooting a new music video for their brand new track “Monster You Made” today in Chicago with critically acclaimed director Robby Starbuck“We are very excited to release “Monster You Made” as the follow up single to ‘Last Man Standing.’ This song depicts what ‘War of Angels’ is all about! Nothing puts a bigger smile on our face then getting the chance to say July 5th marks ‘War of Angels’ release day!” says front man Leigh Kakaty.


POP EVIL have recently signed a world wide record deal with eOne Music. Their new long awaited album “War Of Angels” will be released on July 5, 2011. Grammy Award nominated producer/engineerJohnny K is producing.

The band even went as far as to tear up their old record contract on stage during their performance at Rock On The Range festival earlier this month before announcing their new home. Watch the video of front man Leigh Kakaty doing so HERE. hailed it one of the “10 Best Moments of Rock on the Range.”

The band has enjoyed early success with their hit single “Last Man Standing” which peaked at #5 on the active rock charts. That single can be heard HEREWar Of Angels will be the follow up to Lipstick on the Mirror which was released in 2008. The band will continue their co-headline run with CROSSFADE. Click HERE for tour dates!

POP EVIL is Leigh Kakaty (lead vocals) Dylan Allison (drums) Davey Grahs (guitar) Tony Greve (guitar) and Matt DiRito (bass).


6/9 – Fayettville, AR @ George’s Majestic Lounge
6/10 – Little Rock, AR @ Juanita’s
6/12 – Lafayette, LA @ Nite Town
6/13 – Ruston, LA @ 3 Doc’s Bew House
6/14 – Montgomery, AL @ Rock Bottom
6/15 – Greensboro, NC @ Blind Tiger
6/16 – Johnson City, TN @ Capones
6/17 – Flint, MI @ The Machine Shop
6/18 – Louisville, KY @ Pheonix Hill Tavern
6/19 – Baltimore, MD @ Ram’s Head Live
6/22 – Cincinatti, OH @ Yeatman’s Cove Park
6/23 – Dayton, OH @ McGuffy’s House of Rock
6/24 – Toldeo, OH @ Headliners
6/25 – Jackson, MI @ County Fairgrounds
7/1 – Muskegon, MI @ Heritage Landing
7/3 – Great Lakes, IL @ Great Lakes Naval Station
7/7 – Milwaukee, WI @ Summerfest
7/8 – Aberdeen, SD @ Aberdeen Music Festival
7/9 – Rochester, MN @ Wicked Moose
7/12 – Chesaning, MI @ Chesaning Showboat
7/16 – Rock Island, IL @ Rock The District
7/29 – Neenah, WI @ Mo’s Ridgeway
7/30 – Madison, WI @ WJJO Band Camp
8/6 – Sturgis, SD @ Buffalo Chip Campground
8/7 – Moorehead, MN @ Bluestem
8/9 – Casper,WY @ The Venue
8/27 – Waterloo, IA @ Rockstock Festival

* (Source: eOne Music)

* For more info on POP EVIL, click on the links below:

POP EVIL – Official facebook

POP EVIL – Official Website

eOne Music – facebook

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SHINEDOWN – Somewhere in the Stratosphere: Madness LIVE from Washington State (Electric)… Electrifies!

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SHINEDOWN – After listening to the 17 live songs on Somewhere in the Stratosphere: Madness LIVE from Washington State (Electric), my conclusion is Shinedown electrifies with their live performance. The quality of sound and all encompassing production of this live album is astounding. The sounds of the audience are captured perfectly, with plenty of exaltation and sing-along moments, making this a true live listen into this Shinedown concert.

Before I listened to this live Shinedown album, I did not hear one song prior. I was hoping for high energy from this live concert album, coupled with the commanding spirit of musicianship that Shinedown so dramatically exemplifies. Well… Shinedown sounds electrifying on this live album and I wish I was there to experience this live concert.

Shinedown have released three studio albums with immense commercial success. Leave A Whisper (2003) has gone Platinum, Us and Them (2005) has gone Gold and The Sound of Madness (2008) has reached Platinum status. All three of these studio albums from Shinedown I admire greatly, from the lyrics to the music and all vibes in-between. Shinedown has sold millions of albums for good reason. Albums just don’t sell that easy these days. It’s my guess that the song writing and lyrical themes of Shinedown’s songs obviously touches the human spirit and relates, plus this band really can play lights out.

I’ve always considered Brent Smith to be a premier vocalist in the world of Heavy Music and all of Rock for that matter. Brent has that gift of spilling out real emotion into the lyrics that he sings, nothing has ever come across as fabricated to my ears. To hear these 17 Shinedown songs live, with Brent’s vocals being as inspirational as ever, is riveting. Hearing live versions of Brent singing I Dare You, Heroes, The Crow & The Butterfly and Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) is proof positive that he was meant for the live stage.

Throughout this live album, the entire band plays tighter than the knots in my daughter’s sneaker laces. All the while, I can feel the enthusiasm of Shinedown through these live songs, it just comes through to me this way and I’m not complaining. The pumped-up and heavy grooves that erupt from Sound Of Madness are so lively it’s downright wild. Fly From The Inside is brought to the live stage brilliantly. The cover song of the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic Simple Man is played in acoustic Southern Rock glory. The last verse of Simple Man has Brent Smith inviting the audience to sing-along and it’s simply put… cool and fun stuff.

Second Chance ends this live album of 17 songs by scarring my arms and face with ostrich bumps of emotion. A perfect song to cap off this concert and album. Thank you, Shinedown. Metal be thy name. This new live album from Shinedown should recruit even more new fans into their Rockin’ stable. Longtime fans of Shinedown should presumably be thrilled to hear and own this album. It is my Metal opinion, this is one of those live albums that will be looked upon as being one of the best of it’s generation.


Brent Smith – vocals

Zach Myers – guitar

Eric Bass – bass

Barry Kerch – drums

Track Listing:

Intro (Scary Fairy)

Sound Of Madness


I Dare You

Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide

If You Only Knew

Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)


Burning Bright


The Crow & The Butterfly

Her Name Is Alice

Save Me

Left Out

Simple Man

Fly From The Inside

Second Chance

* This live album was released on May 3rd, 2011, on Atlantic Records.

* For more info on SHINEDOWN, click the links below:

SHINEDOWN – Official Website

SHINEDOWN – facebook

SHINEDOWN – twitter



Fair To Midland – To Shoot A New Music Video, More New Album Details Revealed!

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New York, NY) — FAIR TO MIDLAND will be shooting a video for their newest single “Musical Chairs” in the coming weeks. Director Kevin Custer (Flogging Molly, Gaslight Anthem) has signed on to handle directing duties. 

FAIR TO MIDLAND will release their brand new full length entitled “Arrows and Anchors” on July 12th, 2011. This is the band’s follow-up to the highly acclaimed record “Fables from a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times Is True” released in 2007. The first single off the new record can be heard here and purchased here. The band recently released a behind the scenes clip of how the song came to be, watch it here. 

FAIR TO MIDLAND is Darroh Sudderth (vocals), Cliff Campbell (guitar), Brett Stowers (drums), Matt Langley (keyboards) and Jon Dicken (Bass).

Arrows & Anchors Track List:

Heavens to Murgatroyd

Whiskey & Ritalin

Musical Chairs


Amarillo Sleeps on My Pillow

A Loophole in Limbo

Typhoid Mary Sends Her Best

Short-Haired Tornado

The Upset at Bailey Bridge

Rikki Tikki Tavi

Golden Parachutes

Bright Bulbs & Sharp Tools

Coppertank Island

Three Foolproof Ways to Buy the Farm

The Greener Grass

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* For more info on Fair To Midland, click the link below:

Fair To Midland – myspace music



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