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ARMORED SAINT – released their brilliant comeback album La Raza on March 16, 2010. An Old School Heavy Metal with shades of Hard Rock album is La Raza, an unreal quality listen. My favorite song on La Raza is Chilled. Currently, Chilled is a very strong candidate for Metal Odyssey’s song of the year. If I had to choose today, Chilled would be song of the year for 2010… Metal hands down. The lyrics coupled with the melodic totality of this song, just reaches into my Metal soul and shakes me up… in a most exhilarating way!

The vocals of John Bush with every second of Armored Saint’s music consistently heightens the emotion and realism of this song. I have not been this excited over one song in a very, very, long time.

If you have not listened to Chilled from La Raza just yet, here is your chance! As well written a song I have ever heard in my entire Metal life… in my Metal opinion. Just click on the box below and prepare to get Chilled! Oh, uh, don’t forget to play it LOUD too.

Armored Saint, as they appear on La Raza:

John Bush – vocals

Joey Vera – bass

Jeff Duncan – guitar

Phil Sandoval – guitar

Gonzo Sandoval – drums



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The following news about the upcoming Armored Saint album, La Raza, was taken from the Metal Blade Records newsletter, dated December 4, 2009. In this newsletter, as told by Joey Vera, bass guitarist for Armored Saint:

Album Title – La Raza

Release Date – March 2010 – (no actual Tuesday date was mentioned)

Record Label – Metal Blade Records

Production Status – all the songs have been recorded and mixed * mastering, photo shoots, CD artwork and the running order of the songs are currently being finished up.

According to Joey Vera, this new Armored Saint album – La Raza, is “full on cardiovascular failure stuff” and is “Old School baby”!

* Heavy Metal credit where it is due: I first caught wind of a new Armored Saint album being finished and it’s release being on the horizon, over at The Metal Files – look for the post titled: DC4 and Warrior – 11/7/09 – Whisky A-Go-Go. It’s a really cool and credible read with an insiders view.

I’m really looking forward to this new Armored Saint album in March. After all these years I admire the Old School Heavy Metal bands that are still around and playing/making valid music. Armored Saint paid their Metal dues, now it’s time for this band to remind everyone what they are all about… 100% traditional/Old School Heavy Metal. 2010 is looking to be another unreal great year for Heavy Metal Music… thanks to Armored Saint’s return!

Armored Saint:

John Bush – Vocals

Joey Vera – Bass

Jeff Duncan – Guitars

Gonzo Sandoval – Drums

Phil Sandoval – Guitars

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