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Armored Saint – “Revelation” brings forth Heavy Metal intensity

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Armored Saint "Revelation" small picArmored Saint is an Old School Heavy Metal band, a band that proved to me years ago, they were all about Metal. One listen to any album from the Armored Saint catalog and one will understand what I mean about all Metal. One album in particular, that really drives the message home as to the serious Heavy Metal Music that Armored Saint delivers is “Revelation”, (released on March 7, 2000, on Metal Blade Records). I bought this album as exactly such… on vinyl. This album is a twelve song, two record set, with three songs per side of each album. There still is a cool Metal rush I experience when holding onto an actual record, placing it on a turntable, then letting the Heavy Metal roar. Armored Saint does exactly that, they storm out of the Heavy Metal gates on “Revelation”, this album sets me on the Metal path I belong on. It is going on ten years since this album was released, yet the Heavy Metal that blasts from “Revelation”, is just as exhilarating as any new Metal music releases I have heard lately.

“Revelation” is one of those rare albums where I flat out tell my fellow Metal peers… buy it and be glad you did. You are getting more than you expect with Armored Saint, no songs are watered down, the musicianship is Metal superior and lead vocalist John Bush is one of the greats at fronting a Heavy Metal band. Armored Saint may not be Thrash Metal, nor are they Death Metal… they are bona fide Heavy Metal with an extra dosage of heavy. “Tension”, “Creepy Feelings” and “Damaged”  really showcase the vocals of John Bush, he never over reaches on any notes, he only defines how Heavy Metal is supposed to be sung. “Tension” is a song that is extremely relevant, lyrically, to what is currently taking place in corporate America. On “After Me, The Flood”, sure, John Bush lets out a scream or two, he mixes it up vocally with potent Metal fervor. “Revelation” seems to rupture at the seams with non-stop, great songs. If only every Metal album could be like this… skipping over tracks is totally unnecessary here.

“Den Of Thieves” is a heavy song that demonstrates the guitar brilliance of Phil Sandoval on lead guitar and Jeff Duncan on rhythm & lead guitar. This guitar duo erupts with melodic leads and contagious riffs that make my Metal day complete. “Control Issues” is arguably the heaviest song on this album, lyrically making quite the impact that the music itself intends. “No Me Digas” is the bonus track included on this album… it is sung in Spanish, the lyrics inside the album gatefold are in Spanish as well. I am not too fluent with my Spanish, however, I will say that this song rocks along well just the same. This song is proof to me, that Heavy Metal Music is without question, a universal language and expression – for us all to pump our fists in the air to. In the end, I have been Metal schooled again, this time by “No Me Digas” and Armored Saint.

As for the rhythm section of Joey Vera on bass and Gonzo Sandoval on drums, they play as tight and effective as any in Heavy Metal. The focal point of this band for me, is the all encompassing power of the music, without sacrificing a melodic moment here or there. I usually try not to spill over, too excessively, with Metal glee, in regards to a Heavy Metal album or band. “Revelation” is one Heavy Metal album that I want to put out to the world, to spread the Metal message that these songs need to be heard. Armored Saint deserves my admiration, every time I listen to this band and/or “Revelation”, it makes me Metal proud. Long live this Heavy Metal band they call – Armored Saint.

Armored Saint "Revelation" large pic

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