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BACKSLIDER / NIMBUS TERRIFIX – Split: An Ultra-Tumultuous Grindcore and Hardcore Collision!

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BACKSLIDER / NIMBUS TERRIFIX – Releasing on May 17th, 2011, is Backslider / Nimbus Terrifix (Split) via Give Praise. Backslider is a two-man Grindcore/Hardcore force originating from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nimbus Terrifix is a Technical Hardcore outfit that calls Scranton, Pennsylvania: home base. In Metal preface, Backslider are representative of the future for Blastcore, while Nimbus Terrifix can set their sights on Hardcore notoriety, just as long as they remain so damn pissed off.

Both of these bands accentuate the raging noize and all things extreme about Metal. Listening to the split album from these two up and coming Hardcore bands is not something you want to do on the way to a “check-up” at the doctor’s office… both your blood pressure and heart rate will be increased while you are trying to feel if the skin has been ripped off your face. (I’m just kidding about the facial skin, then again, you never know).

No epics are in this genre of Metal. Nope. Just quick and obliterating Hardcore uppercuts to the chin that grind out frenzied drums, old school riffs and blunt force jabs of traumatizing vocals. You shall find no sanity in the punishing sounds that Backslider and Nimbus Terrifix dish out. In this world of Extreme Metal, song structures are obliterated into furious spasms of kick-to-the-teeth strikes and counter strikes that carry out one unified message: piss off mainstream.

Give yourself the gift of Hardcore this Spring and try out Backslider and Nimbus Terrifix… you might just find that the extreme punishment these two bands dish will have you asking for more. It’s just like putting your tongue on the terminals of a 9 volt battery, it shocks, it’s unpleasant and you still want more.

While I listen to both bands, I don’t know whether I want to break out or break in. Regardless, I realize that it was my own doing in opening up this can of extreme whoop-ass and I’ll open it again. In under twelve minutes, both bands combined to brutalize my senses and I’m alive to talk about it. It’s the unreal that I hear from both of these bands, that for all intents and purposes, makes it real to me. Metal be thy name.



Steady Diet of Vitriol

Sadistic Sack of Shit

Marrow Turns to Dust

Shallow Victory

Jerusalem Syndrome




Scranton Trinity

Broadcast Booth

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