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QUEEN – “News Of The World” 1977 album I behold

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Queen "News of the World" small picOn October 28, 1977, Queen – News Of The World was released. I was eleven years old, not interested very much at the time about owning this album. Sometime within the first year of this albums release, I ventured into the local Bradlees department store, took one look at the 45 rpm sleeve of the Queen – We Are The Champions/We Will Rock You, (double A single), the very large head of that somber, yet spooked out robot head had me hooked and intrigued. I was just as enthralled by the artwork of this robot head as I was the two songs on the 45 record. I treated this 45 record and sleeve like it was pure gold… staring into the eyes of this nightmarish robot head, becoming transfixed by this image. Of course, I listened to this 45 record like there was no tomorrow, as an eleven year old in 1978, just owning this stuff was bragging material at the Parochial School I was enrolled at. I no longer have this memorable 45 record with it’s alluring sleeve, I positively do not remember how I let it go. Fast forward to 2009, I now am the proud owner of two album copies of this incredible Hard Rock masterpiece, both copies are vinyl too, not CD. I have spent fifty cents on each album, for one dollar… two copies of the Queen album News Of The World. I will never buy the third copy of this album I find, I’d rather leave it to the next collector or fan of exceptional Hard Rock Music and/or Queen, to be just as thrilled as I am of it’s artistic and musical importance.

It just seems so surreal at times, to think that such a significant and sensational album within the history of Rock Music, can be had for a mere fifty cents at one of my local thrift stores. I obtained both copies of this album through my thrift store jaunts, both being found within the last two years or so. Both album copies are in near mint condition, in other words fabulous shape, based on their being circulated around for maybe thirty years or so. The double gatefold artwork found within is breathtaking to me. I am not about to even come close to reviewing a Hard Rock album of this elite caliber… that would be insanity, even embarrassing. No, what I am expressing are the memories of seeing and buying this 45 record at age eleven, being drawn into the artwork and Hard Rock songs of Queen’s News Of The World at such a young age. Sometimes in life, there are those situations, those moments that never seem to change at all, moments that seem to be repeated through ones lifetime… I still stare into those eyes of that very large robot head, still being mesmerized by the uncanny Hard Rock excellence that is Queen News Of The World.

The album artwork seen on Queen News Of The World was created by American Science Fiction Artist – Frank Kelly Freas.

Queen "News Of The World" large pic

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