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METAL HAMMER – Special Edition February Issue #253 Goes Star Wars… METAL Style

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Metal Hammer - Star Wars Metal Strikes Back cover - 2014

Check out the cover for Metal Hammer’s Special Edition February, 2014 #253 issue above! The theme is 2014 Metal Strikes Back. Check and see how many Legends Of Metal you can identify on this cover! I believe Yoda (on bottom left) is Max Cavalera, while Darth Vader is (of course), none other than Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie. I’ve identified Lemmy Kilmister as an Imperial Officer, (bottom right, in middle). Cool stuff! Metal be thy name.

This issue of Metal Hammer goes on sale January 7th and is available for pre-order (and eventually order) now! Just click on the Metal link below! Whoa!

Metal Hammer – Order:


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small





ANA KEFR – Featured In ATMOSFEAR Extreme Music Magazine Issue #8

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ANA KEFR – The California based Extreme Metal band ANA KEFR have a featured interview in the latest issue (#8) of ATMOSFEAR Extreme Music Magazine. What sets ANA KEFR apart from their Extreme Metal peers, is their progressive leanings musically and philosophical lyrics. Make no Metal mistake, ANA KEFR is an Extreme Metal band, 100% from top to bottom and side to side. ANA KEFR is an Extreme Metal band that is on the rise and a must to check out and hear, if you haven’t already.

* ANA KEFR was voted #9 in Metal Odyssey’s Top Ten Metal Albums of 2011, with their critically applauded album: The Burial Tree (II). (Posted on Metal Odyssey December 17th, 2011).

(Source: Sundisc PR)

* For more info on ANA KEFR, click on the link below:

* For more info on ATMOSFEAR, click on the link below:




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REVOLVER MAGAZINE – has put out a very, very, cool special issue: The Art Of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal. This mag is out now and worth every Metal penny to own! Many past regular issues of Revolver, has included an article pertaining to the history behind a classic Heavy Metal or Hard Rock album cover. This history behind these album covers involves the artist and what thoughts, stories and details surrounded the artwork – from concept to finish. I always state… one can never take in enough Heavy Metal or Hard Rock history, this magazine is Metal knowledge that can only benefit me and you.

I came upon this Revolver Special Issue today, as I was grocery shopping at my local supermarket called Weis. Deciding to take a chance as I meandered down the magazine aisle, hoping that maybe, just maybe, there would be a worthy magazine to pick up, that covers the music I love… and I’m NOT talking about Rolling Stone either. That stroll down the magazine aisle served me right! There it was, this Revolver special issue, with Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie on the front cover… depicted from their vintage 1981 album cover Killers. The cover price for the magazine is $6.99 (U.S.)… not a shabby deal at all for Heavy Metal and Hard Rock history.

A sampling of album covers that are featured in this Revolver Magazine special issue are: Quite RiotMetal Health, MegadethPeace Sells But Who’s Buying, SepulturaChaos A.D., PanteraFar Beyond Drive, King DiamondAbigail, MotorheadMotorhead and SlayerReign In Blood. Whoa, unreal great and historic album covers all. A huge Metal kudos to Revolver Magazine for unleashing such a spectacular special issue!

If you can’t locate a copy of Revolver’s – The Art Of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal at retail, click on the link below that takes you right to Revolver’s website, where you can purchase it right there on their online store:



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