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Ace Frehley – my second favorite Kiss solo album

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main-150Ace Frehley will always be my choice pick for the guitarist of Kiss. Ace Frehley was the original guitarist and in my Metal opinion, the best at lead guitar for Kiss. I few posts ago, I stated that my favorite Kiss solo album of all time is Paul Stanley. I cannot backtrack that sentiment, the Paul Stanley album is for me, #1. With that said, out of the four Kiss solo albums, Ace Frehley is clearly my #2 choice. My fellow peer in Metal blogs over at The Metal Files, (a cool Metal Music blog that is worth the visits), commented his favorite Kiss solo album is Ace Frehley… this spurred me into delving into the Ace Frehley solo album once again. I do own the Ace Frehley solo album, (released on September 18, 1978), a record that has been with me for decades. I actually bought this Ace Frehley vinyl from a cut-out bin, from a small department store named Woolworths, back in the very early 1980’s. My Ace Frehley album has the top right corner actually cut off, therefore, that is probably why it was in a cut-out bin! Despite the cosmetic damage that this album cover suffered, the album itself and the large fold-out poster of Ace Frehley that was included with the album, never sustained damage from the cut-out process. (Each Kiss solo album had a large fold-out poster of the respective Kiss musician inside the album sleeve, with each of the four posters interlocking together, through die cuts, to form one giant Kiss collage, if you will).

Now, I have not ever owned the Ace Frehley solo album as a CD… until today. A trip to Best Buy had me, as usual, walking the CD aisles and staking out some Heavy Music that would pacify my Metal hunger. Well, Classic Heavy Metal has done it again… the Ace Frehley solo CD caught my eye, it was about time to upgrade my vinyl copy after all. I paid $7.99 for this Ace Frehley CD today, that is cheaper than buying a steak and a whole lot more gratifying too. “Rip It Out” and “Speedin’ Back To My Baby” are the first two tracks… I tag these two songs as being my two favorites. These songs have that Ace Frehley vibe happening, vocally of course, yet the guitar of Ace is so incredibly vintage. To plop a CD into the car stereo on the ride home and have the very first two songs crank like this… all I could say to myself as I drove was… Space Ace Rocks. As I continued to listen to Ace Frehley, it was a consistent reminder to me, as to how Rock legit his solo album was and still is. When I was much younger, back in 1978, I bought the 45 rpm of “New York Groove”, with the “B” side being “Snow Blind”. Both of these songs I do put on a Metal pedestal for the memories they stir… I was just a young, little dude playing this 45 record back in 1978, CD’s and ipods were non existent and The New York Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox – in a one game playoff for the American League East Division title. Plus, I had no bills to pay back in 1978 either. Ace Frehley as with all of the Kiss solo albums, bring back memories that money just can’t buy.

This Ace Frehley solo album did reach platinum sales status, (one million or more copies sold), peaking at #26 on the U.S. Billboard album charts as well. My fellow Metal blogging peer at The Metal Files commented Ace Frehley did not write “New York Groove”… Russ Ballard did. “New York Groove” peaked at #13 on the U.S. Billboard Singles chart. Not to sound like a television music show judge, excuse me by saying… Ace Frehley nailed it with “New York Groove”. Aw, heck, Ace Frehley nailed it on all nine songs too.


Heaven & Hell Day is Here! Heavy Metal fans rejoice!

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92776862Obviously, it is April 28th, 2009. Today, the new album release from Heaven & Hell is unleashed on the glorious world of Heavy Metal!! It is going on twelve noon – (Eastern Standard Time/U.S.) for me at this moment – I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my new copy of “The Devil You Know,” via U.S. mail. I pre-ordered the CD/DVD version, through Best Buy (online). It seems that the CD/DVD version is a Best Buy exclusive, therefore getting the DVD part of the package is for me, a Metal bonus! Plus, get this – I pre-ordered about two weeks ago, the cost of “The Devil You Know” CD/DVD was $9.99 with free shipping!! (Now, with these tough economic times, that is a Metal bargain). This was such a cool deal, heck, I even bought my best buddy on the planet a copy too. My experiences with purchasing from Best Buy online has been truly, flawless. Best Buy really does offer continuous cool deals on a wide variety of Metal Music CD’s. Well, enough of praising Best Buy, I want my Heaven & Hell new tunes NOW!!

I have to wait until possibly 3:00pm est to get my hands on this new release, for I can never set my watch to the mailman. If I do receive “The Devil You Know” today, I will be the happiest Metalhead in North America. I have been listening to “The Mob Rules” this morning, man, it only got me more pumped up for this 2009 version of Black Sabbath (oops), I mean Heaven & Hell. I will also post my review for this album either tonight or tomorrow morning. (I am quite certain the review will be a good one). C’mon mailman, where are you dude?

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