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Motörhead “We Are Motörhead” – Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Motorhead - We Are Motorhead - promo cover pic

Motörhead – One of the greatest Rock N’ Roll bands in the world; or that ever existed for that matter. Oh, that’s my Metal opinion. I’m talking about Motörhead and on this Monday, May 20th, I Metal declare that:

We Are Motörhead is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

Okay, now that’s out-of-the-way. Motörhead has released (at least) 20 (official) studio albums over the course of 5 decades; with countless live and compilation albums to their unparalleled credit. Whoa. This legendary band can’t be stopped nor contained and I’m very grateful for their existence.

With lineup changes comes the different eras of Motörhead; only each era is essentially still… Motörhead. At its core with founding member, bassist, vocalist and the forever iconic Lemmy Kilmister is the epitome of dirty, rotten, who-gives-a-shit Rock N’ Roll. That’s what Motörhead was, is and forever will be all about, my fellow Metal brethren.

We Are Motörhead (released back in 2000) may not be better than their classics released during the ’70’s; only We Are Motörhead is better than their last 2 studio albums. Yup, that’s my Metal opinion again. Take my Metal word for it and cash it in, We Are Motörhead is an endless experience of getting your brains ROCKED OUT and it has served me right; time and again it has.

Motorhead - We Are Motorhead - promo cover pic

With the title track, Stay Out Of Jail, Out To Lunch, One More Fucking Time and Stagefright / Crash & Burn, the song titles are 500% Motörhead with the fired-up Rock N’ Roll to back ’em all up! Yes, you read that correctly, I stated: 500%. There’s an old school appeal to this Motörhead album and it’s as delectable to me as 1983’s Another Perfect Day. It doesn’t even matter if Lemmy croons like no tomorrow on One More Fucking Time; the song still kick’s ass despite the tempo.

The Punk flavoring that Motörhead’s catalog of albums can be (many times) noted for is quite present on We Are Motörhead; with the Sex Pistols 1977 iconic song God Save The Queen being covered by Lemmy and his rabid crew. A grand cover it is! Just listening to Lemmy sing this song is Rockin’ righteous and ring that Punk will never die bell.

So there y’all have it. We Are Motörhead is a worthy addition to any Metalhead’s or Rockaholic’s album collection. Motörhead Forever. Metal be thy name.


Motörhead – We Are Motörhead:

Lemmy – vocals & bass guitar

Philip Campbell – guitars & backing vocals

Mikkey Dee – drums



For more info on Motörhead, click on the link below! Whoa!

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small

Long Live Motörhead.



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Back in the early Spring of 1991, my girlfriend, (now my wife), and I ventured down to the New Haven Coliseum in New Haven, Connecticut… to frolic through a record convention. Record conventions are the best. I am guilty of not going to enough of these glorious events in my lifetime. Regardless, this record convention was chock full of vinyl, CD’s and all things Rock memorabilia that I could ever wish for. Oh yeah, there was Heavy Metal aplenty at this record convention back then… tons of it. The only parameter I needed to follow at this show was to narrow down my search, (I was not loaded with cash back then and I’m still not). Motorhead was at the top of my search list, going to this record convention. There was quite the choice of Motorhead vinyl, cassettes and CD’s to buy there… I settled on the 7″ vinyl, (45 rpm), The One To Sing The Blues. Even though I can’t remember what I actually paid for this Motorhead record, compared to purchasing a 12″ album import at the time, it was a good deal. Seven dollars keeps coming back to me, as to the purchase price though.

We left that record convention that day with just a couple of purchases. The other purchase I will save for a future post, (it was a cool piece of vinyl as well). I still own this Motorhead 45 rpm, rediscovering it recently as it was hidden away in my collection. Am I psyched that I still have it after 19 years? You betcha. I would safely guess this Motorhead record is kinda rare. The backside cover to this record sleeve has the header – Motorhead On Tour, it lists the U.K. concert dates for February 1991. There are 14 concert dates listed. Also on this backside record sleeve cover, are the complete lyrics to The One To Sing The Blues. Sure, I look back and wish I gobbled up every Motorhead vinyl treasure there was at that record convention, nonetheless, I am content with what I do have. This little record has it’s rightful place in my record collection, it being a Motorhead collectible and finding it with my wife, (then girlfriend), makes for a great memento.

Here is additional info on this Motorhead 45 rpm, The One To Sing The Blues:

Side A: The One To Sing The Blues

Side B: Dead Man’s Hand

* This record being bought in the U.S., is an import… with a Made In The U.K. sticker on the front sleeve of my copy I own.

* The One To Sing The Blues later appears on the Motorhead 1991 album – 1916. The backside record sleeve states this song as: Taken from the forthcoming LP/MC/CD “1916”

* The record label(s) as designated on the backside of the record sleeve and record: WTG Records and Epic

Motorhead, as they appeared on The One To Sing The Blues and Dead Man’s Hand:

Lemmy Kilmister – bass and lead vocals

Wurzel – guitar

Phil Campbell – guitar

Philthy Animal Taylor – drums

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