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KISS “Smashes, Thrashes & Hits” Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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KISS - Smashes Thrashes & Hits - promo cover!



KISS – Smashes, Thrashes & Hits was released back in the glorious Heavy Metal year of 1988. This greatest hits collection contains 15 KISS hits, with 2 songs that were previously unreleased: Let’s Put The X In Sex and (You Make Me) Rock Hard. There are at least a dozen or so greatest hits albums from KISS and that number may very well be conservative. This compilation is worth owning though, especially if you’re a KISSaholic.

My name is Stone… and I’m a KISSaholic.

Some may feel that Let’s Put The X In Sex is a cheesy KISS song, however, I find myself singing along to it each and every time It plays! I don’t give a stinking shit, this KISS song is simply (gulp) FUN! As it’s been declared by many great warriors of Metal: “If it’s too loud, you’re too old” and “If it’s too fun and wild, you’re most likely severely constipated.”

Beth is sung by (the late and legendary) Eric Carr. Eric obviously sang his heart out on Beth and I dig that. With that said, Beth will always be a Peter Criss song, in my Metal heart. Peter Criss is a living KISS legend, by the way. I had to throw that in.

KISS logo

There are many timeless KISS classics heard on Smashes, Thrashes & Hits; with Love Gun, Detroit Rock City, Strutter, Calling Dr. Love, Rock And Roll All Nite, Deuce, Shout It Out Loud and I Love It Loud being my favorites off this CD. Okay, Let’s Put The X In Sex is a favorite of mine too… I’m not bashful about saying this song, when played LOUD, gives me ostrich bumps all over my semi-good looking face. Metal be thy name.

My name is Stone… and I feel The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is a joke without KISS having enshrinement there. Those who have kept KISS out of this hall can KISS my Metal lovin’ ass. Whoa.

Lick It Up, Heaven’s On Fire, Tears Are Falling and I Was Made For Lovin’ You round out the 15 KISS classics you’ll hear on this CD. These are the KISS songs that I consider as being on the “second-tier” of KISS quality. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy these KISS songs too; only they’re not as legendary to my ears and Metal soul.

* One confusing item of note: is it Night or Nite? I’ve always known and seen the spelling of this iconic KISS song as: Rock And Roll All Nite. On this CD’s track listing, this song is spelled as: Rock And Roll All Night. Whoa.


For more info on KISS, click on the links below!

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Wanna See My KISS “Playlist Your Way” CD? It’s Really Cool…

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KISS – That’s it at the top! I bought this really cool KISS Playlist Your Way CD (about a year or so ago) at my local Super Walmart for $7 (U.S.). Due to my already having each song on this CD, I opted to keep this KISS CD as a collectible, therefore keeping it sealed. The photo card of KISS that you see atop the front of the CD has 4 guitar picks. These guitar picks can be punched out.

This Playlist Your Way CD was released via Mercury Records / Universal Music Group.


Rock And Roll All Nite

Lick It Up

I Love It Loud


Uh! All Night


Christine Sixteen

Detroit Rock City

Hard Luck Woman


Love Gun


I Was Made For Lovin’ You

Shout It Out Loud

Here is what the back cover looks like, nothing too exciting:


For more info on KISS, click on that very cool link below!





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The second studio CD packaged inside the new KISS –  Sonic Boom is KISS Klassics. I am not holding back on this – Whoa. Whoa does KISS rock harder than ever on these re-recorded KISS “greatest hits” – (oops), Klassics that is. I slapped in the Klassics CD, preparing to hear some subtle differences in these re-recorded songs, instead I opened up my mind and ears to a can of KISS whoop ass! Metal be damned, Tommy Thayer can play his Metal heart out – Black Diamond is unreal heavy and good. After just one listen to Lick It Up and I was re-enrolled into KISS Rock and Roll 101 – all over again. Lick It Up has a ton more KISS attitude now, (sounds unreal, understand it is holy crap good). Harder, heavier, with heaping Metal waves of relevance crashing all around is this KISS Klassics. For many KISS fans, Animalize was an album that, well, was very much a commercial Hair Metal phase for this band. Let KISS introduce you to their re-recorded – 2009 version of Heaven’s On Fire… I really, really, really, like this song a Metal ton now.

In my most honest Metal opinion, Paul Stanley sings like he has been reincarnated into his 1977 body. Gene Simmons vocally sounds like a man who has been reborn himself. Metal be my witness, this KISS Klassics has done to me, what it was probably intended to do by KISS in the first place… realize that this band is age defying and generation fusing and yes, damn great at playing these songs that are decades old. The last thing I want to sound here is as a biased, middle aged KISS fan… hell, if KISS was to have dropped the Metal ball on this one, I would be the first one screaming NO! What once was old is new again, for Metal sakes, KISS is new again! There are subtle differences in guitar leads, solo’s, riffs, yet Tommy Thayer plays each and every song like a Metal pro. Ace Frehley is legend, no question, yet Tommy Thayer has taken these songs from the master and has put his very own KISS signature on them. Eric Singer is just an excellent drummer period. His years with KISS alone, has established his icon status for me.

Back to more of these Klassics… I Was Made For Lovin’ You still holds that melodic extremity to it that some misguided folks confused with – disco. I will fight till the end of Metal time and refute any damn comparison of this song to disco. Hotter Than Hell is just that… this 2009 version has given me a brand new, psyche me out song to crank up LOUD. I Love It Loud is cool, yet this re-recorded version does not beat out the original, thank you very Metal much. Don’t get me wrong now, I will still raise my Metal fist in the air to this 2009 version of I Love It Loud – hell yeah. Christine Sixteen has always been a genius of a KISS song, Gene Simmons gives it a robust Metal boost in this 2009 recording, his vocals this time around has re-energized this Klassic. I always get a Metal kick out of the piano intro to Christine Sixteen. What would a KISS Klassics be without Rock And Roll All Nite? It is here on this Klassics CD, more emboldened by KISS than ever before. Forever is the lone KISS ballad to be found on Klassics… since I belong to the KISS Army, I will listen to this ballad. Forever is a good song, Paul Stanley and KISS bring it back for this Klassics curtain call for that same reason. There are throngs of fans who emotionally relate to this KISS song, heck, that is what ballads do.

In closing Metal summary, if you are a KISS fan, (no matter for how long), you NEED to buy Sonic Boom with this KISS Klassics included. The time to re-enlist into the KISS Army is NOW. If you never have been a fan of KISS, do not buy Sonic Boom with KISS Klassics… hell, the KISS Army is looking for Rock and Roll warriors anyway – so critics can stay away.

Track Listing For KISS Klassics:

* Deuce

* Detroit Rock City

* Shout It Out Loud

* Hotter Than Hell

* Calling Dr. Love

* Love Gun

* I Was Made For Lovin’ You

* Heaven’s On Fire

* Lick It Up

* I Love It Loud

* Forever

* Christine Sixteen

* Do You Love Me

* Black Diamond

* Rock And Roll All Nite

KISS "Sonic Boom" x-large album pic 2009

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