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HELIX – Canadian Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Legends Are: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Helix - Band Logo - large - 4 color

HELIX – It was sometime back around 1983, when I first heard the legendary HELIX on FM radio. I can’t remember which Hartford, Connecticut station that broadcasted (the very cool) show: Metal Shop. This was a pump-you-up block of time devoted to Heavy Metal and back in ’83 it was one of the best gigs in town. I was born and raised in a remote section of Connecticut,  therefore, getting my kicks from Metal Shop (back then) was a natural high that money couldn’t buy.

The first two HELIX songs that I heard on Metal Shop were: Heavy Metal Love and White Lace And Black Leather. Whoa! I knew instantly, upon getting psyched-out-of-my-mind by these two HELIX songs, that a trip to Strawberries Records & Tapes was mandatory. I had to pick up some HELIX. On vinyl. Old School, baby. Back in the day, I rung that HELIX bell and told all that bubble gum shit: go to hell!

My very first HELIX album:

Helix - No Rest For The Wicked - promo cover pic - large - 4 color


It’s now decades later and Strawberries Records & Tapes no longer exists and HELIX does. Thank God. I escaped the extremely expensive Connecticut and now live in Ohio, via Allentown, Pennsylvania. I’m still a Helixaholic and on this Wednesday, May 8th, 2013, I shall declare:



Helix - band promo pic - #1 - 2012


Lead Vocals – Brian Vollmer

Lead Guitars – John Claus

Lead Guitars – Kaleb Duck

Bass Guitars – Daryl Gray

Drums – Greg Fritz Hinz


HELIX was formed in 1974 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The band has 4 gold and platinum albums and has toured the world with over 200 bands. In other words, HELIX has and still kicks some legitimate, Heavy Rockin’ ass.

For more info on HELIX, click on the links below! Whoa!

facebook: Helix

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small






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HELIX, one of Canada’s greatest Heavy Metal Bands ever, released their fifth studio album – Long Way To Heaven, (on Capitol Records), back on November 9, 1985. My favorite song from this really cool album is Deep Cuts The Knife, a mid-tempo power ballad. (Check out the song below, if you like). I always had a tough time hearing Helix being labeled… Hair Metal. Not in my Metal opinion… Heavy Metal is Helix, pure and Metal simple. I remember buying Long Way To Heaven at my local Caldor Department Store back in ’85… the vinyl was warped! Believe this or not, this album still played fine… albeit looking rather funky, as it spun around the turntable! Yup, this is just another fine slab of Heavy Metal vinyl that I no longer have. CD’s took over my Metal psyche and now I have remorse for trading and selling away those treasured vinyl albums of yesteryear. It’s alright… I’ll land Long Way To Heaven on vinyl once again… down the Metal road. Deep Cuts The Knife may no longer be relevant to me lyrically, however, the Heavy Metal of Helix and this song’s melodic power always will be! Today, this great song just stuck to my brain like Metal glue… so I just thought I’d share it with the world. Hopefully you enjoy Deep Cuts The Knife as much as I do. In the event you never heard this song before… then passing along some Helix shall be my Metal deed for the day!



HELIX, as they appeared on the 1985 album Long Way To Heaven:

Brian Vollmer – lead vocals

Paul Hackman – guitar and vocals

Brent Doerner – guitar and vocals

Daryl Gray – bass and vocals

Greg Hinz – drums

HELIX – “Rock You” is my Heavy Metal Song for this weekend

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Helix "Walkin' The Razors Edge" small picOn July 7th, 1984, Helix released Walkin’ the Razor’s Edge, (their 4th album/on Capitol Records). I was very much the fan of Helix back then… still am. You see, Helix is one of those Heavy Metal Bands that always liked to put the (gasp) fun into Heavy Metal Music. I used to own this album… on vinyl too. This Helix album is another one I would like to find again on vinyl, (yup, I got rid of this album for some insane reason years ago), only I want an original pressing from 1984 and at a thrift store price too. I will find this album again on one of my Metal hunts… I can feel it. For now, I am Metal psyched to at least own a digital copy of the single Rock You from Walkin’ the Razor’s Edge. This is one cool and fun – Heavy Metal song from 1984. Rock You started playing in my head earlier today, therefore, I cranked up this song on my stereo system and it served me right. This is a tried and true, Classic Heavy Metal Anthem that still works for me. Rock You is my Heavy Metal song for this weekend of September 12/13 of ’09. I have compiled the lyrics below, just to prove my point as to why this song is fun. LONG LIVE HELIX and… ROCK YOU!


(chorus -1)

Give me an R-O-C-K 
Whatcha got (ROCK) 
And whatcha gonna do (ROCK YOU) 
Gimme an R-O-C-K 
Whatcha got (ROCK) 
And whatcha gonna do (ROCK YOU) 
Hot as a pistol 
Loaded like a gun 
Waiting for some action 
Gotta have my fun 
Don’t just sit there 
C’mon get up and move 
If you want to 
Tell ya’ what we’re gonna do 


Rock you (ROCK YOU) 
Rock You (ROCK YOU) 
I’ve been waiting for so long 
For the outcome 
Gotta play it strong 
So just don’t sit there 
C’mon get up and move 
If you want to 
Tell ya’ what we’re gonna do 
Rock you 
Don’t just sit there 
C’mon get up and move 
If you want to 
Tell ya’ what we’re gonna do 

To the best of my Metal research, here is the current 2009 lineup of Helix:

Jim Lawson on Guitar
Brian Vollmer on Vocals
Paul Fonseca on Bass
Rick VanDyk on Guitar
Brent Niemi on Drums

Helix "Walkin' the Razor's Edge" large pic

Helix “No Rest For The Wicked” – a cool 1983 album and Heavy Metal Band

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main-150-1Helix is a Heavy Metal band, (originating from Canada), one that I got the biggest Metal kick out of, back in the 1980’s. Released in 1983, “No Rest For The Wicked” is in my Metal opinion, one really cool Heavy Metal album… period. Helix has two very memorable songs off of this album, these songs are melodic and heavy, (yes, that is what the majority of 1980’s Heavy Metal was about… melodic and heavy. These two adjectives do coexist in song, no matter what any other professionally paid Rock Music critics may think. The two songs I am pointing out are: “Heavy Metal Love” and “White Lace and Black Leather”. Helix was – still is, a Heavy Metal band that came out of the same Metal Music mold as Krokus, (just to make a Metal comparison). “Heavy Metal Love”  and “White Lace and Black Leather” are two songs that trudge along with that vintage 1980’s, Heavy Metal style of power. The entire album is a vintage trip of early 1980’s Heavy Metal, “Dirty Dog” and “Don’t Get Mad, Get Even” are two more notable tracks. As I reflect back, Helix did indeed get their FM radio play, especially on “Metal Shop”, (a Heavy Metal radio show back in… guess when? Ahhh, the 1980’s. 

Did Helix get swallowed up in the Heavy Metal crowd eventually? Probably, the 1980’s had a ton of bands, so many cool Heavy Metal bands too. Think of how difficult it had to be, to be a Heavy Metal band back in the 1980’s… it was not as easy as you would probably think. You had Motley Crue, Ratt, Van Halen, and Ozzy Osbourne garnering all the attention – (trust me, you can name off a whole bunch of bands like these, I am just using these names to make my point). Plus, you had the Thrash Metal movement being born and then taking the Metal world by storm. The 1980’s if anything, was very competitive with Heavy Metal music, that was electrifying for Metal fans like me. Metalheads reaped the harvest back then, (and we still do). A Heavy Metal band like Helix may not have been the household name in the past, yet still they are making music.

main-150Helix did a redo of “Heavy Metal Love”, it can be found on their 2007 studio release – “The Power Of Rock And Roll”. I like the 2007 version just as much as the 1983 version, albeit the new version of “Heavy Metal Love” Rocks along a tad faster. I wound up meeting my Heavy Metal Love, I eventually married her. (Please excuse me if that sounded a sliver corny, yet it is true). As a Heavy Metal fan, I always have attached good memories to my favorite bands, songs and concerts. Helix brings to the Metal table, a brand of Heavy Metal that makes me feel like it’s party time again and I don’t have to pay my bills. (Wishful thinking on the bill paying). That is what music does, it carries me off into my land of Metal… courtesy of terrific bands like Helix. Helix was all about Heavy Metal with their songs, lyrics and attitude. I am Metal cheery that they are still around to this very day. When you are a quality Heavy Metal band, that writes cool and memorable songs, Metal fans never will never forget you. Obviously, I have never forgotten about Helix.

As goes with so many Heavy Metal bands, lineups change over the years and decades. Here is the Helix band members as they appeared on “No Rest For The Wicked”: Brian Vollmer on lead vocals, Brent “The Doctor” Doerner on guitar, Paul Hackman on guitar, Mike Uzelac on bass and Greg “Fritz” Hinz on drums.


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