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SLAUGHTER “Revolution” – 1997 Album Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Slaughter - Revolution - promo cover pic - #2



SLAUGHTER  REVOLUTION – This fourth studio album from Slaughter, Revolution, may not bestow that same 90’s Arena-style Heavy Rock which skyrocketed this band up the charts; still this is a Slaughter album that deserves to be revisited for its Psychedelic backdrop meets late 90’s Hard Rock. Truthfully, the album cover is much more Psychedelic than the songs! Back when Post-Grunge was heating up the airwaves and Heavy Metal was not getting anymore love from the media, for me, Slaughter honestly released a very memorable album with Revolution back in 1997.

The vocals of Mark Slaughter are toned down here and there on Revolution, yet Tongue n’ Groove is a song that Mark Slaughter nails with excitement! Believe me, Mark Slaughter has his classic moments, vocally, on this album. There’s something about  the ambiance of it all, some special Slaughter potion was added here that makes this album still Rock like crazy for me. The album opener American Pie makes me feel like it’s 1970; only in a good way. This American Pie song has all the retro/Psychedelic flavor one could ask for and it seriously sucks me right in.


The (legendary) Joe Walsh gem from 1973, Rocky Mountain Way, is covered here by Slaughter and it sounds exceptionally groovy. Metal as my witness, Slaughter made this song their own… still, the original can never be topped. From beginning to end, Revolution is worthy of listening to in its entirety. I truly don’t want to skip a song on Revolution, each time I listen to it. A sad fact about Revolution is it’s the last time guitarist Tim Kelly would shine on a Slaughter studio album. Tim Kelly had passed away in an automobile accident the following year of 1998.

I’ve seen Revolution for sale on as an import CD, along with the MP3 album. If you’re looking to get your ears into a 90’s Hard Rock album without all the bells and whistles featuring the flavor-of-the-month from that era, then Revolution from Slaughter just might do the Rockin’ trick. By the way, my media version of Revolution is on cassette and it sounds grand while I’m driving my 2000 Ford Taurus. Metal be thy name.


REVOLUTION – Track Listing:

1. American Pie

2. Heaven It Cries

3. Tongue n’ Groove

4. Can We Find a Way

5. Stuck on You

6. Hard to Say Good-Bye

7. Revolution

8. Guck

9. Heat of the Moment

10. Rocky Mountain Way

11. You’re My Everything

12. I’m Gone

13. Ad-Majorem-Dei-Gloriam

Slaughter - Revolution - promo cover pic - #2

SLAUGHTER Lineup On Revolution:

Mark Slaughter – “The Voice”, Guitars & Keyboards

Dana Strum – Bass, Vocals

Tim Kelly – Guitars & Vocals

Blas Elias – Drums, Percussion & Vocals


Revolution was produced and arranged by Dana Strum and Mark Slaughter; album was recorded and mixed by Dana Strum.

Revolution was released via CMC International Records.


For more info on Mark Slaughter/Slaughter, click on links below!

facebook: Official Mark Slaughter

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small


Rest In Peace, Tim Kelly.



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Slaughter "Stick It To Ya" small album picSlaughter – Stick It To Ya is an album that has really stuck to me lately. I have been listening to Stick It To Ya each day this past week, these songs on this album just seem to have hit me the right way. Released in 1990, Stick It To Ya has at least four songs that were played quite steadily on FM radio back in the very early 90’s. Up All Night, Spend My Life, Fly To The Angels and Mad About You were the hits, if you will. I have always liked this band for certain, the vocals of Mark Slaughter and the straight up Heavy Metal sound of Slaughter never fails to put me in a cool mood. Labeling Slaughter as a Glam/Hair Metal Band just does not jive with me, their brand of Rock will always be Heavy Metal, in my Metal opinion. I saw Slaughter live back around 1990 or so, they were opening up for Poison. The other opening act that night was BulletBoys. Slaughter did an all acoustic set that evening… I was disappointed that they were not going to let it all Rock out, frankly I was stunned. Despite my initial feelings with Slaughter doing the acoustic versions of their songs, it turned out to be quite cool after all. I was able to see a different look of Slaughter that night, this band showed me they were damn good musicians. This concert took place at Lake Compounce Amusement Park, in Bristol, Connecticut.

Slaughter "The Best Of" small album picI have owned for some time, the CD – The Best Of by Slaughter, the ten songs on this disc are great, only Fly To The Angels and Spend My Life are missing from the song selection. Not cool. So, I promised myself to add the real Slaughter albums to my CD collection over time, starting with Stick It To Ya. About one week ago, I found the used copy of Stick It To Ya at my local f.y.e., the astounding Metal price of $4.49 is all it took for me to claim this CD as my own. Man, I cannot get enough of this album… every single song too. Going back to 1990 for just a Metal second… Spend My Life was a song that reminded me of my girlfriend I was going steady with back then, it still does remind me of her for she is my incredible wife for the past fifteen years now. My wife, (girlfriend was her title back in 1990), gave me unconditional love and support when I needed it most back in the early 90’s. (Believe me, she still does). Spend My Life could  not have been released at a better time than 1990, this song means a ton to me.

I just spoke about Stick It To Ya today, in a conversation with my best buddy Scott, (he digs Slaughter too)… telling him that I could not believe it has been 20 years since this album was released, (give or take a few months). He understood where I was coming from. I told Scott, it seems like it was just a couple of years ago, when Slaughter made their move onto the Heavy Metal scene. This is what happens as you get older I guess, albums and bands you really dig don’t age, they only get better with time and are there for you at the push of the play button. I will be pushing that play button for Slaughter and Stick It To Ya for a very long time to come.

Track Listing for the original release of Stick It To Ya:

  1. Eye to Eye – 3:57
  2. Burnin’ Bridges – 4:07
  3. Up All Night 4:16
  4. Spend My Life – 3:21
  5. Thinking of June (Instrumental) – 1:05
  6. She Wants More – 3:55
  7. Fly to the Angels – 5:05
  8. Mad About You – 4:05
  9. That’s Not Enough – 3:25
  10. You Are the One – 3:55
  11. Gave Me Your Heart – 3:51
  12. Desperately – 3:34
  13. Loaded Gun – 4:18
  14. Fly to the Angels (Acoustic Version) – 3:22
  15. Wingin’ It – 1:11

Some Extra Info on Slaughter’s Stick It To Ya… to better fulfill your Metal Soul:

* Stick It To Ya has gone double platinum, selling over 2 million albums – very cool.

* Stick It To Ya was nominated for best Heavy Metal album of the year, by the 1991 edition of the American Music Awards.

* Stick It To Ya was released on January 27, 1990, on Chrysalis Records.

Slaughter as they appeared on Stick It To Ya: Mark Slaughter – lead vocals and guitar, Tim Kelly – guitar, Dana Strum – bass guitar and Blas Elias – drums

Slaughter "Stick It To Ya" large album pic

Happy Birthday C.C. DeVille – Poison guitarist

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7901078It is Thursday, May 14, 2009 – C.C. DeVille, the talented guitarist for Poison celebrates his 47th birthday today. Happy Birthday C.C. Deville! It seems like it was yesterday for me, when I saw Poison live, at an amusement park in expensive Connecticut. It was the late ’80’s and Poison was hotter than a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven, back then. Poison for me, is a pretty cool Hair Metal band that can play. That live amusement park concert was quite honestly, the loudest Heavy Metal concert I have ever been to. I am not kidding and I have been to my fair share of Metal concerts throughout my life, both large and small.

Slaughter and BulletBoys opened up for Poison on that humid Summer night of Metal. (Slaughter played an entire acoustic set that evening, BulletBoys rocked). I give Poison a lot of credit, they still tour consistently and draw the crowds. In my Metal opinion, Poison has their popularity machine still running after all these years. C.C. DeVille gets my respect as a guitarist, he definitely has Lemmy Kilmister’s respect – C.C. appears on the Motorhead album “Kiss of Death” (released in 2007), playing the guitar solo on the tune “God Was Never On Your Side”. Anytime you can get a permanent link into the musical history of Motorhead is cool Metal stuff indeed. Just as a nifty trivia fact to throw out here, C.C. DeVille’s real name is Bruce Anthony Johannesson.

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