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Edguy - Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown - promo cover pic

The new EDGUY album Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown enters the official German album charts at #2, bagging this week’s highest new entry in the album charts. This is the best chart position of an EDGUY album ever.

Tobias Sammet has sent us the following statement: “The fans have spoken! On behalf of my buddies Jens, Dirk, Eggi & Felix: Thank you all so much! We have been quite vocal about how much we love this album but it is an amazing feeling to learn that you agree. We wanna thank the whole world of Rock & Metal for the great reactions. It took us 22 years into our career to celebrate the biggest success of our band history? Seriously? That’s amazing! We will always be thankful and we will work our asses off to reward you with a big show on the world tour in autumn. See you there and cheerzz, the ‘Love Tyger’ 😉 ”

Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown also entered the UK Rock Charts on #1. For the first time EDGUY have also entered the long play album charts in the UK as well, going in on #82.

EDGUY also reached their highest chart entries in Czech Republic (#8), Finland (#12), Switzerland (#13) and Austria (#27), and made another Top 30 entry in Sweden (#28).

More chart entries to come!

Order your copy of Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown here:

Watch the ‘Love Tyger’ music video:

Edguy - promo band header - 2014 - #40090

(Source: Nuclear Blast)

* For more info on EDGUY:

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EDGUY – Release Album Cover Artwork For “Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown”; Also Announce European Tour!

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Edguy - Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown - promo cover pic

On April 18th EDGUY’s 10th studio album SPACE POLICE – Defenders Of The Crown will hit the stores worldwide, followed by a world tour starting in September. The band have just released the cover artwork for this upcoming album.

Last Saturday several journalists had the chance to listen to an unmastered version of the new album and the reaction was overwhelming:

“Consistent and yet consistently different – Edguy defend the crown in German Metal with the greatest of ease… and as always: tongue in cheek” – METAL HAMMER

“Amazing, heavy album. Reminds of the first albums with an advanced touch. Very good!” – HARDLINE

The tour management has just confirmed the kick off date for the European “Space Police Tour“ on September 19th. In Hamburg, Germany EDGUY will headline the Hamburg Metal Dayz.

As said the show will mark the kick off to the band‘s first full-fledged headlining European tour after the successful Age Of The Joker Tour 2011.

The Metal Dayz will be the band‘s only festival show in Germany, further tour dates will be announced soon.

Edguy - promo band header - 2014 - #40090

(Source: Nuclear Blast)

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EDGUY – Lavatory Love Machine (Official Video) Flashback To 2004

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EDGUY – There’s a ton of EDGUY songs from across their catalog of albums that I dig and Lavatory Love Machine is one of the many. Just a damn fun song and music video it is. Lavatory Love Machine is from the 2004 EDGUY album: Hellfire Club. Check it out below, crank it up loud and… Metal be thy name.

Back on April 27th, 2010, I wrote about the Lavatory Love Machine CD single. Read about (if you like) by clicking the large link below!



For more info on EDGUY, click on the links below:



EDGUY – Special Guest of Deep Purple For 2012 Autumn Tour!

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The German Superheros EDGUY will be the Special Guest of legendary DEEP PURPLE on their tour in Autumn 2012:

16.11. BREMEN / HALLE 7
27.11. BERLIN / O2 WORLD

More EDGUY Shows 2012:

02.02. UK Manchester – Academy
03.02. UK Birmingham – The Library
04.02 UK London – O2 Academy Islington
17.02 FIN Helsinki – Finish Metal Expo
27.04 D St. Wendel / Bostalsee – Walpurgisschlacht Festival
06.06 S Sölvesborg – Sweden Rock
08.06 NL Eersel – E3 Beach
27.06 S Borlänge – Peace and Love
17.07 CZ Vizovice – Masters Of Rock

(Source: Nuclear Blast News)

* For more info on EDGUY & DEEP PURPLE:

Edguy – Official Website





EDGUY – Hit The German Album Charts On #3! “Age Of The Joker” Releases In North America On September 13th, 2011

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As reported on Nuclear Blast News: Edguy have just released their new album AGE OF THE JOKER, critically acclaimed as the “Heavy Metal album of the year” and one of the best Edguy albums of all time. We have just received information that the album has entered the German album charts at the highest position an Edguy album has ever reached. AGE OF THE JOKER went from zero to NUMBER THREE in the German Media Control album charts. With this AGE OF THE JOKER is the most successful Edguy album of all time.

Same success in Switzerland (#13) and Austria (#30) – both the highest chart entry of any EDGUY record.

“Thank you all for getting an original copy of AGE OF THE JOKER and making this possible. It might have been the strongest chart week of the year, with seven new albums hitting the album Top 10. There was stiff competition, but YOU were there for us!!! We have given our very best to deliver the best possible album, but YOU, our fans, are responsible for making it such a great success. We are in the middle of our rehearsals for the tour that will kick off on September 23rd and the news hit us in the rehearsing room, where we are sitting right now! Now we’re gonna rehearse so hard, we’ll make sure to blow you all away during the forthcoming live shows and celebrate the biggest Heavy Metal party you won’t be able to imagine… Be prepared for a great set with a lot of specials, and we are looking forward to seeing you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you – and cheerzzz!!! – Edguy”

AGE OF THE JOKER – Track Listing:

Robin Hood

Nobody’s Hero

Rock The Cashel

Pandora’s Box


Two Out Of Seven

Faces In The Darkness

The Arcane Guild

Fire On The Downline

Behind The Gates To Midnight World

Every Night Without You

* EDGUY – AGE OF THE JOKER releases on September 13th, 2011, in North America on Nuclear Blast America.

* For more info on EDGUY, click on the link below:

Edguy – Official Website




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EDGUY "Fucking With Fire" promo image 2009Edguy F***ing With Fire Live is entertaining as Metal hell. Released on July 28, 2009, on Nuclear Blast Records, this is the second album released by Edguy this year, (Tinnitus Sanctus was released on January 27, 2009). A huge Metal kudos to Edguy for releasing two albums within the same year, they are not the only band out there to do so, still it is cool for fans like me. In a Metal day and age where there are those select few prima donna let’s take everything serious Metal Bands out there, Edguy seems to grasp hold of the positive and accentuates the (gasp) fun in Heavy Metal Music. The title of this live album alone, gives me the impression that Edguy has thrown caution to the Metal wind and could care less about those who don’t get it. In my Metal opinion, Tobias Sammet and his band Edguy have snickered at their antagonists since the late 90’s… and Edguy gets the last laugh every time. From my Metal research, it seems that Europe and Brazil really gets into Edguy big time, uh, I am just like Europe and Brazil with my Metal tastes then. It seems so obvious to me, by listening to Edguy’s catalog of albums, that they really dug the power and enthusiasm of 1980’s Heavy Metal Music. Thus they now turn around and record a live album that has that all encompassing, 1980’s Arena Heavy Metal thrill. By no means am I labeling Edguy as having a dated 1980’s sound about them, no way in Metal hell. I only want to point out that Edguy evokes a feel good emotion inside of me, rekindling some of the 1980’s Heavy Metal spirit that I so embraced. Tobias Sammet seems to write songs that are hook filled and melodically oozing from every crevice. F***ing With Fire Live is an Edguy album that I do give a F*** about.

Edguy "F***ing With Fire Live" small album picMy favorite Edguy song of all-time, Tears Of A Mandrake takes the Metal prize on this album, as well as Superheroes, Lavatory Love Machine and King Of Fools. The live versions of these Edguy songs only adds fuel to the intense Power Metal energy that they bestow. Tobias Sammet gets Avantasia into this set of songs as well, (from his side project Avantasia), it fits right into the Metal mix of this Edguy set list. The main theme I stress with F***ing With Fire Live is the consistent energy and emotion that Tobias Sammet seems to summon up within himself and his band. I don’t think you need to be an Edguy fan to actually hear and feel the excitement on this live album, then again, this Edguy album will have it’s detractors… so F***ing Metal be it. Tobias Sammet does become quite the talker during this concert. He takes his Metal time to introduce each band member, requests the crowd of Edguy fans to turn on their cell phone’s (and not their lighters), during the Power Metal ballad Save Me and thanks/compliments the fans of Sao Paulo, Brazil quite eloquently. Hey, this is a recorded – live concert for Metal sakes, these type of moments do occur during Heavy Metal shows, so F***ing Metal be it. At the end of the Metal day, I cannot listen to F***ing With Fire Live as a once through, nope, instead, each time I slap this double CD on I need to hear it a second time through too… so F***ing Metal be it.

*F***ing With Fire Live was recorded on November 3, 2006, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Edguy as they appear on F***ing With Fire Live:

Tobias Sammet – lead vocalist

Jens Ludwig – guitar & backing vocals

Dirk Sauer – guitar & backing vocals

Tobias “Eggi” Exxel – bass & backing vocals

Felix Bohnke – drums

F***ing With Fire LiveTrack Listing:

CD 1:

01.  Catch Of The Century

02.  Sacrifice

03.  Babylon

04.  Lavatory Love Machine

05.  Vain Glory Opera

06.  Land Of The Miracle

07.  Fucking With Fire

CD 2:

08.  Superheroes

09.  Save Me

10.  Tears Of A Mandrake

11.  Mysteria

12.  Avantasia

13.  King Of Fools

14.  Out Of Control

Edguy "F***ing With Fire Live" large album pic

Tobias Sammet & Edguy – Power Metal you cannot pass up!!

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92019811I look around and listen to a healthy dose of all Metal music, naturally. Power Metal has always been a staple for me, with DIO, Helloween, GammaRay, Blind Guardian, Yngwie Malsmsteen and so many others leading the way. I by no means take anything away from any other Power Metal band out there when I say that Edguy, led by Tobias Sammet, is at the top of my Power Metal play list. If I say it once, I will say it a million Metal times, Tobias Sammet is one amazing song writer and Power Metal vocalist. The brand new album from Edguy, “Tinnitus Sanctus” is for me, superb. This new release from Edguy, (January, 2009), is more edgier, dark and philosophical than their past albums have been. I sincerely recommend every studio album, live album and EP that Edguy has ever released, they are that incredible to my Metal ears.

A quality starting point for new Edguy fans would be another new release titled – “The Singles”. The songs on “The Singles” are not new, yet this compilation album is, released in early 2009. This album consists of the songs from the Edguy EP’s – “King of Fools”, “Superheroes” and “Lavatory Love Machine”. To sum up Edguy, their Power Metal is a brand of super pumped up – get psyched tunes, they are extremely melodic and extraordinarily catchy. Throw in the fact that Edguy is a group of high powered, quality musicians, complimented by Tobias Sammet’s powerful vocal brilliance and you have one of the very best of Power Metal bands on the planet today! I cannot deny the comparison of Tobias Sammet to that of the legendary Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, the vocals are just that similar in my Metal opinion. (granted, there will always and forever be just one Bruce Dickinson).

I get the sense that, if this was the 1980’s, Edguy’s Power Metal would be all over the FM dial! It is a Metal shame that North American mainstream FM radio does not catch on to the unbelievable European Power Metal that is currently blitzing the continents today. Regardless, FM mainstream radio plays little current Metal as it is, only the Classic Metal from days gone by gets air time nowadays. (that is a good thing, at least some veteran Metal is heard on FM). My main goal with this article, of course, is to promote Edguy to the world, fuel some interest with new Edguy fans and HIGHLY RECOMMEND EDGUY to the entire Rock, Hard Rock and Metal communities!

The current Edguy lineup – Tobias Sammet on vocals, Dirk Sauer on rhythm guitar, Jens Ludwig on lead guitar, Tobias Exxel on bass guitar and Felix Bohnke on drums.


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