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Rob Zombie’s “Spookshow International Live” Releases Tomorrow!

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Rob Zombie - Spookshow International Live - promo cover pic - #20150224MORZ

Releasing February 24th, via UMe

This Rob Zombie album features 19 live tracks, including fan favorites such as “Dragula” and “Living Dead Girl” as well as live renditions of tracks from Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor and a cover of the Ramones “Blitzkrieg Bop.”


Available in the following formats:

iTunes | CD | Vinyl

CD + Medium T-shirt | CD + Large T-shirt


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SEPULTURA – Brazilian Metal Icons To Release Sepultura And Les Tambours du Bronx: “Metal Veins – Alive At Rock In Rio”

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Sepultura - Metal Veins - Alive At Rock In Rio - promo cover pic

In celebration of an astounding thirty-year career, SEPULTURA, who stands among Brazil’s most successful bands ever, will unleash a new live offering entitled Sepultura And Les Tambours du Bronx: Metal Veins – Alive At Rock In Rio.

In a spectacular performance that finds SEPULTURA accompanied throughout by the French industrial percussion group Les Tambours du Bronx, notorious for beating 225-liter barrels with beech wood bats or even axe handles, the show was recorded from the band’s main stage appearance at the legendary Rock In Rio gala in 2013. Featuring SEPULTURA‘s most revered tunes including “Refuse/Resist,” “Territory” and “Roots Bloody Roots,” which sees the audience chanting the entire cut from beginning to end, the sheer volume of sound, percussive enormity and powerful presentation sets this release apart from any previous SEPULTURA concert offering to date.

With a one-hour run time divided into thirteen cuts, the album also features a cover of Prodigy’s “Firestarter,” the fan-chanted “Sepulnation,” and music from the band’s Kairos full-length. Metal Veins – Alive At Rock In Rio will come available on CD, DVD and for the first time in the band’s history, Blu-Ray via a partnership with Rock In Rio, MZA Music and Eagle Rock Entertainment. In addition, the DVD includes an exclusive documentary of behind-the-scenes preparation with interviews, rehearsal and sound-check footage and clips of the band just seconds before they hit the stage.

Metal Veins – Alive At Rock In Rio Track Listing:

1. Kaiowas
 2. Spectrum
 3. Refuse/Resist
 4. Sepulnation
 5. Delirium
 6. Fever
 7. We’ve Lost You
 8. Firestarter (Prodigy Cover)
 9. Requiem
 10. Structure Violence
 11. Territory
 12. Big Hands
 13. Roots Bloody Roots


Sepultura And Les Tambours du Bronx: Metal Veins – Alive At Rock In Rio will be released in North America via Eagle Rock Entertainment on September 16th, 2014.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on this release:

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ENTOMBED ‘Monkey Puss (Live in London)’ – Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day

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ENTOMBED – Just this morning, people have been stopping me on the street and asking me, “Stone, what’s your Metal pick of the day?” and my response has been: ENTOMBED. Monkey Puss (Live in London). That simple. I cannot stop listening to this CD lately, there’s something to be said for the way this legendary and influential band from Sweden comes across live. These guys kept it real in their performance and it comes across just so to my ears.

This classic ENTOMBED concert was recorded live at the London Astoria, March 18th, 1992, when ENTOMBED was on their Gods Of Grind Tour. This live CD has it all, my Metal brethren. Raw, no overdubbing, groove laden and fire-fueled with all the Death ‘N Roll that they are so famous for. I can sense both the band and the crowd were feeding off each other, with plenty of who gives a shit attitude… the way a live Metal show is supposed to be like.

My favorite song on here is Evilyn. It’s that Death ‘N Roll that get’s my Metal adrenaline all pumped up! Hell, this entire CD is a favorite of mine, especially when it comes to live recordings of Metal. You surely cannot go wrong by seeking this CD out and letting the live Metal vibes of ENTOMBED run through your veins. You absolutely cannot go wrong here.

This live album just sucks me right in and makes me feel damn good. I crank it up and let my senses digest the that underground live vibe of Metal that I’m hearing from ENTOMBED. No polish. No ballads. No billion dollar producer. This is live Metal from ENTOMBED. There is a live DVD of this concert out there as well, I’ve never owned it. I will own it one day. Metal be thy name.

Monkey Puss (Live in London) was released back in 1998 on Earache Records. ENTOMBED carried the torch valiantly for Metal in the 90’s (when Metal was supposedly beaten down) and they continue their Metal legacy to this day.

Monkey Puss (Live in London) – Track Listing:

Living Dead

Revel In Flesh

Strange Aeons


But Life Goes On

Sinners Bleed


The Truth Beyond


Left Hand Path





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Judas Priest is one Metal Band that I cannot ignore, especially when they release a new album. These Metal Gods can release a studio, greatest hits and as in this case, a live album and I will eagerly buy it. A Touch Of Evil Live is live with all the glorification of Judas Priest’s heavy history… and why shouldn’t this legendary Metal Band be glorified? The guitar duo of Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing is dominant on each and every song, with the Metal God himself, (Rob Halford), showcasing his vocal exuberance. Ian Hill on bass guitar and Scott Travis on drums are in Metal sync together, they add all the more Metal fuel to these live Judas Priests songs. As I listen to A Touch Of Evil Live, understanding that this is live recordings from 2005 and 2008 fills me with total Metal wonderment, that this band has not grown old, only grown better. In my Metal opinion, Judas Priest sounds as heavy, fast, hard and vicious as they did in the early 1980’s. I would lay it on the Metal table and be truthful, if A Touch Of Evil Live sounded like a bunch of half enthused, Metal musicians, going through the motions. Judas Priest IS Metal, captured live with all the power and mystique that I have appreciated from them, these past three decades.

The song list on A Touch Of Evil Live is a very strong representation of vintage Metal, showing just how many great songs are in the Judas Priest catalog, dating back to 1977. This live album may not have the household hits from Judas Priest, instead, it encapsulates the deep album cuts that made Judas Priest legend. Dissident Aggressor, from the 1977 album Sin After Sin, is brought forth to live sensation three decades after it’s initial release. Beyond The Realms Of Death is re-energized live, giving a nod to the unreal great 1978 album – Stained Class. Eat Me Alive comes across live, with the same Metal nastiness that The Priest originally set out to convey, from their 1984 album Defenders Of The Faith. Painkiller, A Touch Of Evil and Between The Hammer & The Anvil are three potent Metal songs from the now classic Judas Priest album from 1990 – Painkiller.

Judas Rising and Hellrider are the first two songs on A Touch Of Evil Live, both songs cementing the Metal foundation to follow that is patented and hell bent Judas Priest. These two opening songs, have me appreciating the reunion album Angel Of Retribution from 2005… all the more. Riding On The Wind is a great choice to represent the Screaming For Vengeance album from 1982. Riding On The Wind deserves all the Metal acknowledgment it can derive, being a deeper track from such a monumental Judas Priest album. Prophecy and Death are the two songs taken from the newest Judas Priest studio album released in June 2008, the concept album – Nostradamus.

* My favorite song on A Touch Of Evil Live is… A Touch Of Evil. The thunderous Metal charge, that this song pounds away with, gets me 100%, certified psyched out. Trudging with flares of being an anthem, A Touch Of Evil IS as bona fide a Judas Priest song you can ever ask for.

I have always been a fan of live albums, especially when they are not tweaked apart to death, this live album from Judas Priest is not tweaked over, in my Metal opinion. A Touch Of Evil Live has all the hard and heavy that I have come to expect from Judas Priest, they give these songs that extra Metal power – live. Hey, this is not the greatest Judas Priest album ever, nor is it the greatest live Metal album ever made either. What A Touch Of Evil Live does demonstrate, is that Judas Priest has kicked some Metal butt the past five years, reestablishing themselves as one of the Metal elder statesmen that do and should command Metal respect. Since 2005, one thing has been Metal certain… The Priest Is Back! A Touch Of Evil Live is a very good, live Metal album from an ultra great and Metal historic band… Judas Priest.

A Touch Of Evil Live Was Released On July 14, 2009

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